Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - 874,900 - Glen Updike

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  1. 01-30-2018, 05:07 AM
    Where's the video? - let alone the cab?
  2. 02-03-2018, 08:05 AM
    You get a High Score for the photo but I had to not accept due to no video to review and that the photo shows 6 lives. Please load a video if played. If not, it was a good joke.
  3. 02-14-2018, 12:48 AM

    It has been brought to my attention, that an employee at Unilever (the maker of St. Ives), swapped out the original PCB pump, for an emulator pump.

    He is a good friend of Ninglendo, and will be testifying on his behalf real soon.
    Stay tuned folks!!!
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  4. 02-14-2018, 01:27 AM
    I'm very disappointed there is no pic of a DK Jr board involved here.

    Are you on my radar?
    I'd rather be last on every game than throw my time away chasing only one score.
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  5. 02-14-2018, 07:54 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax View Post
    I'm very disappointed there is no pic of a DK Jr board involved here.
    That got sent of to the proper authorities to identify and sign it verifying it is legit. @Ninglendo , any update on this? It will help verify what I said or else it will look like complete bull****
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  6. 02-15-2018, 06:27 AM
    When this nonsense gets accepted, I'm going to open a dispute.
  7. 02-15-2018, 06:49 AM
    I have no complaints that we can't see the joystick. Nor do I want to see the frame-by-frame leading up to that e... I mean, submission.

    Like a good monk, and unlike Glen, I'm going to abstain.
  8. 02-15-2018, 07:44 AM
    As if the adjudication queue wasnt already full enough... Hope you cancel this soon. :/
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  9. 02-15-2018, 08:21 AM
    Everyone this was a joke I did one night. Some found the humor in it others did not. I will be canceling this submission 2 days from now so if anyone has voted please remove your votes.
  10. 02-15-2018, 08:34 AM
    I immediately voted yes when it happened. Forgot about it, then got notified, then unvoted.
    it's just a bit of fun for a few days.
    All vote no, get some points !! ;)
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