The GG Podcast Talks College Esports

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The GG Podcast Talks College Esports

It's not Khaled Esports. It's College Esports! On this episode, the squad talks all about the growth and future of collegiate esports programs.

 August 23, 2019 2:03 PM

Battlefield 5's planned 5v5 competitive mode has been cancelled

EA and DICE plan to "focus on improving the quality of the experience" for all Battlefield 5 players.

 August 23, 2019 1:02 AM

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 open alpha now live on PS4

Activision has opened the gates early, letting players into the Gunfight mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

 August 23, 2019 12:35 AM

DrLupo signs multi-year deal with Rogue & ReKTGlobal

The Fortnite streamer and Team Rogue captain will now act as the face of the esports side at future events.

 August 22, 2019 7:36 AM

Activision outlines new Call of Duty Esports 2020 team structure

With guaranteed salaries, health care and retirement benefits, things are looking up for Call of Duty Esports players.

 August 21, 2019 10:46 PM

Ford announces esports team Fordzilla, to compete in Forza Motorsport 7

The car manufacturer will be hiring teams from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK to compete in racing competitions under the Fordzilla brand.

 August 21, 2019 12:48 AM

Mortal Kombat 11 Joker & Terminator DLC revealed For Kombat Pack 1

With Terminator T-800 arriving first to MK11 on October 8.

 August 21, 2019 12:09 AM

16 teams qualify for the DOTA 2 International 2019 main event

After a hard-fought group stage, just 16 teams remain in competition for TI9's $33 million dollar prize pool.

 August 20, 2019 12:58 AM

How to join the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open Alpha

Find out when the 2v2 open alpha for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes place and how to make sure you grab a spot.

 August 19, 2019 11:42 PM

eUnited claim victory at the Call of Duty: World League Championship 2019

Defeating 100 Thieves in a close 3-2 final, eUnited take home the CWL 2019 trophy.

 August 19, 2019 1:07 AM

Where to watch Gamescom Opening Night Live

Don't miss out on Death Stranding, Call of Duty and more when the Gamescom Opening Night Live show begins later today.

 August 18, 2019 11:59 PM

EVO Monitor Provider BenQ ZOWIE On Prioritizing the FGC

It takes some dedication to supply some of the tech that goes into EVO. We spoke to BenQ ZOWIE Marketing Specialist Richard Luu on support of the FGC and other gaming ventures.

 August 18, 2019 1:46 PM

Evo 2019 Attendees May Have Been Exposed to Measles

It would appear that a few cases of measles have been confirmed in the exact time and location as Evo 2019.

 August 16, 2019 9:36 AM

The GG Podcast Talks Video Game Violence & Real-Life Violence

This week of GG Podcast gets violent, but don't worry. Nobody gets hurt this time. The crew discusses the recent gun violence and the logic of video game violence as a contributing factor.

 August 15, 2019 9:56 AM

Riot Games To Auction Echo Fox LCS Slot

It appears the Echo Fox LCS slot will be going to auction on behalf of Riot Games following the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment Group's failure to secure the spot.

 August 14, 2019 11:00 AM

CWL Championship 2019 Schedule & How To Watch

The CWL Champs 2019 tournament is upon us, pitting the best Call of Duty teams in the world against each other. Here's where to catch it all and when.

 August 14, 2019 9:03 AM

TwitchCon To Feature Twitch Rivals With $1 Million-Plus Prize Pool

TwitchCon is set to feature several Twitch Rivals competitions across the likes of Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and more.

 August 13, 2019 2:34 PM

Fortnite World Cup Winner Bugha Gets Swatted

In a nasty turn of events, the 16-year-old winner of the Fortnite World Cup was recently swatted. Fortunately, no one was hurt this time.

 August 13, 2019 7:55 AM

Ninja Calls Out Twitch For Promoting Porn On His Channel - CEO Apologizes

Recently, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins called out the streaming platform out for allowing porn to be featured on the Ninja Twitch channel.

 August 12, 2019 8:27 AM

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment Pulls Out of Echo Fox LCS Deal

It would appear that Echo Fox's LCS slot is still in its hands for the time being. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment has officially pulled out of a deal to buy the slot.

 August 9, 2019 8:08 PM

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