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08-30-2020 at 05:38 PM
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Post-Galagathon thoughts - Track additions/changes

First off, I think the event was a big success and I want to thank everyone who came out, donated, shared, or even just mentioned it to someone! As @Marco1019 recapped, we raised $1105 for a grand total of $2205. From my standpoint of directing the tournament aspect, I think we did well considering the fact that three of our players, and me, barely got to be involved at all due to the derecho. I literally did the event from inside my local Barcade (which was closed) to borrow internet.

That being said, there is a lot of excitement about the tournament, the gameplay it produced, and a very different vision of competitive Galaga for the future! Jordan, Mark, and I are excited about the three tracks (Micro 31, Single Ship, and Race to 1 million), the more exciting and digestible nature of them, and the dynamic, unpredictable nature of playing them head-to-head.

Micro 31 and Single Ship are already tracks. We will be looking to possibly create a Race to 1 Million track here and/or at, as well as one or two more tracks fashioned after the Micro 31 track, but going to the Killscreen, or Stage 0.

@John73 , Jordan mentioned you'd discussed this to some degree already, and the Rank A Stage 31 founders: @spectre @timmell @redelf @Dazzer I'd like help setting up these tracks, mainly because I haven't attempted to do that. I have 41 submission points, so I think I can fund some track submission, I just don't really know the process.

We're still debating the details, and I'd like input, as well. Jordan envisions a track explicitly on Rank A 20/70/70, one for MAME, one for Arcade. I envision a track much more exactly like Stage 31 - Rank A. Any acceptable port, any settings (though A 20/70/70 is suggested), only real restriction being, obviously, the No Fire trick being banned. Fast Fire and autofire (Rapid Fire) are simply not helpful in point pressing. I don't like to over-legislate. Someone wants to play at a disadvantage or miniscule advantage everyone can also enjoy? Go for it. I floated the idea of making all 3 tracks as a compromise, but that might be excessive.

I also would like to bring up the prospect of deleting the Rank C MAME track: I am the only active member who has a score, those scores could be resubmitted to the "free for all" single loop track I suggested, and it's just not likely to be played. Krogman, the founder of this track, claims to have never even known it existed when I told him I had submitted a score to it. No joke there.

We're hoping to play more Versus on my channel, and plan to host (hopefully) four major events next year, one being a tournament for this new Killscreen concept, one being Galagathon, and two to be announced! Join us on Discord to keep up on Galaga happenings:

I'll also be streaming attempts at taking down a 24 year-old Japanese record for Namco Collections Galaga. I'm really close, I just need to pull it all together!

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