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09-20-2018 at 11:18 AM
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I just bought my dream computer...

For about 10 years now I have been searching for a specific computer. Tandy 1000 (SX or TX model)

It was the first computer I ever had. We got it when i was about 4 years old. I don't know how my parents could afford it (I believe the retail with the whole setup we had was around 2k) .. But I used that computer until i was 12 years old.

Since then I have been searching. I wanted the whole setup. Same keyboard. Same monitor. The works. Rarely do they show up on ebay complete. And never at a price range I can afford.

But today, I won the auction. Tandy 1000 TX, CM RGB Monitor, Keyboard (with a missing key!) Just under 200 shipped. I hate dropping cash. I am the king of the yard sale / thrift store / flea market. But right now, Im so stoked to be able to play those SWEET games on this IBM Clone!

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    My first PC was a Commodore PC-40 III. I loved that beast. It was expensive, I think it was $1500. I was 17. I used a 1200baud modem then upgraded to 9600. BBS's were so amazingly fun. Second phone line so I wouldn't tie up the houseline. What a time to be alive.

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    I ended up selling mine in 1996 for $50 to a local journalist who stilled used the echo areas and knew how to send whatever version of email he was used to.

    I enjoyed the Leisure Suit Larry games, and Commander Keen style games. Reminded me of MegaMan on the NES.

    TG needs a BBS front end. LOL.

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    Thanks for the reply Datagod! I love hearing people's personal stories when it comes to the computer memories they have had!

    Yes the Sierra Adventure games are classics! My favorite is the space quest series (I nearly have a complete collection of them in box!) And who can forget keen!

    I have plenty of vintage computers with some wonderful hardware, but this one is for those special games that really cant be emulated well in DOSbox without using slow down and such. Plus cosmetically it is what I remember.

    I am not sure what happend to our original Tandy 1000. I remember we finally got a Packardbell 486 DX2 and it seems the tandy got lost in time. (As did the packard bell) But, it's also on my lists of pc's to own!

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    Didn't the Tandy have its own graphics hardware? I thought it had more colors than regular PC's, and possibly sound.

    I think mine had 16 colors. I dropped in an Ad Lib sound card. That was FM synthesis and was incredible. I used to play Ultima 6 and just listen to the music.

    So many great memories. You need to upload some photos of your rigs!

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    Oh I will! Soon! LoL Once I get this ... "area" as i call it in a somewhat working environment. And yah tandy graphics. I think its part CGA/EGA? But it can also do VGA somehow too.

    Growing up the Tandy only ever used was the internal speaker. However I believe it can take a ISA sound card as well. However, they also are getting very very pricey! One of my laptops, a Toshiba Tecra, runs a Yamaha OPL3 and it sounds amazing! :)

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