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10-08-2018 at 06:30 AM
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2 job johnny

Last 2 weeks I have been working 80 hour work weeks. Picked up a part time 2nd gig, however, training for it has been a full time experience. lol But it should go back to 60 hour work weeks instead. Making all this money, to buy cool retro stuff, but no time to spend it! I also have not been posting here lately (Or anywhere for that matter) because I have just been sleeping and working. Fun!

But soon, I will be back at it again. Playing games. Setting Recs. Ya know, just being awesome lol Im so tired....

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  1. xcess dead rew's Avatar

    I was working 2 jobs, then the restaurant closed down. My manager at the hospital goes "hey, don't get another job, I have some overtime for you." That was like 2 years ago now...and I'm still doing overtime every week.

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    make that money! $$$ overtime is sweet too. Second job is only min wage but its a super duper easy job. i literally get paid to sit for a few hours a night, and wait on a few customers (Parking Lot attendant) Its gravy and adds up!

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