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07-21-2019 at 03:22 PM
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I designed a new thing for Commodore 64 monitors!

Here's a link to my rather long winded video on my new adapter i Designed.

This essentially allows you connect consoles via Svideo to Commodore monitor Luma/Chroma Ports.

This can also be EASILY modified to allow you to connect a C64 to a TV with Svideo, so you dont have to use those crappy composite connections.

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    Ive also built a crude website for this https://cmshare.neocities.org

    and dubbed it CMshare. AKA Commodore Monitor Share. So people can build themselves, or I may even design a Printed PCB that can be ordered. I dunno if anyone uses there commodore monitors for other things tho. So I dunno!

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