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08-01-2014 at 03:03 PM
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Caitlin Oliver Takes New World Record on Splatterhouse

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New World Record
Caitlin Oliver- 638,100

Previous World Record
Anthony Paparo-626,600

Caitlin Oliver, The Queen Of Darkness, beat World Record Champion Anthony Paparo’s score on Splatterhouse, July, 31, 2014, at Galloping Ghost Arcade, Illinois, pushing the threshold far past the point the game has ever been reached in competition. Ending score was 638,100 points.

Paparo, speaking from Facebook, celebrated the achievement of his friendly rival, vowing to push the score even higher as the two continue to explore the possibilities through competition on the 1988 classic by Namco.

"This is such an amazing score! It's so exciting to be involved in this competition." Paparo wrote. " I can't wait to see how far we can push this score."

Oliver first swept the 373,100 point record from Paparo back in September, 2013, scoring 405,100 on just her first run before a second yielded an incredible 493,700 . Then, in March of 2014, Paparo took the record back from Oliver, scoring 609, 000 points, upping the score again in June, with 628,600 thus increasing the incentive of competition between the two, pushing Splatterhouse competition to newer and never imagined heights.

After all, as the proverb claims, “Iron sharpens iron.”

“The same drive that compelled me to reach the record in the first place - wanting to prove that I have the ability to keep pushing the bar forward- is what keeps me going.” Oliver said. “And Anthony has truly kept me on my toes!”

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Often in referred to in jest as “The Female Billy Mitchell”, for her dark hair and confident bravado on classic arcades, Oliver playfully scoffs and shrugs it off as amusing yet not quite reality.

“I would hardly compare myself to someone as accomplished as Billy Mitchell,” she explains. “But it is incredibly flattering, to say the least! It makes me wonder if I couldn't rock a good flag tie?”

I bet she could.
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  1. BenMullen's Avatar
    Well played! Keep striving!
  2. Lance's Avatar
    Anthony Vs. Caitlin is probably the most intense arcade rivalry to date. Just when you think score can't get any higher...IT GETS HIGHER! Props.
  3. GIV's Avatar
    Caitlin rocks.
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  4. Unregistered's Avatar
    I thought the jap record for this game was over 1 000 000.
    this is hardly a world record. just a western record. lol.
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    @Jace Hall do any of the above comments qualify as spam? I think the majority of them do.
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    @datagod @Snowflake this is a fine collection of spam here. Laser hair removal AND Bulleit Burbon. Not just essay writing services anymore...
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    how come the comments here get that pretty purple surround.
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