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04-01-2023 at 10:49 PM

We have enabled track edit functionality for founders. Founder can now edit tracks if there is no score on them.

Please let us know if you face any errors or issues. We will diligently resolve them.

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At the final step of finalising the edit of a track the user is prompted that it will cost 10 Submission Points to submit. On using the OK button, it doesn't seem to take 10 Submission Points. Could you clarify what the correct notification should be (and if it should cost or not).

[Edit:] Adjusted the Hill Climb Racing 2 tracks indicating only Jeep and Super Jeep to read Hill Climber/Jeep and Hill Climber Mk 2/Super Jeep respectively. Other than the query w/r/t 10 SP above, smooth editing process. Thanks. :D

Note to the curious: there is no automated indication that the track edit has occurred but the Additional Information is available to make notes, just like the TG history of edits.

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I initially thought: Awesome! A nice step in the right direction! Then I saw the "if there is no score on them. " line... Meaning all the terrible track rules will still remain the same, RIP :(.

Still nice, I suppose, but meh.

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