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10-12-2017 at 10:09 AM
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Dear Community

We are pleased to announce the launch of redesigned leaderboard. We have really worked hard to change the flow and design .

We would really appreciate if the community gives us constructive feedback on the changes .We have tested the functionality but there might be a few errors or bugs . Please be assured that we are on standby to resolve any issues or errors.

We have removed the concept of premium/non premium tracks . We only consider the record count on a particular track to make it relevant .

We really hope that the community will like the changes and help us make TG better .

Rajat Sood
  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    I don't love it so far, but I'll get used to it.
    One small thing that would help a lot is to have A-Z page listings in the individual systems for games. Scrolling through the entire list of games takes time on some systems, and sometimes you don't know exactly what to type in a search.

    The individual leaderboards on the systems has to come back, truly, it is what keeps a lot of us coming back.

    Definitely, Happy that there is change/progress, hope all sorts out properly.
  2. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    Scoreboard Looks Awesome but Same Here I JJT Johnny can only get 1 Page.

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  3. Blackflag82's Avatar
    I'm echoing the individual system leaderboards. that has to be put back in
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  4. thegamer1185's Avatar
    Definitely a start. Awesome! I'd still like to see a listing of games rather than a broader look. The original idea of having all games on one page in a list format would be easier to view and easier for sorting functionality. The pictures are a nice touch, but not really necessary. Still like the format of

    Title......#tracks......Top Player.....ESI.....#submitters.

    Gives all the info about the game up front. After reading some of the peoples post above, this format would satisfy the needs of those who want to see the ESI leader board, to an extent, by at least showing the top player and highest ESI. This is just my opinion and am very excited that your open for feedback. You could then have the sort functions for each category. Best example I can think of would be like an Excel Sheet and it's functions. Categories on the top, information underneath that for all the games, sortable A-Z, lowest-highest numbers. Excel is awesome.

    I do like the new format when in the game area. It's very nice and clean. Love that everything opens without shifting the screen as well. It seems much faster too. Old style seemed to have an awkward delay, maybe it was just me. Like that the print is smaller, fits more information on the screen. Haven't gotten to far into it other than the top layers.

    Thanks for all the hard work. Keep it up.

    Edit: I concur with the people above as well. Need the overall leader board for the platform somewhere as well. Like Roger said, it's a motivation and a competition in itself seeing where you rank.
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  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    I just wish this could all be undone...

    Most of the tracks are missing here, all the Slalom tracks.

    A game I have been working on to submit, but I imagine that this has happened on many, many tracks, surely my luck isn't that bad?

    No way I have the time to try to find/fix all the problems, considering that the very first game I was going to sub on just isn't there anymore?
  6. Desidious's Avatar
    There's quite a few of us are at a standstill Roger. We all need the games listed under one page.. one huge page wouldn't even bother me. I just need to continue with what I'm doing.
  7. Marcade's Avatar
    Please offer an option to filter ones own "profile scores" via platform.

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  8. spectre's Avatar
    I like it but there's some problems I've encountered @admin staff

    1. when sorting by name it starts with Z

    2. when typing a game into the "seach games" box, it doesn't come up with anything.
    I'm on the rankings front page. Type dodonpachi into the search games and nothing comes up.

    I delete what I wrote and I tick the box beside M.A.M.E.

    I type in dodonpachi in the "search games" box. Nothing comes up.

    I delete what I wrote. Chose sort by Name and scroll all the way down to find DoDonpachi [Japan]. It's there.

    Scroll to the top and type in dodonpachi into the "search games" box and now it can find it.

    Seems to me it can't search games unless it's loaded into the page?
  9. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    I looked up a score on Intellivision, and my #1 spot has disappeared !

    The whole leader-board is gone.

    I hope it comes back !! I worked hard for that spot.
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  10. spectre's Avatar
    Found another thing.
    I was looking at the front page of the leaderboards, that's sorted by number of records, and found Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360 with 167 records

    I clicked it and it took me to the rankings page for the game. There's 10 tracks with 3 scores on each = 30 scores?
  11. admin staff's Avatar
    Hi All

    We have noted down all the issues and are active working on them . Will update once we make the changes .

    Admin Staff
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  12. d3scride's Avatar
    Didn't see this mentioned, but is it possible to add saved searches for our favourite search parameters/filters?
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  13. Dave Hawksett's Avatar
    Keep 'em coming folks, these are all very useful.
  14. Siliconian's Avatar
    All Learderboard, submission page, search page, pictures, slow down, full of bugs.

    Need I to refresh the cookies?
  15. Bayrock's Avatar
    Visiting the world records page of any member will now redirect to the games page. I imagine that's because you're redirecting the old world rankings page the same way.

    The new world rankings page seems to function poorly on mobile.
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    Updated 10-13-2017 at 06:27 AM by Bayrock
  16. spectre's Avatar
    regarding doing away with the premium/non-premium nonesense, will all 1st places count towards the world record count on our profiles?

    As of right now, nothing has changed regarding that.
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  17. GibGirl's Avatar
    I see being able to view all pages on a title with more than 10 tracks has returned. Thanks!
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  18. admin staff's Avatar
    Hi All

    just an update , we are fixing the issues reported by users . We are implementing the following

    1) list all tracks under a game
    2) fix text search on game page
    3)sorting by name and count as ending and descong order
    4)showing platform esi next to the filters
    5)increase gsmes page performance considerably

    Admin staff
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    Updated 10-13-2017 at 09:20 AM by admin staff
  19. RaGe's Avatar
    I see there's a tab "Platform ESI" that's visible after you click on a game for that particular platform. Currently, clicking on it doesn't do anything, but I'm guessing it will eventually show the ESI leader board for that platform. I don't think it's a good spot for it. I think it would be better to show the Platform ESI leader board as soon as someone clicks a console from the list. Have it displayed above the list of games. No tab to click, just displayed there - Basically, how it was before the upgrade.
  20. RaGe's Avatar
    Oh, I see there's an "ESI" tab next to each platform. Cool. Maybe make the tab look clickable? I didn't realize it was. I still think it'd be nice to see it listed above the games for each platform as well. You click a game, you see the leader. You click a platform....nothing :( lol
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