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10-21-2017 at 10:12 AM
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Thank you community

Dear community

We really want to thank the community for the feedback on the new leaderboards and issues on the site

We were able to resolve the filtering issues with your help.

Our goal is to make Twingalaxies more user friendly . This is only possible with your feedback, suggestions and your confidence in us.

We strive to work hard on improving the user experience on the site.

Thank You
Admin Staff
  1. JasonV91's Avatar
    Thank you for your efforts!
  2. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    Thanks for your hard work!!

    I have a tiny bug with the website.

    When I click on "my page" by clicking on my round icon on the top-right of the screen, the page stops opening and my web-page says "no response". It just won't load all the way.

    Apart from this, everything else is great.
  3. TB-303's Avatar
    Good to see everything is working as intended, good work!
    Many thanks to everyone who worked on this
  4. datagod's Avatar
    I think it is worth noting that I head to this site for gaming information before facebook. There is a lot of activity on here, I think we now have critical mass!
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  5. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    Hi Admin:

    There's one other issue to fix:

    When I'm on the "adjudicate" page,

    I can't sort.

    I pick "Intellivision" to choose all subs on one console; or I pick "Desidious" to find just his new subs, and my computer "thinks" forever. These functions used to work very well.

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  6. sdwyer138's Avatar
    I still can't sort games alphabetically.

    1) Go to world rankings
    2) Select any platform
    3) Change 'sort by' drop down from "sort by record count" to "sort by name"

    Nothing happens.

    4) Change 'order by' drop down from "order by desc" to "order by asc"

    The games move around, but I can't figure out what order they are in now. Also I don't know what "asc" is supposed to mean.

    plz send halps
  7. jmb's Avatar
    When I get into a game and see all of the tracks listed I used to be able to search the tracks and now I don't see that option anymore. It worked very well to segregate between NTSC and PAL listings and find specific ones with 10+ pages of tracks.



    I see it's back today. Thank You for putting it back.
    Updated 11-22-2017 at 03:41 PM by jmb
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