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01-10-2018 at 03:53 AM
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Scoreboard Errors - Website Errors - Report them here

Dear Community

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The TWIN GALAXIES main forum area has been retired , please use this post to report any scoreboard or website errors. We understand that users need immediate response on issues, please try to post the link to the score with the description of the error and a screenshot. Regards Admin Staff
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  1. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Looks like an older account for Rodrigo. Should it be merged with his banned account?

  2. Barthax's Avatar

    The In The Groove 2 game scores with percentages. The scoreboard is showing % but not as the score for the achievements:

  3. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Formatting needs to be corrected for version number on all mame score boards.

  4. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by sdwyer138

    Formatting needs to be corrected for version number on all mame score boards.

    Yes @admin staff please add a SPACE... :)

  5. OOO's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by OOO

    The Axcle account ID 46523 (alias Shane) seems to be being used for testing in the LIVE system. This account shows scores posted as submitted in process, yet their game submissions link to other user account submissions, which is incorrect and misleading.

    The scores are also invalid, and affect the display of the scoreboard. For example for one track, all the scores now show as 0, except the 46523 account, which has an invalid score.

    Analyst is another account affecting the LIVE scoreboard.

    Can you please remove the incorrect entries.


    Quote Originally Posted by OOO

    Hi TG Developers and admin staff,

    This reported issue has been open for over 2 months now. Can you please remove your test accounts with test scores incorrectly linking to LIVE production submissions and the LIVE scoreboard.




    @admin staff

    As advised twice previously above, could you please remove the test scores and test accounts incorrectly affecting the LIVE scoreboard. Please remove all of the incorrect links of these test accounts to LIVE performances. Just hiding the Axcle account does not fix the problem. Please double check all of the affected tracks by these test accounts are OK after the corrections. Please confirm when this is done so I can double check as well.


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