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01-10-2018 at 03:53 AM
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Scoreboard Errors - Website Errors - Report them here

Dear Community

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The TWIN GALAXIES main forum area has been retired , please use this post to report any scoreboard or website errors. We understand that users need immediate response on issues, please try to post the link to the score with the description of the error and a screenshot. Regards Admin Staff
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  1. Bishop Black's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by TWIN GALAXIES

    Unfortunately, there are too many corrections being requested on the basis of user error. We do not have the time to address all of these kind of escalating requests.

    To solve this, we are going to look into granting track founders the ability to edit their tracks if there are no submissions or track entries on the track.

    This will take some time. @admin staff

    We appreciate your patience.

    Thanks. Most of these are just small typos, but there are a few with other issues which need addressing. You can just ignore the above list and I'll point out few which need to be addressed.

  2. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickster8

    Can we also possibly have access to 'delete' our own tracks as well? Meaning tracks that are duplicates, that have mistakes and have no subs attached to them obviously... I have a few duplicates that have mistakes. It would be so much easier if I could just delete those on my own without bothering anyone else to do it for me....

    @admin staff will look into this, however if we made deletion available in that manner TG would not be able to refund any submission points used for the track creation.

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  3. RedDawn's Avatar
  4. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Can you switch the title of this track, please:

    'Camping World Series SRX' should be: 'Camping World SRX Series'


  5. Barthax's Avatar

    Some typos on 3 Gran Turismo 6 track titles, if you could fix, please. Each of the three "Tour of Japan" races end with the indicator "[Points]" and should actually be "[Time]".

  6. Bishop Black's Avatar

    The track for Cuphead is listed as "Time - Highest is Best" but it should be "Lowest is Best":

  7. kernzyp's Avatar

    The placings and ESI points do not appear on this track.
    Thank yous.

  8. swaggers's Avatar

    These are coming up old 1 entry for score style and can't enter anything into score field.

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