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01-10-2018 at 03:53 AM
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Scoreboard Errors - Website Errors - Report them here

Dear Community

The TWIN GALAXIES main forum area has been retired , please use this post to report any scoreboard or website errors. We understand that users need immediate response on issues, please try to post the link to the score with the description of the error and a screenshot. Regards Admin Staff
  1. Lexa's Avatar

    Please edit the rules for Choplifter (MAME).

  2. Excelliron's Avatar

    this is supposed to be a track i made for ps1, wrong catagory and no track

  3. Excelliron's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Excelliron

    this is supposed to be a track i made for ps1, wrong catagory and no track

    I didnt create the following track but it is suffering from the same problem
  4. starcrytas's Avatar

    There is no place to enter a time for this track:

    Also, a couple of things regarding the rules:

    No start and end point for the speedrun timing.

    A final time is not displayed when the game is beaten.

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  5. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    This has been a problem for a while now--Is there any way to make scores of zero show up on the scoreboard? For example, this track is for "Least Misses" , so the best score you can get is zero:

    Before you click on the game, it says there's one record (mine) , but as you can see above, it doesn't show up on the scoreboard. It's been missing since the TGSAP era started.

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