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Scoreboard Errors - Website Errors - Report them here

Dear Community

The TWIN GALAXIES main forum area has been retired , please use this post to report any scoreboard or website errors. We understand that users need immediate response on issues, please try to post the link to the score with the description of the error and a screenshot. Regards Admin Staff
  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Could the following pair of Final Fantasy XIII tracks have their titles swapped around, please. The "Battle Duration" one was created with rules for score and the "Score" one was created with rules for battle duration.

    Battle Result - Chapter 9 - PSICOM Dragoon x2, Viking [Battle Duration]:

    Battle Result - Chapter 9 - PSICOM Dragoon x2, Viking [Score]:

    Thanks. :D

  2. sdwyer138's Avatar

    When sharing a link to one's own scores list, to someone who is not a TG member, this is what it looks like:

    Very generic, very impersonal. You don't know who are are looking at. There is no real context to this page.

    Yeah my name is on the tab in the top left. It took me a while to notice even that. It would make sense to me to put a little more about the player on this specific page: Name (or alias), profile pic, and link back to their full profile.

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  3. Barthax's Avatar

    Could the "Additional Information" be moved into the Rules section for the following Espgaluda track on MAME please:

  4. datagod's Avatar

    I believe it is time to re-engineer the notifications. They have not been working for a few days now, just timing out. Here is an idea. Pre-populate a notifications table and key off the userid. You could even get all 3rd normal form and have a notification table, a user table, and a cross reference containing a record for every user/notification.

    I can only imagine now the system tries to gather the notifications when we click on the little bell, which is super slow.

  5. Barthax's Avatar

    Thanks to @JJT_Defender a small typo has been spotted on the track at . In the title could the model of the car be changed so the SX become SC please:


    Lexus SX 430

    Change to:

    Lexus SC 430

    Thanks. :D

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  6. Barthax's Avatar

    The system still appears to be unstable when creating tracks with accented Latin characters and non-Latin characters. was created using the input:

    Campaign Mode - Circuit Experience: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - Turn 10 (Pouhon) - Turn 15 (Paul Frère corner)

  7. Barthax's Avatar

    Thanks to @JJT_Defender for uncovering another typo on Gran Turismo 6 I've made. In the title for the following tracks could the "Drift Trials" be corrected to read "Dirt Trials" please:

    Thanks. :D

  8. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax

    Roughly half of all INPs in the TG archive were played on the wrong settings. The rules state to use difficulty 4 and the game default is difficulty 3. There's a current submission which also uses the defaults. The player must change the setting during recording prior to starting to play to meet the rules and there's no hint in the rules that this is necessary.

    Following on from this, I have a video of all the old Ghost Pilot INPs from the TG INP. This is a single recording, automating the full playback of each one with settings check, back-to-back. Would it be appropriate to make a thread in for this video including a textual breakdown of the video or is the intention of that area to be specifically for physical media?

  9. swaggers's Avatar
  10. Excelliron's Avatar

    I'm proposing a change of the wording of rules.
    On the NES game Darkwing Duck the rules state:

    "Special Rules: Limited leeching is permitted at the referee's discretion. Excessive leeching will result in your score being disqualified. "

    Maybe change the word 'referee's' to 'community's' , or just remove "at the referee's discretion" all together.

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  11. Excelliron's Avatar

    When i visit the page for "Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior" on the MAME platform YesAffinity sits at the topof the scoreboard with a score of 1,411,700.
    When I click the score it takes me to a page with no video, that looks all wonky compared to how its supposed to look. Ive included a picture below. When I ask YesAffinity about this he says it comes up normal for him, and yet I cant see it at all.

    I have also tried going to YesAffinity'sprofile page and clicking on the score from there but the same thing happens.

  12. Excelliron's Avatar

    Since the website overhaul some text in dark mode is very hard to read.

    Most of it is fine, but on some pages some of the text is still darkened.

  13. Excelliron's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax

    Check out from 1:03:05 in the longplay video. ;)

    I swear I searched and searched to see if this was a thing. I searched a number of different terms and phrases on YT, and im still not sure how you even found that, but thanks.
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  14. Excelliron's Avatar

    Ever since the (late October 2022) changes to the "View Leaderboards" page, whenever I search for a game in a particular console category the search results now revert back to 'all consoles' rather than the console I picked.

    This is particularly annoying when looking up a series of games for a particular console.

    I realize I can do a search and then click the console of choice, but 70% of the time the images dont load, so I gotta refresh the page and when I do that it erases my search and console selection, making me start the whole process over.

    It didnt used to be like this. Before a couple months ago I could go and click a console and then do my search and all the games I searched for that particular console would come up perfectly fine, now its a real hassle.

    It seems to me an easy fix for this would be making it so one can select a console and then do a search without the search reverting back to all consoles rather the the one selected.

  15. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    Found something very worrying, in one of my old submissions. There is a recording of some stupid game, which has been inserted into the evidence section. I did not put it there, so there is no way in Satan's hottest Hell it should be there. Kindly take this nonsense out of my submission. This is wrong, for so many reasons, I can't even begin ...

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  16. Evan04's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Almighty Dreadlock

    Found something very worrying, in one of my old submissions. There is a recording of some stupid game, which has been inserted into the evidence section. I did not put it there, so there is no way in Satan's hottest Hell it should be there. Kindly take this nonsense out of my submission. This is wrong, for so many reasons, I can't even begin ...

    The video is Butasan by JasonV91 :)

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  17. BrenoLudgero's Avatar

    [Website errors]

    Browser: Brave

    # "Delete avatar" button hides behind the avatar itself. Makes it hard to know there is an option to change the avatar.

    # Left-clicking on "edit comment" under this thread shows it's contents in HTML form. "Save", "Go Advanced" and "Cancel" buttons won't work (no 'onclick' function). Opening the "edit comment" in a new tab will work as intended.

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    Updated 02-07-2023 at 05:51 PM by BrenoLudgero
  18. Barthax's Avatar

    ... from my ongoing bemusement with the derivative track creation form could the following tracks be deleted, please:

    Battle Result - Chapter 9 - PSICOM Dragoon x2,Viking [Score]

    Battle Result - Chapter 9 - PSICOM Dragoon x2, Viking [Score]

    Free Mode - Xuchang/Shu - Capture of Wei - Shu Forces - Normal Difficulty [Enemies Defeated]

    Free Mode - Xuchang/Shu - Capture of Wei - Wei Forces - Normal Difficulty [Enemies Defeated]

    Free Mode - Xuchang/Wu - Assault on Xuchang - Wei Forces - Normal Difficulty [Enemies Defeated]

    Free Mode - Chencang/Shu - Battle of Chencang - Wei Forces - Normal Difficulty [Enemies Defeated]

    I believe I've come to the understanding that the form can only be used from top-down... Despite being far quicker me, the human, to drop-down the Track first and type the track in (gotta be a quick typist for this to be worth while), that just messes up the platform and game drop-down lists. It sets the platform drop-down correctly but the list of games is wrong. You then have to change platform away from the one that just got chosen and then back to the correct platform: which corrects the game drop-down and blanks out the choice made on the track drop-down. 1000s of ingrained use has to be unlearned. :(

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  19. Alantheace's Avatar

    Can my PS2 Atari Anthology "PAL" only be looked into, none are playing and i have something like 20+ submissions waiting in the queue...

  20. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    The Sunsetriders arcade game was created by a Twin Galaxies referee whoever created made mistakes.

    In the old Twin Galaxies referee era. Whoever the referee that made the rules, messed up in both creation of the game.

    Arcade Sunset Factory Default and the Difficulty 5 / Hard, But this all wrong. by default, the creation of the game should have been corrected and not posted for Twin Galaxies members to submit to in the first place.

    This is what the new Twin Galaxies rules for the arcade game Sunsetriders FACTORY DEFAULT game settings should be:

    Start: 3 men

    Difficulty: 4 / Medium

    Bonus: 1 at 20,000 then at 200,000 points.

    Here is the link:

    Twin Galaxies rules Game settings Factory Default

    Arcade - Sunset Riders - Factory Default - 806,390

    Difficulty: 5 (Hard) -> This is wrong because this is not the correct factory default settings.

    It should be Difficulty 4 / Medium it says it in the official arcade manual for Sunset Riders. Factory Default settings are on the right this is the correct factory default game settings game.

    Here below is the evidence from the official game manual for Sunset Riders.

    Sunset Riders Instruction Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    Start: 3 men

    Bonus: 1 at 20,000 then at 200,000 points.

    Note there are 8 difficulty settings for game. I ask many times if could please make video recording of the Sunsetriders 8 difficulty setting today Thursday February 10, 2023, for Youtube. Here below is the game of the 8 difficulty settings.

    Difficulty settings of Sunset Riders (proof in the video):
    4/MEDIUM (factory settings)

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