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05-21-2018 at 10:10 PM
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Certificates !!!

Dear Community

We soft launched certificates 24 hours ago . The certificates functionality is under beta testing and only available to a select group of users.

We noticed that a few users might have gotten access to buy certificates. This is in error . For testing we put the cost of certificated at $1. This is not the actual cost of certificates.

We will have to refund the money if you made a transaction in the last 24 hours .

Certificates will be available after we officially make an announcement on the the wall.

Admin Staff
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  1. Jon Rivera's Avatar

    Sorry to bump this update, but I was wondering where to go to order certificates?

  2. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Rivera

    Sorry to bump this update, but I was wondering where to go to order certificates?

    Looks like the option to order certificates may have disappeared in one of the more recent site updates. Even if it is still available (but hidden somewhere), you might want to consider if it's worth the money/effort. Here is the most recent thread about certificates not being delivered- It is unclear if those referenced in the thread have been delivered. I know there are some older threads where it seems like some people eventually gave up trying to get the certificates they paid for, so it's also unclear if those were even delivered.

    The TLDR of the above thread is that TG can't work a printer and despite being a tech company Dave seems to be utilizing Royal Mail for all communication with "HQ."

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