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05-27-2018 at 02:05 AM
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Adding Video Evidence on Submissions

Hi All

In order to resolve the video upload issues , we are planning to add a button "Add Video Evidence" on the submission threads.

The button will allow users to add a video evidence even after the submission thread is created .

Please let us know your thoughts on this.

Admin Staff
  1. Barra's Avatar
    That will be a fantastic addition

    Will the video link to the top of the thread?

  2. admin staff's Avatar
    Hi Barra

    Yes the video would be added on the original submission thread.
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  3. kevinjamestobin's Avatar
    This would be a great addition.
  4. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    It's 'way past time you acknowledged that your uploading system is not reliable enough, Twin Galaxies, but this probably isn't the right way to go about it.

    Better thing to do would be to reprogramme the submission form, so that users could finish uploading evidence, before having to submit.

    This is just going to open a can of worms, with submitters adding material, after adjudicators have already cast votes.
  5. EVN's Avatar
    It's a good addition!

    Since the policies have recently been changed, it would be nice to enhance the dispute system with the following functionality:

    -Say a dispute has been raised because video evidence is missing
    -Add a workflow for the owner of the score to upload a backup of the video and move the score back into the adjudication queue
    -If the score is voted valid, it gets put back to accepted

    This creates a workflow for this kind of dispute to be settled without trashing people's credibility.

    Otherwise we're going to have the same few buzzkills opening disputes for every twitch submission with a changed URL for some time to come.
  6. PAUL's Avatar
    please also add an easy user friendly way to add multiple videos for those long games. for my Asteroids marathon i could not tell if 1 or 2 videos were being uploaded (i wanted 2 videos). thus had to add a link to youtube for the 2nd video in my submission. thanks
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  7. datagod's Avatar
    Will this feature be available only for the duration of the adjudication? Once the adjudication is closed and accepted/rejected, will new evidence be allowed?

    If during a dispute (as in the case of missing Twitch streams), will new evidence be allowed? How will we know if this new evidence is the same as what was originally adjudicated? I think it would set a dangerous precedent.

    If the original submitter has the video that they can re-upload, I believe the best solution is to re-submit using a brand new adjudication. It currently only costs three points. Having the video uploaded to Twin Galaxies for permanent safe keeping is the way to go.
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  8. swaggers's Avatar
    I would be ok with this only if any change to original submission automatically included a notification to all voters
  9. Marcade's Avatar
    It is great idea. Especially for multiple upload files, that do not always go through the internal system properly due to a random bugs.
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  10. redelf's Avatar
    Also please add this idea. When you start a submission make it so that it goes just like normal. Once it's upload allow the user to check over things and then .... This new button that says " Press me when you have confirmed everything is correct" This would allow the user to wait and see if his uploaded video went through and give him a chance to try uploading again with your new function if it didn't. They would also be able to review their submission before it goes live and gives them a second chance at making things right.
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  11. Max's Avatar
    This would be a great addition. I agree with Swaggers in that any additional video uploaded after the initial post should also initiate notifications to anyone who already voted.
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  12. terencew's Avatar
    Seems like a good idea, but it really is a band-aid to a problem that I can only assume has been difficult to fix so far.

    Get the front end right - as has already been suggested above, allow/force users to make sure the video has been uploaded before the final button press to make the submission live. Isn't that the crux of all the problems this is aiming to fix?

    If there's additional evidence that needs to be submitted, then we already have an exception protocol - cancel & resubmit.
    (side note that cancellations should delete votes, because we know it can and has been done, thereby affecting no-one but the OP... but held aside for another discussion)
  13. Snowflake's Avatar
    this is much needed for marathons currently large files have to be broken up, and not all the files can be uploaded. This forces me to make 2 submissions and spend 6 point for a single sub. the frst submissions get the first half uploaded in vzaar, the second submission links to the first upload and uploads the rest.

    Also as some annoyance, because of this, when i do a 12 marathon, some lazy adjudicators who dont actually watch what they vote on make a big deal about me thinking 6 is a marathon snice they only see the video is 6 hrs, i get accused of short performances just because of their inabilty to read the submission message directing to the other 6 hrs in comments. most annoying. I mean my stuff goes through, and its the adjudicators fault for comment and voting without waching, but even still, it sucks my reputation gets hit because the current method confuses corner cutting adjudicators
  14. Barthax's Avatar
    I have one major concern with this process:

    If video is added after a submission has been in the adjudication queue for a significant length of time, potentially many votes will already be cast. Adding a new video to a submission potentially changes how those votes may have been cast. The additional video is thus potentially invalidating all previous opinions!

    When a new video is added to a submission three things must happen, in my opinion:
    - As mentioned above, all voters for the current submission must be Notified that the new evidence is available for review (for those people that concentrate on the notification system).
    - The thread must receive a new post automated by the submission process which confirms the new video was added for two reasons. 1) this time-stamps when the evidence was added and therefore divides the current conversation into before-and-after. 2) notifies through the Subscription process of threads that the conversation has changed (for those people that concentrate on the subscription system).
    - Whatever the time metrics are used by the TGSAP as to when a submission is going to complete: they absolutely must be reset to make this submission exists as-though-new.
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