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05-28-2018 at 11:16 PM
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Hi All

We have added the "Add Video Evidence" button in the submission review area .

The button will only be available in the Submission review section. If the submission gets accepted or rejected , the button will be disabled.

Let us know if you face any issues with the new functionality

Admin staff
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  1. nads's Avatar
  2. TB-303's Avatar
    The new button only lets me do direct upload via a file on my hard drive. I cannot use a Twitch link, which is what I usually use to send files over onto TG so not to upload the same file multiple times over 2-3 sites.
  3. YesAffinity's Avatar
    Oh, this is great news. Jace suggested reaching out about an issue I logged on my wall, with a recent submission and only 1 of 2 videos uploading ( But, now I will try the add video evidence button, to get the second file uploaded.
  4. YesAffinity's Avatar
    I tried the add video evidence button on the below submission. I was able to choose the video to upload, but it has been stuck at 0% for over an hour.
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