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09-16-2019 at 01:12 AM
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Embracing TG with some of the games I look forward to adding/ playing in the future.

Hello folks. I have browsed and lurked on this site for about 3 or 4 years of time now, but have just recently decided to begin posting some of my lowest possible times in a number of games I specialize in for verification, and some high scores. I would like to have a listing for a few of these games soon. Some will be familiar to a few of you, and others are a little obscure, but incredible to see at a high level of play! This is just a bit of a blurb of sorts to share what I would enjoy bringing to the TG community in my future time here.

World's Largest Pac-man (2015, Raw Thrills and Bandai Namco).

This is a modern day version of Pac-man on a 108” LED Display! Its amazing to play in person, and also includes Galaga! New ghost patterns that change even up to level 90, and fruit that spits out every once in a while from the hallways at the side of the screen. The ghosts have different patterns from the original Arcade release, and the fruit that moves around the maze (Similar to MS. Pac-man) randomly cycles through all different types of fruit in the game.

It also supports 2 players at a single time, and has them competing for the highest score for each board. Being the top scoring player in each level, will give you an added bonus of 1,000 points every time you score the highest on a board. So if you score the highest on a board for 30 boards, you get 30,000 bonus points between boards, and it continues to go up (Haven't discovered a cap just yet).

My current personal best with this game is 6,090,530 (Not on one life sadly), but I would love to see this version pushed to a 10 million point barrier in the future!

I make it out to the arcade once a month to practice, but sometimes guests at the arcade will get angry when I hog the billboard for over an hour of play time.. It's also a 2 player game, and a second player can enter at any point. The problem with a second player, they can take pellets, fruit, and ghosts away from you. I've literally had to have a friend sit next to the machine, to prevent random people from walking into a score attempt. I've had 4 score attempts ruined by random people walking up, and swiping their card to join.. My previous game was 3.2 Million last attempt, so I have a lot of practice to get in before even reaching a 7 million break.

For my next session, I've decided I'm going to show up on the slowest day in the week, at the arcades open. I want to check with management before recording an attempt for verification here, and see if I'm allowed to record inside the venue. Another option to record attempts was possibly seeing if a local retailer for arcade machines, would let me attempt a score for a promotional effort for their company. But I haven't had any contact just yet, and would need a lot more practice and understanding of patterns before I call them up as a possibility, just an idea to have a machine that I wouldn't have to worry about a 2nd player joining in on.

Doom for Game Boy Advance

This is my jam right here. Doom originally released December 10th, 1993 for home computers. Its been ported to dozens of home consoles, and eventually made it to the Game Boy Advance in 2001. Speedrunning for Doom has a history extending over 2 decades, and is considered one of the oldest speedrunning communities in the world. But for over 20 years, most people saw it's home console ports as nothing but slow and a complete joke to speedrun at a high level of play.

In November of 2017, I began speedrunning Doom GBA, and held the first game completed in under 20 minutes for the any% category. August 20th, 2019, I became the first person to finish the game in less then 10 minutes.

Using out of bounds techniques discovered by very few people over the 17 years of its post release, but seldom documented online anywhere. Doom GBA is currently the fastest official version of Doom for the Any% category, and I would like to submit my times here on TG for further verification, and possibly share the interest with future players via the site. It looks like crap, but its fast as hell! In 2020, I'll be returning to the Any% category to play a time below 9:40, which is currently the lowest time on emulation.

The 9:40 on emulation was played in January of 2019 by myself, the 9:55 on a real Game cube GBA player was played in August. Emulation saves anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds over an entire run, and I wouldn't advocate to have emulation runs submitted here on TG.

With my analysis, below 9:40 is possible on a real GBA... it just literally has to be a "Perfect Game" of Doom.

SoulCalibur (Dreamcast/Xbox 360/PS3)

Current Ultra hard Fastest Completion, which obsoletes the current DC posted time here on TG. This, however, uses the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Victor (Crazymoose3k) Still currently holds his title on the Dreamcast version, but I have been able to improve the time by 7 seconds on the in game timer on the Xbox 360 version. In the future, I hope to have either a conjoined submission process for both of these, or a separate Xbox 360/PS3 submission for this game, either is fine for me. I currently have every speedrunning record in the game, except for the Dreamcast exclusive mode 'Mission Battle'.

An emulation speedrun was submitted 6 years ago on SRC with 31 seconds on the in game timer for single round, easy settings. Verification with emulation can not be proven, as many of you know... But I have been able to obtain a 32 IGT on the xbox 360 version, which is currently the lowest recorded time on an actual console the game was officially released on.

I hope over time to purchase the Dreamcast version, and make improvements to the original game in the process. Its my favorite fighting game of all time for sure!

These are just a few games I plan to submit and work on here on twin galaxies. I'm looking forward to getting an Atari jaguar in the next few months, to improve times in the version of Doom for it, along with other games here also!

Console Doom, SoulCalibur, and learning as much as I can about Pac-man. Call it crazy, but I want to attempt a perfect game of Pac-man before I'm 30... I still got some time.. right?! LOL

Hope some of you enjoy this post, and thanks for taking a look!

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Truth be told, none of those particular games appeal to me personally, but you do, very much, I like your style!

    (That's not at all a knock on those games, we just can't prefer them all, lol!).

    Seems like you do high-level stuff, and you already know, some of it new to us here, that's great.

    Good Luck here, can't wait to see you on the scoreboard!

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  2. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Sounds great, looking foward to it.

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  3. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Just make sure you stay the hell out of my way, dude! Welcome to TG!

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