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Almighty Dreadlock
12-25-2017 at 10:56 AM
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The ZIP solution

Here, I present an opportunity for Twin Galaxies members to voice any objections they may have to my practice of downloading You Tube material, which has been identified as a TG submission's evidence, and attaching the downloaded file to a comment in the submission's thread.

I am doing this because, although I recently received a small nod of approval for the aforementioned practice from TG's commissioner, I must balance this with a vicious attack from two TG members:-

Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake View Post
Do you have Brendon's permission to do this? I dont really like third party hosting any better than you do, but he owns the intellectual rights to his own footage, and if he doesnt want to upload to TG thats his choice. We have the right to abstain or reject, we dont have the right to upload someone else's footage though.
(Note that the submitter, Mr Brendon Meares, voiced no objection to the upload.)

Quote Originally Posted by datagod View Post
Simple simon strikes again. Blatant copyright violation. I hope an administrator will remove the file.

I wish the gamers would upload their videos permanently to Twin Galaxies, but I respect their rights not to do so.
(Note that the ZIP file has not been removed, to date.)

These two are obviously hellbent on destroying what I thought was a decent solution to the problems some TG users have with uploading their evidence directly to this site. I can only guess at their motives, so perhaps anyone else who finds my downloading & uploading practice objectionable would outline some of the reasoning behind this vitriolic assault.
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  1. Desidious's Avatar
    Merry Christmas, Simon. I hope you're enjoying your day today. :)
  2. Fly's Avatar
    I see no problem with it. Anyone that has a problem with it either has a personal problem with you or something to hide.

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  3. Max's Avatar
    This is an interesting post.

    As far as I know (and AD correct me here if needed), any youtube user that signs into their youtube account can download most any video (most certainly their own videos). They could also just zip a video file from their hard drive and never publish it to youtube if they wished.

    TG could change their policy and require that those having trouble uploading direct to TG instead be required to zip their video file and attach it to their submission. This will achieve the same thing you are suggesting without the hassle of having you or anyone else performing the action of zipping files.

    An additional benefit: as this process would be user generated, the user would also accept that their work is now part of TG and subject to TG content policies as part of the submission process. No extra work for anyone except the user (and zipping a file is an extremely fast process).

    Any submission without a zip file or direct upload to TG could then be automatically rejected by adjudicators.

    This is of course subject to TG policy change.

    This would only leave those who wish to submit, but do not wish to be subject to TG content polices.

    As per current TG policy, this latter group is allowed to (but not encouraged to) upload, then remove content at the users discretion and at the impact of adjudicators. So long as TG allows this as policy, I am not able to criticize the user for performing the action, rather the criticism needs to fall on TG for allowing it.
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    Updated 12-25-2017 at 01:46 PM by Max
  4. lexmark's Avatar
    I can't believe (well I can) that some peeps are actually criticising Simon for performing a valued public service.

    Bill and Bill need to stop posting whilst they are drinking!

    Thanks also to Simon for diligently deleting from this thread any posts that they make!


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  5. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    One thing for you to note is that the size of the ZIP file is strictly limited, less than 29 MB. Most submitters' original recordings are far larger than that. You Tube compresses uploads, which is why they are small enough to attach to TG comments. Stopping submitters from using YT's compression would then force them to figure out how to compress their recordings, if they don't already know. I am guessing that this would greatly reduce the number of people to whom this solution would be available.
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  6. Max's Avatar
    Using youtube is fine. Taking advantage of youtube compression is fine. Linking to youtube is fine. Compressing it on your own is fine.

    The only requirement is a file must be zipped at the point of submission, regardless as to the source of the file.

    I would imagine that TG could increase the zip size limits to accommodate this if needed.
  7. Riatoju's Avatar
    Almighty Dreadlock knows how to make the best posts!
  8. Riatoju's Avatar
    Just need the other Bill in here for some hot Bill on Bill action. Does anyone have a snow blower? Asking for a friend.
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  9. Riatoju's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by datagod
    Lexmark likes to mock people for debilitating alcoholism.
    That reminds me, I got beer I need to drink.
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  10. kernzyp's Avatar
    Indeed, an interesting post.
    I had trouble uploading video's. I had no choice but to use youtube for my entries. I saw the Almighty added the video for TG's permanent database. I was very grateful.
    Then, I had a second thought. This guy is downloading my content without asking me, and doing what he likes with it. It's almost a tiny violation.
    So, do I want JJT to do this for TG??? Of course I do! They are submissions. He helped me to submit properly.
    My third thought was over copyright. I try to listen to talk radio when playing games, so I don't have music instead. Sometimes I upload a video to YT with music and that would be the only bad point. I am not allowed to remove every copyright strike. Sometimes, one slips through.
    Thanks for all your doings, JJT.
    Merry Christmas to every gamer out there.
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  11. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    The Ghost of Xmas Past advises that comments you make today could come back to haunt you tomorrow. So, think before running your mouth
  12. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    The Ghost of Xmas Present advises that judging people too quickly obscures both hindsight and foresight. So, study your opponent very carefully before attacking
  13. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    The Ghost of Xmas Future advises that just because things go your way today does not mean that they will go your way tomorrow. So, read science fiction, it's the best
  14. Blackflag82's Avatar
    Like others have stated, I see no problem with this and appreciate the service. Thanks for the post Simon and happy holidays.

    Now, I too have some beer that needs drinking.
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  15. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar
    Members should not download the videos of other members who are submitting with youtube video evidence and then subsequently attach those videos to a submission thread as a zip file or any other way.

    The original submitter is responsible for providing evidence for their submission claim. They are responsible for what they present.
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  16. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar
    @Almighty Dreadlock has been placed on forum restriction due to recent behavior. This restriction will remain until he speaks directly with admin and learns the steps that can be taken by him toward removing his restriction and helping to create a more positive environment.
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  17. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    Yikes. I actually thought AD’s YouTube zipping efforts were a good thing. I need to reread the TOS for both TG and YT to make my own interpretation about if his zipping efforts have violated one or both.
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  18. lexmark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TWIN GALAXIES
    Members should not download the videos of other members who are submitting with youtube video evidence and then subsequently attach those videos to a submission thread as a zip file or any other way.

    The original submitter is responsible for providing evidence for their submission claim. They are responsible for what they present.
    What! For example, are you going to ban all the guys that provide INP analysis for the MAME submissions?

    What's the difference between what AD does and someone providing evidence to help another member out with a submission?

    Why can't Todd provide his own evidence?


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  19. Blackflag82's Avatar
    There have been a number of times other members have stepped in and added screenshots to my submissions- either because I forgot them, or they found clearer ones. Are you saying that's suddenly not allowed because I didn't "present" all the evidence myself? Never mind the fact that the TG system distorts my gameboy submissions once uploaded and that one might find a clearer image on YT...
  20. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    I make sub mistakes, but usually not vid upload problems-RaGe and Almighty have been there every time to help out when I have had upload problems, and it makes me feel bad everytime-they are spending time, because I am basically too lazy to spend the time to learn, tho I know it would only take a second, to process the video into a smaller filesize for uploading.

    I Definitely appreciate the effort, Simon, no worries from me!
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