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04-15-2018 at 04:32 AM
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The Myth of the "First 'Perfect' Game of Pac Man" Finally Debunked

After taking a look at what Twin Galaxies' head custodian revealed here:-

— I have come to the conclusion that William "Billy" Mitchell's "perfect" Pac Man game was faked.

Some knucklehead on You Tube was inviting questions to be asked of Mitchell, during an upcoming press conference.

I asked one, along the lines of, "Does Mitchell feel fortunate to have had his Pac Man scores automatically deleted, so that the 'evidence' of said scores is not going to come under heavy scrutiny and analysis?"

For some reason, the knucklehead did not answer my question, before removing his YT upload.
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  1. EVN's Avatar
    Probably a lot of stuff won't be explained because the MAME transitions were enough to make a decision.

    Nobody really explained the 500 and 800 point smashes. I guess from Billy's camp it's perfectly reasonable to believe that he's about 25% luckier that the average 1M point player.
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  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    theres at least a record your dispute. I have to admit, at first I thought you were just trying to attach your name to the billy issue and get attention, but as more evidence came out it became clear your concern was valid. I wont say his pacman was proven false yet, but you certainly made good enough points to bring it into question.
  3. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    I'll tell you what I find the greatest mystery: why Mitchell sycophants refer to him as a "champion", when he never won any tournaments.

    I understand their deluding themselves into believing he was a "world record" holder. But, since he was renowned for playing with himself, and never against anyone else, the "champion" thing is simply incomprehensible.
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  4. homerwannabee's Avatar
    It's all a matter of what your definition of champion is. If you believe having the highest score in the world, and not some competition than being a world record holder makes you champion. If you believe it's all about competition then winning a tournament like the Kong Off makes you champion.
    Personally I go with record holder as champion. Yolympics is a 28 game tournament, and one of the games in that tournament one year was Donkey Kong Junior. Mark Kiehl has the record in Donkey Kong Junior. He's far and away better than me. But because Mark Kiehl didn't enter the Yolympics I had the highest score for Donkey Kong Junior.
    So by that math you could say I'm more of a champion than Mark Kiehl, because Kiehl has never played in anything with Donkey Kong Junior in the tournament.
    But I see it differently. Mark Kiehl is still the champion of Donkey Kong Junior despite never playing Donkey Kong Junior competitively against anyone in a tournament.
    So for me, being the record holder makes you champion more than anything else.
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  5. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by homerwannabee
    It's all a matter of what your definition of champion is.
    Nope. You cannot pick & choose what you want a word to mean.

    Being a champion means that you go out into an arena, and represent something. It is not necessarily about competition, so don't get it twisted. You could champion the cause of poor people, in the arena of politics. You could be a champion of your country, in the olympic arena. Or you could represent yourself, and win a competitive tournament's championship.

    It is all about entering an arena, and representing. Attaining a goal, such as a high score, is not enough to merit the status of champion. We may recognise goal attainment via records and awards, but titles are for champions alone.

    Mitchell has no champion's title. He and Walter Day manufactured the title, "Gamer of the Century", but he doesn't hold even that pathetic thing, anymore.

    Incidentally, playing DK in a Yolympics tournament doesn't make you a DK champion. If you win the Yolympics, then you're a yolympic champion, not champion of any particular game.

    Sampras and Federer are two of the best lawn tennis players of all time, but neither of them were Wimbledon champions, every year. Being the best doesn't make you a champion, if you don't use your talent to win, and triumph.
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  6. Snowflake's Avatar
    i do often distinguish between champion and tournament similiar to how dread is doing right now. There is a difference between best in the world at a game as that implies current tense versus best historically which is a record. Its a useful distinguishment to make. however, its not techncially wrong to call a record holder a champion. i think for communication purposes its more convenient to use the terms as dread is suggesting, especially since they often imply what he's getting at, however its not actually wrong to use it the other way as well.
  7. homerwannabee's Avatar
    Say Dread is right, and record holder shouldn't be called Champion. I have heard people argue with me that a person isn't a genius at a game even if they are a record holder. Well here is my take on it.

    I'd rather be a record holder in a game than a Champion. Why? Because there is only one record holder, and as Dread says, there are yearly champions. Eventually the champion gets forgotten, but the record holder as long as they have the record never gets forgotten. 110 years after he retired Cy Young still has the record for most wins 511. There are many who have gotten a Cy Young award, but Cy Young will be remembered far beyond many of these Cy Young winners.
    Again, just on longevity and rarity, being a record holder is more important than champion. In about 20 years, no one will be able to remember all the Kong Off champions, but people will remember those who held the record in the game more easily.
  8. Snowflake's Avatar
    correct, what makes a champion (in this defintion) so amazing is that he/she is the best right now, but there in lies the problem, right now ends. a record holder is living in the past, they WERE the best, the champion IS the best. but come next year, the record holder still is a former best (i know a weird combination of present and past tense), the champion however is completely past. even still, the tournament winner does get some high fives and right to be proud for those 5 minutes, dont take that away from them

    also, i agree with you. at least for video games. i tend not to like to play the same game over and over, i want to get a record and be done with it. i have no desire to compete in a championship for the same thing over and over.
  9. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    Championships and records frequently overlap. Records may be set, broken or equalled, within a tournament. A record could even be the number of times a champion has triumphed at the tournament.

    Sampras held the record for most Wimbledon championships. Federer broke that record, but that doesn't stop Sampras from being a champion. We could get all philosophical about whether championships or records are more memorable, but that would be a subjective discussion. Objectively, though, I think that the definitive difference between records and championships is clear.
  10. kernzyp's Avatar
    It's a bit skewed, methinks.
    A person who wins a competition is the champion.
    A person who holds the record on something is the world champion, a status which never leaves you, even if it is surpassed.
    Michael Schumacher is still a world champion, even after he dies.
  11. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kernzyp
    A person who holds the record on something is the world champion, a status which never leaves you, even if it is surpassed.
    Someone who holds a record, which is the best record in the world, is the world record holder, not the world champion. The world champion is the one who won the world championships (eg: the World Cup).

    What I think you're on about is that a past champion, such as Sampras, will always have his champion status. A reigning champion has that status only until the next instalment of the tournament he or she won. He or she could enter the next instalment as the defending champion, and either continue his or her reign, or become a past champion.

    Champions don't necessarily have any records. Record holders don't necessarily have any championships. Championships and records are not the same thing.
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  12. kernzyp's Avatar
    A record holder is the champion of that event.
    A champion holds the record for championing that event. Whether it was in a competition, or just in competitive record swapping.
    Both are champions.
    Fangio has been dead for decades, but is still known as a champion. There is not just a single champ, apart from the "reigning" champion. The person he took the record from is still a champion.
  13. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kernzyp
    You are the champion of submission spamming
  14. Snowflake's Avatar
    most submissions in the queue at a time isnt a track.....yet....
  15. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    Todd Fraudgers holds the record for Number of Twin Galaxies Records Obliterated, and is the champion of nothing.
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  16. lexmark's Avatar
    Never mind the champions, you guys need to upgrade to who is a "true champion" Steve Sanders. See here......


  17. Snowflake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark
    Never mind the champions, you guys need to upgrade to who is a "true champion" Steve Sanders. See here......


    hey man, if he says billy is innocent and TG has no integrity then I believe him. If you cant trust a lawyer, and the guy who stood by billy while he proudly showed off his fake tapes then who can you trust?
  18. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark
    Never mind the champions, you guys need to upgrade to who is a "true champion" Steve Sanders.
    A true champion is one who doesn't pretend to be a champion, by making up ******** titles, like "Gamer of the Century", merely for self glorification.

    And, as implied by the word 'true', a true champion does not lie. Not lying means not cheating, not denying the truth, not bearing false witness, not presenting bogus evidence, and not misleading those who seek the truth.
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  19. lexmark's Avatar
    Hi Simon, I got to ask, as per your original post, what makes you think that Mitchells "perfect pac" was "faked" ?

    I haven't as yet watched the vid you're talking about, so may be likely missing something?


  20. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark
    Hi Simon, I got to ask, as per your original post, what makes you think that Mitchells "perfect pac" was "faked" ?
    Since Twin Galaxies wants to keep the game's recordings secret, I'm not saying a damned thing.

    However, I will give you one tantalising hint: that ol' familiar name of Todd Rogers is involved.
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