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05-23-2018 at 11:25 AM
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Constructing an index which truly measures the skill levels of record holders, step 2

High is the second skill level to be measured, so the relevant index shall be called the High Skill Index. It shall take the form of a multiplier, with a strength of 1000, applicable to the Competitive Participation Index.

To be eligible for inclusion in the High Skill Index, score trackers must have at least one mandatory goal requirement, which is achievable solely through some form of advancement (stage completion, difficulty level progression, etc) within the relevant game; and must explicitly prohibit pregame advancement (starting at a late stage, starting with a high score, etc).

Examples of goal requirements:-
  • Attainment of a minimum score.
  • Completion of the game within a limited timespan.
  • Earning specific awards during gameplay.

The following examples are not goal requirements:-
  • Playing at an elevated difficulty level.
  • Compliance with rules against leeching.
  • Tying or breaking extant records.

Score trackers fitting the preceding description shall be referred to as enhanced tracks.
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