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Almighty Dreadlock
05-23-2018 at 02:31 PM
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Constructing an index which truly measures the skill levels of record holders, step 3

Expert is the third skill level to be measured, so the relevant index shall be called the Expert Skill Index. It shall take the form of a multiplier, with a strength of 2000, applicable to the Competitive Participation Index.

To be eligible for inclusion in the Expert Skill Index, score trackers must have at least one mandatory goal requirement, which is achievable solely through full advancement (final stage, highest difficulty level, etc) through the relevant game; and must explicitly prohibit pregame advancement (starting at a late stage, starting with a high score, etc).

Examples of goal requirements:-
  • Attainment of a minimum score.
  • Completion of the game within a limited timespan.
  • Earning specific awards during gameplay.

The following examples are not goal requirements:-
  • Playing at an elevated difficulty level.
  • Compliance with rules against leeching.
  • Tying or breaking extant records.

Score trackers fitting the preceding description shall be referred to as expert tracks.
  1. GibGirl's Avatar
    So "high" skill is worth 1000x more, or three orders of magnitude more, than a novice skill, but expert is only worth twice that as high?
  2. Jace Hall's Avatar
    I'm trying to understand the system being proposed but it's not making sense to me yet....
  3. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    Ya ... it looks exactly like my proposal ... and I got boo-ed.

    Who determines the categories and baselines? That's what everyone was asking me. I suggested that I would determine them :) with the help of Timmell and Gavv. I was more specifically referring to the Intellivision though. I remember Roger told me that he's great at some challenging games, but lousy at some "easy" games ... which was a valid point.

    And wouldn't it take decades to categorize each game?

    I'm on board with categorizing "skill" on each game - but how do you address these concerns?

    It was my own idea !!
  4. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    I mean ... I had a similar idea. People had concerns.
  5. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar
    No need for categories. Just decide on your goals (score, time, etc), set them high enough to meet the target index's criteria, and make your track proposal. Admin will decide whether or not your track is eligible.
  6. Snowflake's Avatar
    @Jace Hall while i see all the issues you've seen before I do see this as being tweakable. At its heart it tries to compare apples to apples and add a level of granularity. the subjectivness is all around the multiplies, however the classification does have clearly defined rules, yes its up to debate if those standars actually make things more expert, but at least we can objectively determine if those qualifications were met. Well the star system, again, votes are subjective, but counting votes is not subjective. What if stars were brought back, votes on tracks "expertness" allowed. dont bother attempting to compare/contrast expert to novice or 5 star to 4 star. but much like theres console level ESI, i guess if people want 5star level (or expert level) esi ladders and 1 star level (novice level) esi ladders go for it.

    i personally am not voting for this. Theres a bit a million different ways to categorize things and I know you'll never implement them all. I'm thrilled with console level granularity. I know I only get to push for so much so I'll save my vote for something i care about more. Just wanted to offer input though that it might be worth considering if there's some granularity based on the sort of things mentioned here that would appeal to enough people to be worthwhile.
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