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Almighty Dreadlock
01-15-2020 at 05:29 AM
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Samsung sucks

As some of you know, I am a Hill Climb Racing player, which means that I need an Android device for some of my gaming. Most Android devices don't support internal sound recording, the exception I know of being Samsung devices. So, I bought a Samsung tablet, only to find that recording the internal sound silences its sound output. Which sucks a whole lot of dick, I have to say.

My advice to anyone who wants to include sound with their Android footage: just jack your device into your PC, and use your PC's screen recorder to capture the sound. Transfer your Android video to the PC, and use a media editor to merge the sound with the video. I use BB Flashback, which does both capturing and editing.

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    I've got an ancient tablet which has HDMI output. The sound comes through the HDMI & the display produces the sound great. The recording device I used to use back then failed to record the sound! It recorded the sound for every other HDMI device I had but not the Android tablet.

    From what I've read the Mobizen recorder has an optional (pay) cable which redirects the jack to the USB & records sound that way! I had thought (fleetingly) that you were using that method but audio jack capture on the PC makes just as much sense. It's how I usually capture audio for handheld consoles - a jack splitter at the handheld to get earphones plugged in too.

    Android sound capture is just a PITA all 'round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax
    Android sound capture is just a PITA all 'round.
    That audio jack sticking out the side of the tablet is most definitely a pain in the ass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax View Post
    Nice one. Good to see you working through the process too. :)
    I usually don't record more than one game at a time, but wanted to see if the recording process would settle down, the longer it went on. But no, that god damned Mobizen just kept making HCR go through speed fluctuations, which messes with the accuracy of my gameplay. I've tried several times, now, and can't match my unrecorded performance.

    I don't know what the story is with Samsung devices, but they require a special version of Mobizen, yet still can't record a game without screwing it up. The Huawei tablet I used to have was as basic as it gets, but it could record a game of HCR smoothly, no problem. Samsung really does suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett Holland View Post
    Am I the only one seeing freaky video artifacts throughout? If so, I need to watch on a different device.
    No, that's the Samsung sucking to which I referred. The glitches you see are the product of a lame assed recording process. Do not adjust your set.
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    Well, the Samsung tablet I've been trashing so enthusiastically actually turned out to be a piece of rubbish. It stopped working, so I sent it back, and now have the money to spend on something else. Looks like I dodged a bullet.

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