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Almighty Dreadlock
02-12-2021 at 11:02 AM
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This submission is going to become my 500th TG record. Significant moment, perhaps? It could mean that I will soon be halfway toward 1,000 records. However, if I never make it to a thousand, I'm not halfway toward a god damned thing. Who can predict such a distant future?

Most of the aforementioned 500 are Hill Climb Racing records. If you were hoping to see something different, anytime soon, abandon hope. It's unlikely that I'll be making a serious attempt to break any MAME records, until such time as my custom built Tron console is delivered unto my lustful hands.

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  1. Intellivision Master's Avatar

    New definitions for Twin Galaxies members to avoid confusion:

    Leetching / Leeching: Def'n: Present participle of the verb "To Leetch or To Leech": to stay at a particular place in a video game to continuously procure very easy/free points for the sole purpose of increasing one's score.

    Leitching: Def'n: Present participle of the verb "To Leitch": to obtain 500 or more WR's at Twin Galaxies

    Congratulations on 500 Simon !!!!!!

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