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  1. Did/Does anyone have TG or TG16?
  2. Soldier Blade (and the \"Soldier\" series)
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  8. Two Crazy Turbo Titles...
  9. Military Madness / Neo Nectaris Additions
  10. Needing Console Help
  11. Titles To List
  12. [TG-16/DUO] Track requests
  13. TG-16 Add-Ons (Ballistix AddIn, 2 Chew-Man-Fus)
  14. What packaging came with BomberMan '93
  15. I don't understand the controller!!!
  16. TG 16 CD
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  18. WR NEWS [TG-16] Splatter Up! Zach Allard Pitches 'em Fast!!
  19. Total lack of TG-CD games on the Twin Galaxies site...
  20. Important question concerning Turbo Grafx submissions
  21. Question with TG16 cd drive
  22. What's with Splatterhouse's high score rules?
  23. Who has a TurbroExpress? How do you like it?