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02-19-2005, 11:06 AM
Hello all. Seeing as there is only a small F-Zero representation on TG and things seem to have run aground to bring F-Zero times over, here is a WR list for all F-Zero games just so those can keep in the know. I will try to update this regularly; the F-Zero WR scene is always changing and getting more advanced.

(Times are in NTSC where applicable. Real names where applicable, otherwise it is that player's pseudonym).

SNES: (5-lap times, 1-lap directly below it)

Mute City 1- 1'58\"38/ \"faust\"
22\"47/ Toshiyuki \"Horry\" Horibe
Big Blue- 2'06\"99/ \"QPM\"
24\"20/ Toshiyuki \"Horry\" Horibe
Sand Ocean- 2'20\"36/ \"QPM\"
27\"08/ Wouter \"WMJ\" Jansen
Death Wind 1- 1'43\"87/ \"Matsumuro\"
19\"98/ Harold Christensen, Ben Mole, Toshiyuki \"Horry\" Horibe & Leandro \"Valkrum\" Ribeiro
Silence- 1'51\"77/ \"Yukito\"
21\"21/ Wouter \"WMJ\" Jansen
Mute City 2- 2'01\"09/ \"faust\"
22\"95/ David van Moer
Port Town 1- 1'35\"98/ \"BAM!\"
18\"03/ David van Moer
Red Canyon 1- 1'43\"23/ \"Yazzo\"
19\"59/ Toshiyuki \"Horry\" Horibe
White Land 1- 1'55\"31/ \"faust\"
22\"02/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
White Land 2- 2'08\"09/ \"Yukito\"
24\"27/ Leandro \"Valkrum\" Ribeiro & David van Moer
Mute City 3- 1'58\"99/ \"faust\"
22\"48/ Leandro \"Valkrum\" Ribeiro
Death Wind 2- 1'52\"08/ \"Karasawa\"
21\"44/ Leandro \"Valkrum\" Ribeiro
Port Town 2- 2'12\"67/ \"Yukito\"
25\"35/ David van Moer
Red Canyon 2- 2'14\"98/ \"QPM\"
25\"79/ David van Moer
Fire Field- 3'11\"33/ \"Akiyoshi\"
35\"79/ Roland \"thinkoftheIMPOSSIBLE\" Pristauz

X: (3-lap times, 1-lap directly below it)

Mute City 1- 1'08\"041/ \"muumu\"
19\"287/ Jimmy Thai
Silence 1- 1'02\"008/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
17\"205/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Sand Ocean 1- 57\"868/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
16\"096/ Jimmy Thai
Devil's Forest 1- 1'03\"790/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
18\"279/ Dave Phaneuf
Big Blue 1- 56\"168/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
17\"979/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Port Town 1- 1'01\"898/ Petri \"Supo\" Karjalainen
18\"505/ Dave Phaneuf
Sector Alpha- 1'00\"426/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
17\"386/ Jimmy Thai
Red Canyon 1- 54\"522/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
16\"554/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Devil's Forest 2- 1'02\"254/ Wouter \"WMJ\" Jansen
18\"608/ Wouter \"WMJ\" Jansen
Mute City 2- 56\"424/ Joel JkLoser\" Kumlin
16\"302/ Joel \"JkLoser\" Kumlin
Big Blue 2- 47\"783/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
14\"622/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
White Land 1- 1'13\"019/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
21\"206/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Fire Field- 48\"203/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
15\"365/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Silence 2- 1'04\"280/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
18\"733/ Jimmy Thai
Sector Beta- 1'08\"172 / Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
20\"625/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Red Canyon 2- 1'01\"433/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
17\"840/ Dave Phaneuf
White Land 2- 36\"013/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
11\"193/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Mute City 3- 1'00\"918/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
18\"559/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Rainbow Road- 1'32\"443/ Colin \"The Skull\" Martinez
27\"976/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
Devil's Forest 3- 58\"431/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
17\"013/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
Space Plant- 1'19\"363/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
23\"589/ Dave Phaneuf
Sand Ocean 2- 1'07\"684/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
20\"416/ Dave Phaneuf
Port Town 2- 1'19\"588/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
23\"448/ Jimmy Thai
Big Hand- 1'47\"400/ Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
31\"554/ Jimmy Thai

XPansion (for the N64DD, not released outside Japan)

Silence 3- 1'34\"242/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Sand Ocean 3- 1'32\"859/ Philippe \"brd\" Brodier
Devil's Forest 4- 1'37\"304/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Port Town 3- 1'33\"321/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Devil's Forest 5- 1'37\"454/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Big Blue 3- 1'46\"637/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Mute City 4- 1'15\"639/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Space Plant 2- 1'17\"156/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Port Town 4- 1'23\"461/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
Fire Field 2- 1'23\"154/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica
White Land 3- 1'17\"708/ \"KOUHEI\"
Big Foot- 1'27\"046/ Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica

MV: (5-lap times, 1-lap directly below it)

Pawn 1- 1'49\"71/ Tim \"chilledtbk\" B?ttner
19\"48/ Tom Freeman
Pawn 2- 1'57\"67/ Tom Freeman
20\"14/ Tom Freeman
Pawn 3- 1'52\"47/ Tom Freeman
20\"93/ Tim \"chilledtbk\" B?ttner
Pawn 4- 1'56\"71/ Tom Freeman
19\"14/ Tom Freeman
Pawn 5- 1'48\"71/ \"Yazzo\"
19\"81/ Tom Freeman
Knight 1- 1'47\"88/ \"Yazzo\"
18\"49/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Knight 2- 2'00\"69/ \"Yazzo\"
23\"34/ \"Yazzo\"
Knight 3- 2'12\"24/ \"Yazzo\"
23\"21/ Tom Freeman
Knight 4- 1'40\"96/ \"Yazzo\"
18\"81/ Tom Freeman
Knight 5- 1'38\"46/ \"Yazzo\"
17\"60/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Bishop 1- 1'39\"67/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
17\"27/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Bishop 2- 1'39\"79/ Tom Freeman
17\"15/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Bishop 3- 1'28\"79/ \"Yazzo\"
17\"50/ \"Yazzo\"
Bishop 4- 1'50\"78/ Tom Freeman
19\"74/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Bishop 5- 1'40\"08/ \"Yazzo\"
17\"27/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Queen 1- 1'22\"68/ \"Yazzo\"
15\"37/ Kevin C. Cabral
Queen 2- 1'57\"28/ \"Yazzo\"
20\"30/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Queen 3- 1'36\"21/ \"Yazzo\"
18\"24/ \"Yazzo\"
Queen 4- 1'47\"01/ \"Yazzo\"
20\"27/ Tim \"chilledtbk\" B?ttner
Queen 5- 1'36\"23/ \"Yazzo\"
17\"28/ Tim \"chilledtbk\" B?ttner
Championship Circuit- 1'21\"88/ \"Yazzo\"
15\"82/ \"Yazzo\"

GX Snake, Spacefly and Other Techniques (Considering the huge number of glitchy yet acceptable techniques in GX there are generally 3 playing styles in GX: Open, Snake and Max Speed. Open allows any techniques- spaceflying, HSSA, snaking and so on. Snake allows just snaking (along with 'honourable' techs like MTS) and Max Speed is normal racing with techs like QT, MTS etc., allowed. I have managed to source 1-lap WRs for the Max Speed style of play, but the Open and Snake 1-lap WRs remain uncollected.. On the Open circuits where spacefly isn't accessable, then the known snake WR is listed).

Max Speed:

Ruby 1- 45\"767/ Joel Kumlin
10\"775/ Joel Kumlin
Ruby 2- 45\"118/ \"muumu\"
13\"632/ \"muumu\"
Ruby 3- 1'24\"019/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
26\"280/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Ruby 4- 1'34\"090/ Nicolas \"iowa Simon
28\"696/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Ruby 5- 1'40\"715/ Joel Kumlin
30\"026/ \"muumu\"
Sapphire 1- 48\"742/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
13\"274/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Sapphire 2- 1'40\"799/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
30\"411/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
Sapphire 3- 1'15\"420/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
21\"183/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
Sapphire 4- 2'01\"999 / Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
37\"999/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
Sapphire 5- 48\"061/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
14\"415/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
Emerald 1- 2'17\"121/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
41\"844/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Emerald 2- 1'49\"327/ \"Jake Ster\"
32\"292/ \"Jake Ster\"
Emerald 3- 2'12\"371/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
40\"599 / Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Emerald 4- 2'01\"503/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
38\"361/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Emerald 5- 1'58\"355/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
37\"425/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
Diamond 1- 1'45\"857/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
29\"827/ \"Jake Ster\"
Diamond 2- 1'07\"904/ \"Jake Ster\"
19\"102/ \"Jake Ster\"
Diamond 3- 1'18\"072/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
23\"959/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Diamond 4- 1'48\"936/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
33\"458/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
Diamond 5- 1'31\"763/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
26\"980/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
AX1- 49\"836/ Joel Kumlin
12\"814/ Joel Kumlin
AX2- 1'06\"824/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
19\"462/ Alex \"Onizuka\" Truptin
AX3- 1'37\"602/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
29\"819/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
AX4- 2'32\"286/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
46\"795/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
AX5- 2'49\"213/ Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
51\"628/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
AX6- 39\"927/ \"Rolly\"
8\"952/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier


Ruby 1- 28\"270/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
7\"768/ Stefan Mahrla
Ruby 2- 32\"449/ \"BattleStream\"
8\"361/ Stefan Mahlra
Ruby 3- 21\"507/ Mitani Yasutaka
4\"092/ Stefan Mahrla
Ruby 4- 18\"690/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
4\"324/ Stefan Mahrla
Ruby 5- 19\"434/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
5\"662/ Stefan Mahrla
Sapphire 1- 35\"270/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
9\"316/ Stefan Mahrla
Sapphire 2- 51\"690/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
14\"726/ Stefan Mahrla
Sapphire 3- 20\"055/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
5\"750/ Stefan Mahrla
Sapphire 4- 18\"857/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
4\"581/ Stefan Mahrla
Sapphire 5- 22\"529/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
6\"586/ Stefan Mahrla
Emerald 1- 51\"292/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
15\"722/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
Emerald 2- 14\"415/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
3\"872/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
Emerald 3- 21\"676/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
3\"593/ Stefan Mahrla
Emerald 4- 19\"390/ Stefan Mahrla
4\"672/ Marco Antonio \"juniorain\" Gomes Junior
Emerald 5- 13\"814/ Mitani Yasutaka
3\"830/ Mitani Yasutaka
Diamond 1- 43\"528/ \"IE\"
8\"745/ Stefan Mahrla
Diamond 2- 27\"453/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
8\"529/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
Diamond 3- 30\"431/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
6\"671/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
Diamond 4- 17\"954/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
5\"296/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
Diamond 5- 23\"918/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
5\"812/ Marco Antonio \"juniorain\" Gomes Junior
AX1- 22\"305/ \"OS Gear\"
3\"685/ Stefan Mahrla
AX2- 19\"234/ \"OS Gear\"
4\"487/ \"Icchi\"
AX3- 17\"717/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
3\"568/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
AX4- 51\"289/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
13\"254/ Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier
AX5- 17\"939/ Tony \"midiman\" Thai
4\"871/ \"OS Gear\"
AX6- 24\"586/ Andres \"Mad Andy\" Montalbetti
6\"655/ Andres \"Mad Andy\" Montalbetti


Ruby 1- 33?200/ Andres ?Mad Andy? Montalbetti
Ruby 2- 32?720/ Stefan \"Falcon\" Weiland
Ruby 3- 1?07\"353/ Mitani Yasutaka
Ruby 4- 1?19\"756/ Mitani Yasutaka
Ruby 5- 1?17\"737/ Nicolo \"Sixxer\" Bocelli
Sapphire 1- 36\"935/ \"BattleStream\"
Sapphire 2- 1?23\"647/ Andres \"Mad Andy\" Montalbetti
Sapphire 3- 58\"806/ \"BattleStream\"
Sapphire 4- 1?51\"513/ Stefan \"Falcon\" Weiland
Sapphire 5- 51?712/ \"BattleStream\"
Emerald 1- 2?00\"061/ Mitani Yasutaka
Emerald 2- 1?36?828/ Nicolo ?Sixxer? Bocelli
Emerald 3- 1?50\"412/ Stefan \"Falcon\" Weiland
Emerald 4- 1?48\"802/ \"BattleStream\"
Emerald 5- 1?39\"511/ \"BattleStream\"
Diamond 1- 1?50\"435/ Andres \"Mad Andy\" Montalbetti
Diamond 2- 1?18?435/ Andres ?Mad Andy? Montalbetti
Diamond 3- 1?18\"297/ Andres ?Mad Andy? Montalbetti
Diamond 4- 1?45\"480/ \"BattleStream\"
Diamond 5- 1?19\"931/ Justin \"Mengsk\" Dreyer
AX1- 36\"337/ \"BattleStream\"
AX2- 53\"456/ \"whvn\"
AX3- 1?24?116/ Stefan \"Falcon\" Weiland
AX4- 1'57\"537/ \"BattleStream\"
AX5- 2?28\"191/ \"BattleStream\"
AX6- 24?586/ Andres ?Mad Andy? Montalbetti

Story Mode: (Max Speed, techs allowed).

Chapter 1 (Normal)- 48\"853/ Joel Kumlin
Chapter 1 (Hard)- 51\"785/ \"BattleStream\"
Chapter 1 (Very Hard)- 52\"438/ \"BattleStream\"
Chapter 2 (Normal)- 46\"202/ Joel Kumlin
Chapter 2 (Hard)- 44\"496/ Joel Kumlin
Chapter 2 (Very Hard)- 39\"059/ \"Rolly\"
Chapter 3 (Normal)- 1'11\"841/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
Chapter 3 (Hard)- 1'11\"604/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
Chapter 3 (Very Hard)- 1'11\"845/ Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl
Chapter 4 (Normal)- 1'40\"595/ \"Syrick\"
Chapter 4 (Hard)- 1'46\"641/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
Chapter 4 (Very Hard)- 1'46\"850/ Peter \"TS2 Master\" Bottomley
Chapter 5 (Normal)- 36\"092/ \"BattleStream\"
Chapter 5 (Hard)- 36\"224/ \"BattleStream\"
Chapter 5 (Very Hard)- 36\"965/ \"BattleStream\"
Chapter 6 (Normal)- 2'26\"980/ Justin \"Mengsk\" Dreyer
Chapter 6 (Hard)- 2'27\"852/ Dimitrij \"Dimi\" Jarowoj
Chapter 6 (Very Hard)- 2'27\"886/ Joel Kumlin
Chapter 7 (Normal)- 1'29\"375/ Justin \"Mengsk\" Dreyer
Chapter 7 (Hard)- 2'02\"558/ Justin \"Mengsk\" Dreyer
Chapter 7 (Very Hard)- 2'28\"534/ Justin \"Mengsk\" Dreyer
Chapter 8 (Normal)- 1'49\"472/ \"BattleStream\"
Chapter 8 (Hard)- 2'21\"450/ \"BattleStream\"
Chapter 8 (Very Hard)- 2'54\"997/ Joel Kumlin
Chapter 9 (Normal)- 1'59\"195/ Dimitrij \"dimi\" Jarowoj
Chapter 9 (Hard)- 1'59\"254/ Dimitrij \"dimi\" Jarowoj
Chapter 9 (Very Hard)- 1'58\"973/ Dimitrij \"dimi\" Jarowoj

AX: (Note that although the tracks are also used in GX, the machines and physics of the game are much different, and races are 8 laps not 3)

Mute City Sonic Oval- 53\"997/ Toshiyuki \"Horry\" Horibe
Aeropolis Screw Drive- 1'14\"214/ \"T.I\"
Outer Space Meteor Stream- 1'24\"937/ \"YUTA 03xs\"
Port Town Cylinder Wave- 1'13\"971/ \"YUTA 03xs\"
Lightning Thunder Road- 1'43\"234/ \"YUTA 03xs\"
Green Plant Spiral- 2'20\"893/ \"Joker\"

GP Legend:

Mute City Trad. Park- 1'16\"85/ Joel Kumlin
13\"73/ Joel Kumlin
Red Canyon Junction- 1'02\"28/ Joel Kumlin
11\"61/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Mist Flow Clip Oval- 1'46\"39/ Joel Kumlin
20\"46/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Lightning Volute- 1'20\"59/ Joel Kumlin
15\"60/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Fire Field Expl. Track- 1'10\"42/ Joel Kumlin
13\"27/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Mute City Trad. Park 2- 1'20\"64/ Joel Kumlin
14\"57/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Red Canyon Junction 2- 1'11\"27/ Joel Kumlin
13\"46/ \"AST\"
Mist Flow Clip Oval 2- 1'59\"19/ \"Yazzo\"
23\"11/ \"Yazzo\"
Lightning Volute 2- 1'43\"92/ Joel Kumlin
20\"22/ \"AST\"
Fire Field Expl. Track 2- 1'23\"67/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
16\"32/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Silence Box Link- 1'11\"00/ \"Goblin\"
12\"80/ \"Goblin\"
Sand Ocean Caterpillar- 45\"45/ \"Goblin\"
6\"12/ Joel Kumlin and \"Goblin\"
Mute City Expan. Park- 1'45\"43/ Joel Kumlin
20\"11/ Joel Kumlin
Big Blue Slip Highway- 1'33\"09/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
17\"61/ \"AST\"
Mist Flow Front Back- 1'30\"77/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
17\"43/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Silence Box Link 2- 1'17\"92/ \"Yazzo\"
14\"95/ \"Yazzo\"
Sand Ocean Caterpillar 2- 44\"47/ Joel Kumlin
6\"37/ \"AST\"
Mute City Expan. Park 2- 1'46\"72/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
20\"42/ Joel Kumlin
Big Blue Slip Highway 2- 1'34\"15/ Joel Kumlin
17\"77/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Mist Flow Front Back 2- 1'55\"79/ \"AST\"
22\"07/ \"AST\"
Port Town Fork Road- 39\"67/ \"Yazzo\"
5\"13/ \"AST\"
Silence Honeycomb- 1'04\"90/ \"AST\"
12\"18/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
White Land Flower- 1'11\"94/ Joel Kumlin
13\"29/ Joel Kumlin
Fire Field Destroy Cir.- 1'27\"27/ \"Yazzo\"
16\"58/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Red Canyon Peak Jump- 1'31\"54/ \"444\"
17\"41/ \"444\"
Illusion Abyss Fall- 1'42\"60/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
19\"54/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Port Town Fork Road 2- 56\"59/ \"Yazzo\"
10\"25/ \"AST\"
Silence Honeycomb 2- 1'26\"73/ \"AST\"
16\"28/ \"AST\"
White Land Flower2- 1'25\"43/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
16\"11/ \"AST\"
Fire Field Destroy Cir.2- 1'27\"19/ \"TRS\" & \"Yazzo\"
16\"84/ \"Yazzo\"
Red Canyon Peak Jump 2- 1'28\"57/ \"Yazzo\"
17\"00/ \"AST\" and \"Yazzo\"
Illusion Abyss Fall 2- 1'53\"44/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
21\"45/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Mute City Platinum- 59\"72 / Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
10\"98/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Big Blue Platinum- 1'27\"68/ \"Yazzo\"
16\"15/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Silence Platinum- 1'19\"87/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
14\"87/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Port Town Platinum- 1'01\"91/ \"Yazzo\"
11\"42/ \"AST\"
Red Canyon Platinum- 1'02\"25/ \"MAX\"
11\"63/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun and \"Yazzo\"
Sand Ocean Platinum- 1'51\"94/ \"Yazzo\"
20\"74/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
White Land Platinum- 1'43\"50/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
19\"12/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Fire Field Platinum- 1'57\"39/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
21\"27/ Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Mute City Championship- 1'38\"49/ \"Yazzo\"
18\"69/ \"Yazzo\"

GPL Zero Test WRs

Class C:

Test 1: 5\"42 - \"Reido\", \"MAX\"
Test 2: 4\"33- \"AST\"
Test 3: 4\"70- \"AST\", \"faust\"
Test 4: 4\"17- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 5: 4\"45- \"Reido\"
Test 6: 4\"27- \"AST\"
Test 7: 4\"70- \"AST\"
Test 8: 5\"35- \"faust\"
Test 9: 8\"20- \"AST\" & Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 10: 15\"27- \"faust\"
Test 11: 25\"67- \"Reido\"
Test 12: 14\"77- \"AST\"

Class B:

Test 1: 6\"76- \"faust\"
Test 2: 3\"82- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 3: 7\"17- \"Yazzo\"
Test 4: 4\"80- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun & \"Yazzo\"
Test 5: 8\"83- \"faust\"
Test 6: 7\"98- \"AST\"
Test 7: 9\"70- \"AST\"
Test 8: 9\"48- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 9: 6\"79- \"AST\"
Test 10: 20\"74- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 11: 12\"87- \"faust\"
Test 12: 24\"25- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun

Class A:

Test 1: 12\"58- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 2: 6\"48- \"AST\"
Test 3: 12\"53- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 4: 6\"45- \"Yazzo\"
Test 5: 6\"32- \"AST\"
Test 6: 8\"85- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 7: 6\"43- \"AST\"
Test 8: 7\"13- \"Reido\" & Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 9: 10\"71- AST
Test 10: 16\"99- \"AST\", \"faust\"
Test 11: 15\"19- \"Reido\"
Test 12: 21\"95- \"AST\"

Class S:

Test 1: 6\"25- \"444\"
Test 2: 10\"13- \"AST\"
Test 3: 9\"94- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 4: 9\"33- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 5: 12\"36- \"Reido\"
Test 6: 12\"58- \"Reido\" & Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 7: 20\"60- \"Reido\" & Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 8: 17\"67- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 9: 23\"22- \"Yazzo\"
Test 10: 18\"44- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 11: 19\"34- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 12: 24\"91- \"Reido\"


Mute City Six Carat- 45\"05/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
12\"47/ \"Teiri\"
Sand Ocean H. Speed Edge- 43\"72/ \"Sanji\"
11\"92/ \"Teiri\"
Port Town Sky Highway- 57\"58/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"50/ \"Masao I.\"
White Land Wolf- 59\"13/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
16\"55/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Fire Field Heat- 47\"14/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"05/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Mute City Eight Carat- 52\"12/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
14\"39/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
White Land White Wolf- 56\"17/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
15\"73/ \"Goblin\"
Big Blue Arch Hill- 1'00\"72/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
14\"38/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
Port Town Sky Highway2- 1'11\"79/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
16\"55/ \"Masao I.\"
Red Canyon Inside Out2- 1'02\"80/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
17\"48/ \"Masao I.\"
Red Canyon Barrell Roll- 1'03\"81/ \"Goblin\"
16\"02/ \"Goblin\"
Sand Ocean H. Speed Edge3- 51\"35/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
14\"53/ \"Goblin\"
Lightning G Trace- 43\"69/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
11\"02/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Mute City Ten Carat- 53\"53/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
14\"94/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
White Land Last Wolf- 55\"97/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
15\"89/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson and Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Big Blue Slalom- 1'06\"39/ \"Sanji\"
17\"57/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
Red Canyon Inside Out- 1'01\"01/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
16\"95/ \"Simanagasi\"
Mist Flow Double Link- 1'05\"80/ \"Goblin\"
13\"67/ \"Goblin\"
Fire Field Front Line- 36\"78/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
9\"89/ Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
Silence Nightmare- 53\"15/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
14\"90/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Sand Ocean H. Speed Edge2- 43\"65/ \"Sanji\"
12\"02/ \"Sanji\"
Lightning Trust Jump- 30\"86/ \"Goblin\"
8\"74/ \"Sanji\"
Mist Flow Mist Ring- 1'01\"87/ \"Simanagasi\"
15\"37/ \"Simanagasi\"
Mute City Cactus- 47\"60/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"03/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Fire Field Burnt Out Link- 51\"83/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
14\"96/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Mute City Cactus2- 49\"92/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"90/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Mist Flow Puzzle Ring- 52\"99/ \"simanagasi\"
13\"06/ \"simanagasi\"
Lightning Loss Landing- 32\"84/ \"Goblin\"
8\"26/ \"Sanji\"
Fire Field Front Line2- 37\"69/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
10\"53/ \"Simanagasi\"
Silence Nightmare One- 1'00\"94/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
16\"82/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Lightning R Trace- 45\"84/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
12\"93/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Port Town Half Dome- 57\"24/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
14\"69/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Sand Ocean Key Break- 47\"77/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"25/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Big Blue Slipdown- 48\"31/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"30/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Illusion Lost Way- 52\"12/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
12\"54/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
White Land Hornet- 47\"83/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"07/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Silence Nightmare Fear- 1'00\"95/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
16\"94/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Big Blue Single Course- 49\"58/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"55/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Sand Ocean Key Break 2- 58\"00/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
16\"59/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Illusion Lost Way 2- 57\"52/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
14\"33/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Port Town Half Dome 2- 49\"15/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
12\"43/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
White Land Hornet House- 39\"42/ \"Simanagasi\"
9\"37/ \"Simanagasi\"
Sand Ocean Key Break 3- 54\"12/ \"simanagasi\"
13\"23/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Big Blue Twin Course- 59\"18/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
14\"21/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Illusion Lost Way 3- 59\"12/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
13\"82/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Mute City Multiply- 42\"20/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
11\"39/ \"Masao I.\" & Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Big Blue Big Billow- 1'04\"94/ \"Kanpi\"
18\"36/ \"Kanpi\"
Silence Silence 2- 54\"15/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
15\"01/ \"Kanpi\"
Port Town Great Wings- 40\"68/ \"Masao I.\"
9\"58/ Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Red Canyon Red Canyon 2- 37\"92/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
9\"38/ Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Sand Ocean Sand Ocean- 53\"93/ \"Goblin\"
14\"65/ \"Kanpi\"
White Land White Land 2- 52\"03/ \"Goblin\"
15\"10/ \"Goblin\"
Fire Field Fire Field- 57\"99/ \"Kanpi\"
17\"13/ \"Kanpi\"
White Land Eagle- 1'04\"70/ \"Kanpi\"
17\"70/ \"Kanpi\"

ClimaX Zero Test WRs:

Class C:

Test 1: 2\"67- Ben \"BPA\" Allen and Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Test 2: 2\"95- \"Sanji\"
Test 3: 3\"59- Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
Test 4: 3\"77- Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Test 5: 4\"09- \"Mochyin\"
Test 6: 5\"73- Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Test 7: 4\"98- \"MAX\"
Test 8: 4\"54- Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Test 9: 13\"93/ \"Simanagasi\"

Class B:

Test 1: 5\"57- \"Sanji\"
Test 2: 3\"50- Ben \"BPA\" Allen and \"Sanji\"
Test 3: 3\"74- \"Sanji\" and Josh \"Hondaman\" Johnson
Test 4: 4\"59- Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
Test 5: 7\"53- \"FLY\"
Test 6: 4\"17- \"Sanji\"
Test 7: 4\"28- \"FLY\" and \"Sanji\"
Test 8: 5\"83- \"FLY\"
Test 9: 14\"91- \"Sanji\"

Class A:

Test 1: 9\"61- \"Sanji\"
Test 2: 9\"31- Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Test 3: 11\"08- \"Goblin\"
Test 4: 7\"53- \"Sanji\"
Test 5: 8\"13- Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Test 6: 10\"20- \"Reido\"
Test 7: 6\"97- \"Sanji\"
Test 8: 12\"77- \"Sanji\"
Test 9: 10\"46- \"Simangasi\"

Class S:

Test 1: 10\"06- Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
Test 2: 7\"12- Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Test 3: 7\"37- \"Sanji\"
Test 4: 8\"72- \"Sanji\"
Test 5: 6\"66- \"Sanji\"
Test 6: 11\"67- \"444\" & \"Sanji\"
Test 7: 13\"98- \"Sanji\"
Test 8: 19\"00- Ben \"BPA\" Allen
Test 9: 19\"44- Ben \"BPA\" Allen

World Time Champions and Overall Champions:

SNES - \"Yazzo\" (Sweden) (Time)
Toshiyuki \"Horry\" Horibe (Japan) (Overall)
X - Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund (Finland) (Time)
Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund (Overall)
Xpansion- Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica (Panama) (Time and Overall)
MV- \"Yazzo\" (Sweden) (Time and Overall)
GX Open- Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier (Germany) (Time and Overall)
GX Max Speed- Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon (France) (Time and Overall)
GX Snake- \"BattleStream\" (Japan) (Time and Overall)
GPL- \"Yazzo\" (Sweden) (Time) (Overall)
ClimaX- Ben \"BPA\" Allen (Great Britain) (Time and Overall)

02-19-2005, 11:58 AM
SNES: (5-lap times)
Mute City 3- 1'59"04/ "Morish-it"

Player's name is Morishita

02-19-2005, 12:57 PM
Damn you Randal ;)

And I thought you said his name was Morish-it but you added an 'a' because otherwise it would trigger the system's censor control?

02-19-2005, 01:56 PM
Damn you Randal ;)

And I thought you said his name was Morish-it but you added an 'a' because otherwise it would trigger the system's censor control?

No I added in the - so it wouldn't trigger the censor control.


02-19-2005, 02:44 PM
Great list, thanks for all the work you put into it.

02-20-2005, 01:02 PM
Added the ClimaX WRs, they're not at an advanced stage but they're still WRs. Even PharaohWizard has some. ;)

02-21-2005, 04:07 PM
Mute City Cactus- 54"82/ David Scott "PharaohWizard" Forbes

The WR is actually 53"27

02-22-2005, 08:01 PM
Is there any way to get these players to register with TG and submit videos? I would be happy to get these scores in the database, but would need the appropriate verification info such as the player's name, city, country, video of score, etc.....

02-23-2005, 01:16 AM
Is there any way to get these players to register with TG and submit videos? I would be happy to get these scores in the database, but would need the appropriate verification info such as the player's name, city, country, video of score, etc.....

I think there was some discussion with Robert about this but I don't know where it ended up. Might be in limbo.

02-23-2005, 09:48 AM
Not to mention we probably would have different rules. Like for example those Snes ones look to me like they made use of the rival \"bump\" at the beginning of the race.

02-23-2005, 11:56 AM
Not to mention we probably would have different rules. Like for example those Snes ones look to me like they made use of the rival "bump" at the beginning of the race.

Yeah all the SNES records are set with the rival bump.

I was going to make a video of my time on Mute City Cactus , I'm not sure if it will be a world record time but it should be within 1.5seconds of it. The next fastest time is 6seconds slower than my WR.

The only problem is I record straight onto my PC (using my capture card and GB Player) and that is the only option I have to record videos.

I was talking to Robert about getting TG to accept F-Zero WR's but haven't heard anything in over month. I sent him a copy of the all the track information so it could be loaded into your database.

Unlikely to be able to convince the Japanese players to sign up as very few of them are still active in F-Zero or speak English.

02-24-2005, 08:04 AM
I think most players record their times straight to PC, don't they Pharaoh? Theres a large enough selection of videos you can download of WR times but for runs on actual videos or DVDs I don't think is possible to obtain (unless we asked very nicely ;) ). The only Japanese players who can speak English well is Muumu and Masao. I think Jonathan Bibandamu is OK as well.

Like to see your Climax WR run Pharaoh. I really want Climax so I can try some of those crazy 100-degree drifts, looks similar to GPL and Im no slouch at that game.

Updated some WRs, Tony and Chrizzle are tearing apart the GX WRs.

02-24-2005, 02:50 PM
OLD WR:Sand Ocean Key Break- 55\"44/ David Scott \"PharaohWizard\" Forbes

NEW WR: Sand Ocean Key Break- 55\"38/ David Scott \"PharaohWizard\" Forbes

Slighty disappointed by this time, I did manage a new flap record of 15\"19 though.

02-25-2005, 07:51 AM
Randal, I hope you're not going to post a new message every time a new WR is set? Because that would be a lot of messages. Maybe if a bunch are broken, but then I'd update that anyways, if you really want me to update it with one of your own recs just PM me on FZH.

EDIT: Spoke to Goblin on masao's website, I found out that he is also known as MAX (who I thought was a different person). Thus, Goblin and MAX's times come under the banner as \"Goblin (also known as MAX)\". Didn't get his real name though. :(

And a new WR on GP Legend, by world F-Zero champion Nathan \"JesusFreak197\" Wagenet, on FFFF.

EDIT 2: Poor old Nathan never gets a break. He beats the SNES DW2 WR, then he finds out a 10-year old record beats him. He now has his FFFF WR beat by Kalle Videkull (and looks to have retired....?). Also new records from PharaohWizard on Climax and another one of Jimmy Thai's WRs on X beaten, Big Blue 2, by Miguel Lefebvre (a friend of Dave Phaneuf's and a former WR holder on Big Blue 1).

EDIT 3: Mitani Yasutaka beats Mad Andy's MCSO (AX6) WR on GX, Snaking. Thats 6 new WRs on 4 different games in the space of a few hours.

EDIT 4: Lefebvre and Mitani improve their respective WRs on Big Blue 2 (X) and BBDH (GX), Mitani is currently on a WR streak.

EDIT 5: PiccoloCube takes back PharaohWizard's SOKB records. Minor updates here and there as well.

EDIT 6: \"Chrizzle\"'s real name has been added. Thanks to PDM for that.
EDIT 7: New WR on LHP (GX) from valnor. And I edited PiccoloCube's name, it isn't \"Percida\", its \"Karica\".
EDIT 8: The Amazing One sets a new AX5/ GPS WR on GX, Max Speed. Tony Thai also takes the fight to Chrizzle by taking his Serial Gaps WR and improving his GPMR WR.

03-03-2005, 08:40 AM
Sorry for double-post, but new WR on GPL.... by me! After tortuous months I set a new WR on Silence Box Rink 2, my very first multi-lap WR (all before were 1-lap). That makes me feel damn special. *bliss*
EDIT: Another WR in GPL, this time by world X champion Sherif. He sets a 45\"33 on SOC 2. Whats interesting is that now both the world X champion and world GX Max Speed champion, Sherif and Joel \"Bueno Nacho\" Kumlin, are competing on this game, so its first blood to X...
EDIT 2: I seem to have passed over Yazzo's time on MCMC, that is the WR, not the time set by Jimmy Thai.
EDIT 3: Tony Thai improves his FFU (Diamond 3) WR.
EDIT 4: New WR on Championship on GPL by Yazzo. midiman also set some new WRs on GX which I'll update tomorrow, he also managed a spaceflying lap on MCTR which is quite frankly scary. :shock:
EDIT 5: Updated the AX5 (GPS) WR that midiman took from Chrizzle. Mitani also improves his BBDH WR further.
EDIT 6: Hey all. Dave Phaneuf takes back his MC3 WR on X, Yazzo breaks both SOC WRs in GPL, Jason Bradt sets a few WRs on Climax and thats about it.
EDIT 7: Almost forgot! Mad Andy took back the MCTR WR for Snaking on GX.
EDIT 8: Japanese player goblinXALE takes a few WRs on ClimaX.
EDIT 9: German player Stefan Mahrla made a video of him spaceflying MCTR, and you can see why it would be difficult to do over 3 laps. ;) Its not a WR because its just one lap but this is the fastest one-lap ever, so....
EDIT 10: Sorry Mahrla. midiman becomes the very first person to spacefly MCTR, and with it he has the WR. Its a stonking effort of 28\"517.... however former MCTR WR holder \"OS Gear\" sets a new WR of 23\"317 on AX1/ ASD, so its 50-50. OS Gear has also been setting some bloody fast splits on GPS, so watch this space. Oh, heres the WR video of midiman's MCTR run in full, its incredible:

EDIT 11: Yazzo sets yet another GPL WR, he breaks 444's apparantly unbeatable RCPJ2 time with a 1'28\"57.
EDIT 12: New ClimaX WR on Mute City Cactus from GPL WR holder, Ben Bayntun. Joel Kumlin also re-enters GX Max Speed action by taking Mengsk's PTLP (Sapphire 4) WR.
EDIT 13: Midiman also improves his Outer Space WR on GX Spacefly.
EDIT 14: Absolutely awesome new WR on F-Zero X by Japanese superstar muumu, he thrashes the old WR on MC1 which is not by any stretch of the imagination an easy thing to do- he sets a 1'08\"380, a good 3 tenths faster than Jimmy Thai's old record. Whats great is that muumu also recorded a vid of his run- it may be 24mb but its worth it!

EDIT 15: :evil: Yazzo took my SBR2 world record on GPL. Thats the second time thats happened.... well he is the best player in the whole world so I'll let him off. Yazzo also matches TRS's WR on FFDC2, and sets a WR elsewhere. In ClimaX, there are WRs from Hohsute, Ben Bayntun and goblinXALE, and thats about it.
EDIT 16: Oh, the irony.... Yazzo decides to take one of my WRs, I'll take one of his. New BBBB WR on GPL, by me.

03-20-2005, 01:45 PM
EDIT 15: :evil: Yazzo took my SBR2 world record on GPL. Thats the second time thats happened.... well he is the best player in the whole world so I'll let him off. Yazzo also matches TRS's WR on FFDC2, and sets a WR elsewhere.

Hm, I thought I had FFDC2 for myself. Who is this TRS guy? I've never heard of him. Btw Nice BBBB time Ben, I'll try to beat it.

03-21-2005, 08:10 AM
Hey Kalle, unexpected visit. ;)

TRS is a player from Nintendo's official website, we dont consider his records on MFO because.... well I don't know, Randal's reason never made sense to me. I understand not allowing BAH or Jin or OTA's times since they are obviously fakes, but TRS improved his times at a similar rate to AST, and never had the same amount of WRs as him, yet he is considered a fake and AST isn't. Which is funny since AST is now getting heavily beaten and TRS's records still stand tall, despite everyone saying AST was a demigod like muumu or something. And it isn't like TRS's records are hugely out of reach...

Kalle you've really destroyed a lot of the records on GPL, continue to do so ^ _ ^ though leave my BBBB alone. ;) (Just kiddin, I don't mind).

EDIT: midiman beat OS Gear's AX1 WR.

03-21-2005, 05:38 PM
Hey BPA, I heard Robert asked you about possibly being a ref for F-Zero, any word on that? You considering it?

03-22-2005, 08:23 AM
Me being a ref? Hm... to be honest Pro, I don't have a huge amount of time for it. That may sound ridiculous considering you guys are all adults and probably all work as well, but I'm in the middle of my GCSE studies and I only do this F-Zero record compilation when I have the time (an hour, 2 hours a day or so). Im also planning to do some stuff for , but I guess being a F-Zero ref for TG would be interesting. I always thought Randal would be the man for the job but if I have time I'll take it. What does it require? Is it me checking proof of player's times and stuff like that?

EDIT: Edited some of the names of some ClimaX players, since I translated them wrongly (ie. Hohsute was Hohsuni). Also one new time from Hohsuni him/herself.

03-22-2005, 04:02 PM
What does it require? Is it me checking proof of player's times and stuff like that?

More or less, you'd have to PM Robert (RMRUCZEK) to discuss further, but that's the main responsibility.

03-23-2005, 03:48 PM

In general a specialist referee is responsible for a single title, or title series, or genre.

Think about what would and would not work about being a specialist referee...I might be able to work around some of the technical issues with you (i.e. handling score entry, for example)

Drop me a PM when ready to discuss, and if you wish, I can call you at my own expense at a time that is convenient for you. I'll let you decide. Cheers !!


03-27-2005, 10:32 AM
Sorry for the late reply, haven't visited TG for a few days. Robert I'll PM you after this post and editing the record list.

Updates to the WRs:

SFC- None.
MV- None
X- Two new world records, on Devils Forest 1 and Silence 1, both by muumu. o_O
GX Max Speed- Japanese player \"Brave\" sets his first WR on SOLS (Diamond 2).
GX Open- None
GPL- Two new WRs from me, on MCMC and BBBB. Yazzo sets a 1'02\"38 on RCJ.
CX- Senji sets a WR, Ben Bayntun sets a WR, and goblinXALE continues his impressive work setting more WRs and looking like the player to beat. Masao also beats his RCRC2 WR.

EDIT: Finally! A new WR on MV! British champion Tom Freeman sets his first 5-lap WR, and on one of the most sought-after tracks too! He beats Yazzo's 1'50\"32 benchmark on Pawn 1 by just 8 hundreths of a second!
EDIT 2: Some more new ClimaX records from BHB, goblinXALE, Masao I and new record holder Kanpi. Seems like records for this game are coming along nicely... though I expect BHB to rule over all soon enough, if his MV pace is anything to go by. But goblinXALE has really surprised me, considering his lack of success at MV and GPL. I dont have the game so I cant say what is and isnt impressive, but there hasnt been one AST/Yamamoto style \"breakout\" player yet, like there was for GPL and MV. I know Reido has the game, he really should have played it more....
EDIT 3: Jimmy Thai is BACK! He beats muumu's MC1 WR and apparantly made a video you can only access with mIRC.
EDIT 4: New WRs on GX Open by OS Gear and Midiman.
EDIT 5: Lots of WR action! On X, muumu, Sherif and Jimmy Thai- the big 3 in terms of WRs held and their status- all set WRs, muumu on Big Hand, JKT on Sand Ocean and Sherif on Mute City 2. All very different circuits... but the jokers are held in the Phaneuf family of Dave and Miguel Lefebvre, who break lots of speed WRs. In GX, Mitani improves his R2 WR, and I also found STIFF's real name (he's the Mute City Serial Gaps WR holder). In GPL, Yazzo broke TRS's apparantly unbreakable IAD 2 WR, and my 1-lap in the process :( he also beat my BBBB WR, and by some margin. On ClimaX, Ben Bayntun is taking goblinXALE's mantle of early world champ with some nice new times. Little does he know Im getting the game soon..... :twisted:
EDIT 6: Some more new CX WRs from goblinXALE, Masao I. and new player S.K.
EDIT 7: Some more new WRs on ClimaX from FLY, BHB, Masao, 444, Senji, goblinXALE et al. Theres also talk of a new MCTP WR on GP Legend, subbing 1'18, but no-one knows if it was set by Yazzo or Joel Kumlin (yes, GX's Joel Kumlin). Jimmy Thai's WR vid for Mute City 1 was also uploaded to the MFO database, and damn impressive it is too.
EDIT 8: Sorry for inactivity the last few days, Ive updated all the WRs, mostly for ClimaX (for which I now have one.... I can categorically say they're tough to beat), but also GX.
EDIT 9: Joel Kumlin has a new WR on Big Blue Drift Highway thats pretty impressive, I have a new WR on ClimaX for Sand Ocean High Speed Edge and \"Burahtbaato\" has a first WR on ClimaX.

04-17-2005, 05:18 AM
Two new WRs on ClimaX from goblinXALE.

Does anyone here think it'd be worth it if I added the Snake WRs for GX?

EDIT: muumu is back in action on X, getting another WR on Sand Ocean 2, with a 1'08\"935. I personally think the WRs on F-Zero X and MV are the toughest to beat in ANY racing game... heh but what do I know?
EDIT 2: Tom Freeman sets a second WR on MV, on P4. Joel Kumlin also sets some new WRs on GX Max Speed, and 444 returns to GPL to beat his RCPJ WR by 11 hundreths of a second.

04-17-2005, 03:23 PM
Meh, snaking is evil.

04-17-2005, 08:32 PM

Things got crazy at work since Feb 28th when my assistant quit and the company asked me to do BOTH her desk and my own for the duration, to save them some bucks. Sory I haven't called yet to discuss how to officially set you up as a specialist referee, but give me some time.

Meanwhile, thanks for keeping on top of the community happenings on the FZX front.


04-18-2005, 08:44 AM
Heh, so evil that Nintendo admitted it was put in on purpose. :P

I'll add the F-Zero Xpansion 64DD WRs, then. I want to add some new times. ;)

New WR from me on ClimaX on Sand Ocean Key Break 3.

04-18-2005, 12:30 PM
Heh, so evil that Nintendo admitted it was put in on purpose. :P

Heh, I remember that. Can you say damage control? :)

04-19-2005, 08:09 AM
heh, \"damage control\".

I sure can. :wink:

And I think we \"heh\" too much for our own good. Heh.

EDIT: New WR on X by Dave Phaneuf, on Sector Alpha. Tim Buttner, a very good MV player and former WR holder at that game, sets his first ClimaX WR on White Land Wolf. There will be another update tonight, when the Japanese players show their updates.
EDIT 2: Scratch that, I just remembered they're updated on Sundays. :x but Tim did improve his WR on WLW further.
EDIT 3: Tim Buttner does it again! This time on MV, Tim beats Kalle's superb former K2 WR by a tenth of a second, to lower it to a 2'02\"41! And I remember when the WR was 2'03\"89...
EDIT 4: OK, now Tim is going crazy. He's lowered it to a 2'02\"16, and if he didnt screw up his first and last laps he could have subbed 2'02, which is the ultimate limit in this game.

04-26-2005, 12:31 PM
Im in the process of adding 1-lap WRs for SFC, X and MV. I'll add GPL 1-lap WRs later, the only games that I have no clue on is GX and ClimaX (and Xpansion).

EDIT: Done. :)
EDIT 2: Some new WRs: Tim Buttner sets a blinder on MV, theres a new WR on GX from Joel Kumlin and theres some impressive new WRs on ClimaX from goblinXALE, Masao et al.
EDIT 3: Another new WR on MV by Tim Buttner! Also, I said that Joel Kumlin set a new WR on GX, but in fact it was set by fellow Swede \"foxu\".
EDIT 4: Dave Phaneuf sets 5 new WRs on X, mixed 3 and 1-laps, now making it a total monopoly between him, Sherif, JKT and muumu.

EDIT 5: Yes, Im still alive! I have lots of GCSE revision, so im not getting round to this as much as before. However, there have been some new WRs...

-Kalle Videkull takes back one of Tim Buttner's WRs on MV, and improves his Q3 flap.
-Reido, Tim Buttner, goblinXALE, Masao I. and myself all have new ClimaX WRs. All the Japanese think Reido, \"their\" boy, has the SOHSE WR, but I actually have it... heh...

EDIT 6: Some more WRs, all from reigning world champions. I got one on ClimaX (Im champ because I have the best time set overall in the world, goblinXALE and masao I. don't), X Champion \"Sherif\" returns with two new WRs on Mute City 2 and White Land 1, MV Champion Yazzo sets some new WRs on his long-awaited return to MV and GX Champ Joel Kumlin sets an awesome new WR on Green Plant Intersection.
EDIT 7: New WRs on X from muumu and Sherif, awesome new wrs on MV by Yazzo and Tom Freeman (including the first ever sub 1'50 on Pawn 1...) and the German superteam of Stiff and Chrizzle take 4 WRs on GX from Joel Kumlin.
Ill add the newest ClimaX WRs seperately, since theres a lot to get through and I need to do other things right now. -_-

05-16-2005, 08:19 AM
Ben, I have the MV P1 flap of 19\"54
And I certainly do not have 1'22\"88 on Q1. :?:

05-17-2005, 07:55 AM
Thanks Tom, I know this already, I dont come here every day you know ;) and Randal actually gave me a video of you doing a 1'22\"88, if it wasn't you......

Updated ClimaX records, from me, goblinxale, benb17, seiri, etc. etc...

05-27-2005, 07:43 AM
Sorry it has been some time since the last update, Ive been having GCSEs so revision etcetera has 'got in the way', if you will. There has been plenty of action recently, especially on ClimaX where a host of Japanese names have made the comeptition special.....but none of them are as good as me, since I became World Champion this week! Im actually a double champion since previous champion goblinXALE beat me again but i took it back from him. I will be definitely be trying to keep my crown from the likes of Masao I, goblinXALE, Senji, Teiri and Burahtobaato.

EDIT: New WRs put in. Sherif and Dave Phaneuf are active WR setters on X, Tom Freeman and Yazzo have new WRs on MV, STIFF and, amazingly, Yazzo set new WRs on GX Max Speed, Stefan Mahrla sets new WRs on GX Open, and Burahtobaato, myself, BenB17, Masao I., Senji and goblinXALE all set WRs on ClimaX.

SFC: No new WRs yet, but Joel Kumlin- of GX fame- is very close to setting some new WRs, which would be extremely interesting!
X: The war rages between Jimmy Thai and muumu for WR ownership on Mute City 1; JKT drew first blood but muumu struck back with a time oh-so-close to the elusive 1'08\"000 barrier!
MV: No new WRs, but Yazzo was back in action...
GX: New WRs from STIFF and Chrizzle, the German duo taking WRs in both Open and Max Speed fields. Mad Andy also improves his Snake WR on MCTR.
Xpansion: Japanese player MAX- also known as Goblin (not to be confused with goblinXALE, who also sometimes calls himself goblin, which is extremely irritating) - who is a former GX WR holder and a current GP Legend WR holder, has bought a copy of Xpansion and has a load of new WRs (all of which he made videos of). Hopefully he'll play the normal X courses and give some of the players there a run for their money!
GP Legend: No new WRs.
ClimaX: New WRs from myself and Masao I. My world championship lead has stretched to 58 seconds.... hopefully I can keep it that long for some time. Bye bye!

06-01-2005, 12:34 PM
Sorry for the double post... but congratulations to Dave Phaneuf, who beat the legendary Jimmy Thai to become the new NTSC 3-lap champion! He is now just 5 seconds away from PAL and world 3-lap champion Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe. Keep in mind that Dave is now also the overall world champion for 3-lap, 1-lap and speeds for F-Zero X, an amazing achievement and one he should be duly congratulated for.

X: WRs from newly-crowned world champion and NTSC 3-lap champion Dave Phaneuf include a 48\"091 on Big Blue 2 and a 1'19\"997 on Space Plant. I think his cousin and lieutenant-in-command Miguel Lefebvre will have something to say about that...

06-14-2005, 03:05 AM
Hello all, found some breathing space in my GCSEs to update the F-Zero WR lists. And how!

SFC: Again, no new WRs on SFC as yet... :( American Dave Hajek is close to being the first non-Japanese WR holder since...well actually I dont remember, Im ashamed to say. Joel Kumlin was also close, but he then went on holiday *silly boy* ;)
MV: Just the one new WR, a flap on Pawn 2 by Tim Buttner. And very nice if I do say so myself.
X: LOTS of activity here! Dave Phaneuf, newly crowned world champion, adds the prestigious Sector Beta WR to his list, prestigious as he beat Jimmy Thai's time using JKT's very own weapon of choice: the Blue Falcon! Jimmy himself posted two new WRs on Sand Ocean and an absolutely amazing sub 1'08 on Mute City 1, becoming the first and only person to ever do so! But the most kudos goes to world 3-lap champion Sherif, who set a number of WRs and extended his lead over Dave in the 3-lap battle.
GX Open: Just the one new WR here: Mad Andy sets a new WR on Mute City Sonic Oval, a few tenths shy of the elusive 25 second barrier!
GX Max Speed: New WRs from the returning Yazzo and The Amazing One, who is unfortunately grounded XD. Ironically, Yazzo took TAO's Phantom Road WR, and thus TAO took Yazzo's GPS WR.
GPL: A correction: TRS is NOT the WR holder on Illusion Abyss Drop. That is a mistake on my part, as he was beaten a few months ago by Kalle Yazzo Videkull, and for which I have edited that record.
ClimaX: A whole bunch of activity here, the latest F-Zero recieving heaps of attention from me and the Japanese. Masao I. sets a whole bunch of new- and quite frankly scary- WRs, becoming Bronze Cup world champ. Both goblinxale and burahtobaato (now known as K. \"goblin\" N., in deference to his real name, and \"Inoue\" respectively) have new WRs, Inoue setting some seriously quick Mist Flow times. Kanpi sets a few one-off times (including a great FFFF time), but I have the last laugh, remaining champ with a few WRs of my own. Thats all for now.

06-14-2005, 11:51 AM
I should go searching for some videos, these new records sound great.

06-17-2005, 03:04 AM
Hehe, heres some links to some of the newer WRs around (and general good times)

Hope that satisfies your appetite ^_^ in other news, Sherif broke JKT's extremely good FF WR on X, and theres more WRs in ClimaX from me, goblin and inoue.

06-17-2005, 06:41 PM
Just downloaded a ton of F-Zero X stuff on SDA. Thanks for the other links.

06-19-2005, 03:06 PM
Ill update the ClimaX WRs tomorrow, for now theres a new SFC MC2 wr by Akiyoshi, and the first ever 1-lap WR for Sherif on X.

06-21-2005, 03:08 AM
Silly me going on holidays ;) but don't worry, I'm keeping my hands busy in several ways so I won't lose my skills and then I will come home and beat some snes WRs.

06-26-2005, 07:51 AM
F-Zero X

06-27-2005, 01:52 AM
Good to hear Joel ;) and thanks for that Randal. Basically (and you hardcore F-Zero X lovers wont like to hear this), Jimmy Thai- the most revered F-Zero X player ever- announced that his MC1 WR was, in fact, a fake. Jimmy created his own turbo controller- specifically to beat the MC1 WR with- and turbo controllers are not allowed in competitive time use, therefore Jimmy has been stripped of his MC1 WR and the former WR holder, muumu, has now been restablished as WR holder. Shame on you, Jimmy... talk about ruining all the credibility and respect you have built up over the years.

Anywho, it seems that the MFO network is down, therefore a lot of updates will have to wait. However, ClimaX is still up and ready, and there have been a host of new WRs from myself, Masao and goblin.

06-27-2005, 02:04 AM
Watched it a couple of times, there's really no way to tell is there? Someone should let SDA know about it so they can remove that video.

06-27-2005, 02:07 AM
Hm, Ill tell PiccoloCube (Panamanian F-Zero Champion, put the vids on SDA in the first place) to do just that.

:) I now have 23 WRs on ClimaX... *yay* Im going to start F-Zero SNES today too, hopefully I'll do well at that game.

EDIT: New WR ON ClimaX from me, SOHSE2. Aaaand, Angelo Coelho- a longtime GX Max Speed player- has set his first ever WR! He takes the GPS WR from rival The Amazing One, and now this 4-way fight between Iowa, TAO, Yazzo and Coelho (and Chrizzle and STIFF if they return) should be an exciting one.

06-27-2005, 05:14 PM
More spaceflying WRs from STIFF and Chrizzle with the finish-line-shortcut:

MCTR: 00'28\"270 (Chrizzle)
AM: 00'19\"434 (Chrizzle)
BBDH: 00'35\"270 (Chrizzle)
GPMR: 00'20\"055 (Chrizzle)
PTLP: 00'18\"857 (Chrizzle)
MCSG: 00'22\"529 (Chrizzle)
SOLS: 00'27\"453 (Chrizzle)
ADS: 00'17\"954 (STIFF)
PRSLS: 00'23\"918 (Chrizzle)


06-29-2005, 08:37 AM
Thanks Tony, too bad for you.... :( Chrizzle and STIFF are really good players, though, you should bounce back and beat 'em :)

Apart from that, there are also new WRs on ClimaX from moi, and X from Sherif.

07-13-2005, 03:33 PM
Updates for X, MV, GPL and GX. Skipped Xpansion and CX, will do em another day (not much activity anyways).

EDIT: Edited WRs on Xpansion, CX, MV and GPL. Great work from the people who got WRs:

PiccoloCube, chilledtbk, Yazzo, Goblin and Inoue.

08-01-2005, 01:31 PM
New WR on SFC from Yukito, WR flap on MV, WR on GX from foxu, and WRs on GPL and Climax from Yazzo, Joel Kumlin and Goblin ^_^

EDIT 1: Shock as Leandro Ribiero, former world MV Champion, comes back and sets a new 1-lap WR!! He beats Yazzo's best Q1 effort by just 0.01 of a second! Congrats, indeed.

08-06-2005, 08:50 AM
OK guys, time to spice things up. Im going to add some stuff to the F-Zero WR section, two things to do with GP Legend:

1) Add the Zero test WRs
2) Add the flap WRs

as well as the usual updates. So, get ready for even more crazy F-Zero WR breakdowns!!.....or something like that ?__?.

EDIT: Added new WR times from Tom Freeman on MV, Joel Kumlin on GP Legend, and Kanpi and Goblin on ClimaX. :) Im also thinking of adding the Zero test WRs on ClimaX ^_^

08-07-2005, 02:06 PM
Three updates:

1)GX world champion Joel Kumlin has identified all the GX Max Speed world record fast laps, so I will be adding this to the WR list (Ill seperate the Open/Snake and Max Speed WRs to make for better viewing). I wholeheartedly thank Joel for this, as it takes a lot of time finding the best times from so many differenet players from so many sources. :) These will be added when Joel sends them to me.

2) I will add the ClimaX Zero test WRs. I admit that adding flaps for this game is a little overboard, so Ill leave that one for a while.

3)Joel Kumlin set two new GPL WRs, one a flap and one a 5-lap (both on MCEP). Congrats, indeed.

EDIT: I got a ClimaX Zero Test WR :)

08-10-2005, 09:25 AM
No problems, I got most free time of all f-zero world class players I believe(as I don't got work, and that I can be lazy in school cause I read classes that I want to read only right now). so I can take care of the spaceflying laps also.

08-12-2005, 01:44 PM
Thanks Joel. Just email me them.... Im on holiday next week so I wont get them until the week after, so you'll have a week to do it. You better do it :P ;)

Updated WRs, including a Zero Test WR on CX by Ben Bayntun :)

08-13-2005, 03:17 AM
I will come home in 3 days, so then I can start rechecking every wr.

08-26-2005, 01:48 AM

Hi guys, back from holiday. Was OK, got food poisioning :S

Also got my GCSE results...:\
Anywho, tonight I'll update all the ladders, Joel has also thankfully sorted the flap WRs for GX so tonight the GX section will see a rejig in design.

08-27-2005, 03:12 AM
Okay, updates finally sorted. I left ClimaX alone but the rest are fine.

SFC: Faust set a new MC3 WR
X: No active WR setting
Xpansion: PiccoloCube sets a new FF2 WR
MV: Chilledtbk sets new flap WRs and a 5-lap WR on Knight Final.
GX: The Open and Max Speed times are split into two sections, and flap WRs are added to Max Speed. New WRs from Joel Kumlin, Chrizzle, STIFF and Stefan Weiland.
GPL: Joel Kumlin sets a new BBSH2 WR.
GPL ZT: No activity.
CX: Updates not done.
CX ZT: No activity.

That covers it all, methinks ^_^

09-09-2005, 06:47 AM
GX Max Speed: Iowa, the perennial number 2 at GX, finally set his first WR, on Fire Field Cylinder Knot.

SFC: The most legendary WR ever, Horry's MC1 WR, has been beaten! Japanese player Faust set a 1'58\"39.

09-21-2005, 02:02 PM
Hey guys. Started A-Levels hence the lack of updates but dont worry I am most definitely doing them.

SFC: Faust breaks the 1'59 barrier on MC3 to have his second WR, its a shame Faust refuses to play other GP courses than the Mute Cities as he is defenitely one of the worlds best.

X: No WRs as yet, but Joel Kumlin has started playing....... Sherif get ready ;)

MV: No new WRs

GX: Hehe, good activty here from the great Germans, Chrizzle and STIFF. They take some WRs, while Joel Kumlin has set some great times.

GPL: No new times.

ClimaX: Couple of new times from the usual suspects (Simanagasliner, Kanpi etc.)

09-21-2005, 03:21 PM
i joined on the f-zero site. can i submit the scores i have right now? do in need any proof of the scores or do i only need it unless someone questions me? on the knight league, can those races be done on practice mode? i am talking about the ladder thing on SNES f-zero.

09-22-2005, 05:17 AM
i joined on the f-zero site. can i submit the scores i have right now? do in need any proof of the scores or do i only need it unless someone questions me? on the knight league, can those races be done on practice mode? i am talking about the ladder thing on SNES f-zero.

1. Yes you can providing it's in compliance with our rules.
2. Proof will be requested depending on your times
3. Yes, times can be set in practice mode (where applicable) and in GP mode.
4. Can also use master difficulty for GP mode.

09-24-2005, 07:46 AM
Updates on both ClimaX and GX Max Speed. Im also in the process of getting together all the Snake WRs for GX.

GX: Yazzo sets a new WR on SOSS.
ClimaX: I set 7 new WRs, and Simanagasliner (formerly Inoue) sets some too, as does Goblin.

09-30-2005, 01:15 PM
i did beat the for a 1 boost lap time on mute city 2 i think. i didn't tape it unfortunately. i got 23.60 for one lap. does anyone know if that beat the best 1 boost lap time?

10-01-2005, 10:49 AM
Faust also has 23\"60, but i dont know if anyone have better than that.

10-01-2005, 01:20 PM
oh i wasn't sure if it was the fastest. it was really good and kind of suprising.

10-03-2005, 02:14 PM
Updates on only two games: Me, Goblin and Kanpi set WRs aplenty on ClimaX, and AKC12 sets a new flap WR on GX Max Speed.

Ill add Mad Andy's new Snake times tomorrow or something.

I also added faust's new MC2 WR on SFC. He now has all 3 Mute City WRs on F-Zero SFC o_O an amazing achievement.

10-08-2005, 03:28 AM
Hello. Ive made the final (heh, for now ;)) adjustment to the F-Zero WR sheet by adding all the F-Zero ClimaX flap WRs. I hope this is pretty much every WR for every F-Zero game going right now that any of you would be needing. I still have to add the following for a comprehensive list though:

-GX Story Mode WRs (I dont play GX so Im not too sure on these, can someone tell me if there are seperate WRs for each difficulty setting?)
-GX Open Flap WRs
-GX Snake Flap WRs
-Possibly the SFC non-boost Flap WRs, and the MV non-GP WRs. Although these last two may be stretching it a bit (theyre not necessary, really).

Anywho, as well as the ClimaX theres also action...um....well actually its all a bit quiet now, hm maybe I should leave the updates for a while ^_^ and also dont think Im a bad player because I have so few ClimaX WRs, remember I play with the Crazy Bear and its final laps are worse than any other machine. So although I have 25+ WRs at this game on 3-lap, my flap prowess is hurt by using it. Dont worry, Ill be pwning the flaps soon too ;) j/k.

10-08-2005, 01:20 PM
\"-GX Story Mode WRs (I dont play GX so Im not too sure on these, can someone tell me if there are seperate WRs for each difficulty setting?) \"

Yes, they are seperated for each difficulty setting.

10-10-2005, 08:20 AM
Thanks Kalle. Ill sort them out some other time. (and also to Ben Bayntun for clearing that up for me)

No new times, except ClimaX, wheres theres new flaps and stuff from me.

EDIT: New WR on Xpansion by PiccoloCube, now he has just one track left before he has a full monoploy :)

And also, HUGE apologies to Mad Andy- I had his name COMPLETELY wrong *blushes* its really Andres Montalbetti.

10-15-2005, 07:24 AM
Updates on:

-GX Max Speed (new WRs from Chrizzle, STIFF and iowa)
-GX Snake (Mad Andy takes some WRs, and congrats on becoming new Snake World Champion :))
-ClimaX (lots of WRs from me and Simanagasiliner)
-ClimaX Zero Tests (Senji wipes the floor with them, as does Goblin)
-GPL (a WR i completely forgot to update, its a few months old now- BHB's Platinum Silence time)

Thats all folks.

10-16-2005, 04:53 AM
On OSMS, my best lap is not the same as Joel Kumlin, mine is 20\"346 :wink:
I don't know why the splits on the MFO WR page have not been updated for this track

10-16-2005, 12:08 PM
Thanks Iowa. And I do have your name right? I dont want to cock up again like I did with Mad Andy ;P

New WRs on ClimaX. From me :twisted:

10-17-2005, 01:04 PM
Yea, my name is right. I don't know the way you got it, but anyway^^

10-18-2005, 11:54 AM
Lol, Iowa you posted your real name in a MFO topic :P

New WRs for Xpansion and ClimaX.

10-23-2005, 07:02 AM
Btw, the wr for MCTR is 47''802, not 47''999, I just haven't updated my time there cause I'm certain of getting sub 47 soon.

I got a few Story modes wr on GX... I can check through the forums and see if I can find all the corrects times, cause some of mine true times aren't submitted neither anywhere.

10-24-2005, 11:51 AM
Something I noticed JkL, each time you want to get a sub something, you have xx\"999. For exemple ptad snaking 1'29\"999, mctr, soss 1'31\"999...
Funny thing, I wouldn't be surprised if you got 46\"999 soon on MCTR :twisted:

10-25-2005, 12:48 AM
hehe, my PTAD snaking is more is a few secs better, my BBO that I submitted as 14'999 is actually more like 14''31x, but I'm lazy :P

And 999 do look so coolio, It's the leap between happiness and crying, just that I would boost a bit later or earlier could effect the time to not be a sub :D

10-26-2005, 05:17 AM
BPA, can you also add lap times for F-Zero GX snaking and flying? Like you did it with max speed.

10-30-2005, 03:51 AM
Mahrla, do as me, find out all lap wr's for spaceflying and send to BPA. It?shouldn't be that hard, it's just to check a few top players.

but for snaking it's extremly hard as people are like animals there, jump on eachother for using stuff... like \"omg you turned to much in air!\" or \"Side attacks... that's not a wr\" or \"That's not the WR, It's the 50h WR\".

But if you do Spaceflying Mahrla I could try and find out the snaking WRs ;)

10-30-2005, 04:37 AM
Hey Mahrla and Joel

Ill try my best to do add spaceflying laps. If you guys can help too that would be tremendous.

All WRs updated.

10-30-2005, 04:29 PM
Yeah, I will try to find the best flying laps. And I also don't like it to seperate the list into 50/60 Hz, with or without finish line SC (like MCTR flying SC), with or without side attacks and so on.

10-31-2005, 04:51 AM
ofcourse you don't need to change seperate them and so on, it would be like X with lap time from jumper and slider ;)

10-31-2005, 01:32 PM
If only side attacks were banned...



11-02-2005, 09:02 AM
:P at iowa


No probs Stefan I dont \"do\" GX politics, I count EVERY tech in GX there is, be it suicides, spaceflying, checkpoint confusing, the lot.

GX Max Speed WRs updated.

11-10-2005, 02:43 AM
I got some new WRs BPA(I returned seriusly now to defend my world champ position). just check MFO and my times(SOSS/Ruby3, LLC/Ruby4, BBDH saph1, and LTR AX4)

11-10-2005, 07:40 AM
Thanks Joel, will do now. I also got some new WRs at ClimaX.

11-19-2005, 05:09 AM
Hello all. Yesterday I hastily added WRs without making a notice, and I missed many out, so heres a proper run down of new WRs set in the various F-Zero games:

SFC: Yay! I managed to set a new WR flap on White Land 1 of 22\"02 NTSC, which is pretty good going for me considering Ive been playing SFC for the grand sum of 2 months.

X: Sherif returns to the fray with a few new times, including Big Hand.

MV: No activity here.

GPL: Ditto.

GX: New WRs from the returning Joel Kumlin and co., Chrizzle and STIFF apparantly have whole load of new times but they havent let them out yet... when they do Ill add them straight away.

CX: Me, Senji and Simanagasi set some new WRs.

11-22-2005, 12:55 PM
Updated all the GX WRs, great work from iowa, Chrizzle, STIFF and Joel. (And of course Mad Andy and Stefan Weiland on the Snaking WRs).

I set a whole heap of ClimaX WRs as well, but I'll post them another time. Alternatively visit fzeroworld.co.jp for all my new WRs (Im known as Bipia / BPA in japanese hiragana).

11-26-2005, 03:30 AM
I've beaten Chrizzle's ffu WR by 0.017 8)

12-10-2005, 03:57 AM
Updated :)

Sorry for the lack of posting recently...I have been around, I just havent been updating as much. The whole F-Zero scene is really quiet now, its sad but hopefully it'll pick up. I think the release of MKDS and the popularity of MKDD has made the scene weaker, not to mention the recalcitrance of MFO for not changing a damn thing about their site :evil:

Anywho....Me and Goblin set a bunch of new WRs at ClimaX, Goblin having some extremely great times. However, my position at the top is still very very secure, and so unless anyone with enough talent comes along and takes me on I'll stop playing ClimaX.

Sherif set a new Devils Forest 1 WR today, beating muumu's record by less than 0.1 NTSC. Sherif for me has been the outstanding X player of the year. When you look at the amazing amount of talent thats been active at X (STIFF, Joel Kumlin, Ben Bayntun, Tim Buttner, muumu, Dave Phaneuf, JKT, midman, Skull, myself, Lefebvre), Sherif has stood head and shoulders above everyone. Admittedly hes sidelined speed WRs and flap WRs in favour of 3-lap, but when he does play flap he sets the WR rather quickly.... Sherif is a seriously talented player who probably doesnt get the recognition he deserves, people still think JKT or muumu are the Gods but in reality its been about Sherif and Dave Phaneuf this year. Both have been constantly active at this game for two years straight, and the WRs at X are so good right now its amazing. That many other gamers have come to X and set great times, without much pedigree- PiccoloCube, lp_05, Skull- shows the depth in this game, and Sherif has been the cream of a very great crop. Hopefully he'll stick to FZero next year, It'll be bad if he leaves to join his brother in MKDD competition.

peace love and chocolate cake everyone xx

01-08-2006, 07:04 AM
Ive updated all the WRs, let me go through them all:

SFC: Two new world records here, both on the Death Wind courses, both set by an American player! The very first non-Japanese WR holder ever (for 5-lap times), give a huge congratulations to Chris \"MetalSmasher86\" Flemmer! A Californian metalhead and an extremely talented player judging by his times, he has made history in FZero circles and is one to watch for 2006. Not only that, but he made videos of both his Death Wind 1 and Death Wind 2 runs:


However, hes not the only person to set a WR at SNES! Japanese player Faust set the Port Town 2 WR, his first WR at SNES which is not on a Mute City circuit. He too has a video of his run, watch and enjoy:


X: Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe, announced his retirement a day after I said he wouldnt *good timing BPA*. However, he returned to finish off some tracks he felt he could improve on, namely Space Plant (which he took from Dave Phaneuf) and Sector Alpha. Good luck to Sherif in the future.

Xpansion: A few WRs from world champion Jose \"PiccoloCube\" Karica.

MV: No activity.

GX: A Japanese player by the name of \"Jake\" took both the 3-lap and flap WRs on SOLS, and very good WRs they are too. Congratulations to him.

GP Legend: I have been active here, and have taken several WRs: both time and flap WRs on Mist Flow Clip Oval, the Fire Field Blast Track 1 WR and the Fire Field Blast Track 2 WR. :) unfortunately for me, Chrizzle is going to play GPL...if Joel Kumlin's advancement is anything to go by, Im toast. *gulps*

Also on GPL, Japanese player 444 set a Zero Test WR on S1, beating Yazzo's time.

ClimaX: New WRs from me, Simanagasi, Goblin and-most impressively- Senji, who set an absolute corker of a time in SOHSE.

And thats about it. Hope you all had a happy new year and *hugs* to you all xxx

01-08-2006, 02:56 PM
Thanks for the links BPA!

01-09-2006, 02:06 AM
Thanks, Ben. Yazzo's really giving me some competition, though, which goes to show that no time is safe. I'll probably start working on improving my DW2 time as soon as I can score top 10 times on Mute City 1 and 2.

01-09-2006, 08:38 AM
I suppose given your best lap is still behind Karasawa's 21\"50 effort, there is room for improvement. Yazzo is quick, I know that from personal experience ;) even Yukito and BLUE BLOOD can make comebacks though, Yukito has Death Wind 1 and Fire Field to improve and BLUE BLOOD has Death Wind 2. Either way, though, you have made great strides Chris. :)

02-05-2006, 08:37 AM
New Wrs:

SFC: Chris Flemmer improves on his WRs, and also takes the flap WR for Red Canyon 1.
X: Sherif has taken a few WRs, and he now owns every 3-lap WR except the very first three tracks, MC1, SIL1 and SO1.
GX: New WRs from iowa and Joel Kumlin.
ClimaX: New WRs from Simanagasi and Senji.

And a speedy recovery to Masao I., the influential F-Zero player who has come out of hospital after a 3 month lay-off. :)

02-12-2006, 10:09 AM
Very bad news yesterday, as it was found that Chris \"MetalSmasher86\" Flemmer was found to be using an emulator for all of his times. His WRs have thus been revoked, his entry on MFO stripped and all his times for all F-Zeros have been deleted.

Thus, we move onto better things: iowa sets even more WRs at GX Max Speed (his ASD and LHP in particular are extremely impressive), myself and Simanagasi set some ClimaX WRs and Joel Kumlin takes my long-held, much-coveted MCMC WR on GP Legend (I had that WR for nearly a year! Gr Im going to get him...)

02-12-2006, 11:41 AM
i had been thinking he was cheating, since he had a better time than me on death wind 1.

02-12-2006, 03:38 PM
I kind of figured he was cheating. He all of a sudden started beating records that stood for many years. Althought that alone doesnt mean he cheated, but I always wondered why he didnt have any times with TG. That doesnt mean alot either, but then agin, he didnt go for the bounties.

THAT says something. I know $75 isnt worth the hassle to some people, but he didnt even try.

he was cheating, since he had a better time than me on death wind 1.

haha, does that mean I cheated too? :lol: J/K

02-12-2006, 03:40 PM
yeah, well, you didn't beat my personal records.... by the deadline.

and yes, i know you cheated... JK

02-13-2006, 01:00 PM
Hello all
i've just registered i have retired from GPL so i can't create videos on schrolling proofs of each record

02-15-2006, 07:46 AM
Iowa is new GX champ ;) sad but true, but I shall beat him when my \"vacation\" at GF house is over ^^

BPA, I will get to making those lap wrs for snaking and Spaceflying, as soon as I get home on sutterday(won't bother playing anything anyway).

02-25-2006, 08:48 AM
Cool Joel. Good luck on beating iowa.

Sorry I have been without internet for nearly a month or so. Lots of new wrs, Ill update them now.

EDIT: Updated times. New GX times all-round, and I havent updated ClimaX times because thats such a chore lol.

03-17-2006, 12:33 PM
Sorry for the long delays again, I promise a better update next time. Anywho, two new world records to share: I managed my first ever 5-lap WR at Maximum Velocity, setting a 1'38\"57 on Knight Final, and Colin \"The Skull\" Martinez set his first ever world record at F-Zero X! A Frenchman (like X champ Sherif and GX champ iowa), Colin has been around for some time now, a former rival of mine who I consider an extremely good player. He has a very balanced set of times on GX and X, and now that he, Sherif and iowa are all playing X I think this French trio are the biggest threats to the world record scene on this game (lest we forget Dave Phaneuf and Miguel Lefebvre, the two French-Canadians). Its scary how quickly iowa has risen up the ranks of the X ladder...well he is the world GX champion :P

I will update ClimaX and other world records tomorrow morning (hopefully).

03-17-2006, 12:45 PM
hey guys whats up its Leo.
just wanted to note some corrections on lap world records since on mfo its hard to tell how has what
WL2 lap record of 24\"27 is mine tied with DVM. horry's best is I believe a 24\"30. DW1 lap has 3 people tied i believe with a 19\"98.
MC3 record is mine with a 22\"48. ( my oldest record btw )
and just yesterday i went a 21\"44 for DW2 lap. used 2 boosts though.
thats it


03-17-2006, 12:47 PM
DW1 lap i also have a 19\"98, thats what i mean to say :P
that makes it 4 people

03-18-2006, 04:05 AM
Thanks Leo. I noticed the DW2 flap last night but didnt update, I'll do all that (and ClimaX) now.

EDIT: Wow those SFC flaps were seriously screwed. I gave Horry a lot more credit than he deserved lol. OK, Leo and DVM now have a majority stranglehold on SFC flaps.

03-18-2006, 12:49 PM
horry does not have a 22\"48 for a MC3 lap, only I do :)
also i'm not sure if i'm mistaken but DVMs best time for the RC2 lap is a 25\"79.. not 78, unless he did that very recently, otherwise his 25\"79 has been there for a few years now, its incredibly hard to beat, lately i've been trying to beat it and i have gone under 25\"85 more than 10 times and only managed to tie my best time of 25\"80. so a 25\"78 would be even harder to beat.


03-19-2006, 02:42 AM
:\\ I made another mistake. Damn! Ah well, thanks for telling me Leo. Do you ever talk to DVM anymore, or know what hes up to?

Ive also updated the ClimaX zero test WRs.

03-19-2006, 03:37 AM
Haha, looks like I'll soon no longer be GX champ. Well nevermind, being first is not that great actually lol. And FZX is a so cool game! :P

03-19-2006, 09:29 AM
Good luck iowa, Im talking to Joel right now on msn and hes playing GPI, hoping for a few seconds off there...

Ive added new Snake WRs from OS Gear, and Ive given it a snazzy blue/green colour scheme. Does that make things slightly more presentable?

03-24-2006, 10:25 AM
Damn, I'm getting tired of GX, but onizuka is getting some french records/WRs so I have to take them back... 1'09\"980 on OSMS! :P

03-30-2006, 01:02 PM
Thanks iowa. I see Onizuka has a new flap WR on OSMS too, sub 20 :O hes getting good at this game.

03-30-2006, 05:52 PM
Just a quick post to say your F-Zero updates are always appreciated BPA. Keep up the good work.

03-31-2006, 02:19 PM
Thanks Pro :) I sometimes feel guilty because I double-post a lot in this thread, and I sorta always shove other topics out at the top of the page :oops:

Apart from that, its my pleasure to do this. In reality all I do is take the best recs from MFO, CS, and the multitude of Japanese F-Zero websites, and use them as my basis. Of course it helps to know F-Zero members and players individually like I do but I don't think what I do is all that special. Very rarely have I ever received WR information from anybody before it hits a website (making it a \"twingalaxies exclusive\" lol) but it does sometimes happen.

By the way, the MFO ladders are down for a while so we're relying on people posting and stuff to know new times. Not to mention Sugi is reshuffling his website and FZeroworld is quite quiet. I'm trying my best for a new MV world record, though :)

EDIT: And indeed, I got that world record :D Bishop 1 flap on MV, 17\"27. And Finnish player \"Westu\" matched muumu's Silence 1 WR on F-Zero X! Bravo!

EDIT 2: Added westu's real name.

EDIT 3: Westu sets a new WR at White Land 2 :O good stuff Jani!

04-12-2006, 11:38 AM
Thanks Pro :) I sometimes feel guilty because I double-post a lot in this thread, and I sorta always shove other topics out at the top of the page :oops:

Apart from that, its my pleasure to do this. In reality all I do is take the best recs from MFO, CS, and the multitude of Japanese F-Zero websites, and use them as my basis. Of course it helps to know F-Zero members and players individually like I do but I don't think what I do is all that special. Very rarely have I ever received WR information from anybody before it hits a website (making it a "twingalaxies exclusive" lol) but it does sometimes happen.

By the way, the MFO ladders are down for a while so we're relying on people posting and stuff to know new times. Not to mention Sugi is reshuffling his website and FZeroworld is quite quiet. I'm trying my best for a new MV world record, though :)

EDIT: And indeed, I got that world record :D Bishop 1 flap on MV, 17"27. And Finnish player "Westu" matched muumu's Silence 1 WR on F-Zero X! Bravo!

EDIT 2: Added westu's real name.

EDIT 3: Westu sets a new WR at White Land 2 :O good stuff Jani!

EDIT 4: And he takes JKT's WL2 flap record! Nice work Jani!

EDIT 5: Japanese player JakeSter sets a new flap WR at F-Zero GX Max Speed. Grats!

04-15-2006, 04:23 AM

Ruby 1- 28"270/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
07"768/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Ruby 2- 32"720/ Stefan Weiland
08"361/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Ruby 3- 21"507/ Mitani Yasutaka
04"092/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Ruby 4- 18"690/ Tony "midiman" Thai
04"324/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Ruby 5- 19"434/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
05"662/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Sapphire 1- 35"270/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
09"316/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Sapphire 2- 51"690/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
14"726/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
Sapphire 3- 20"055/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
05"750/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Sapphire 4- 18"857/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
04"581/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Sapphire 5- 22"529/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
06"586/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Emerald 1- 51"292/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
15"722/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
Emerald 2- 14"415/ Tony "midiman" Thai
03"872/ Tony "midiman" Thai
Emerald 3- 21"676/ Tony "midiman" Thai
03"593/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Emerald 4- 19"630/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
04"672/ "juniorain"
Emerald 5- 13"814/ Mitani Yasutaka
03"830/ Mitani Yasutaka
Diamond 1- 43"528/ "IE"
08"745/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
Diamond 2- 27"453/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
08"529/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
Diamond 3- 30"431/ Tony "midiman" Thai
06"671/ Tony "midiman" Thai
Diamond 4- 17"954/ Stefan "STIFF" Merkl
05"296/ Tony "midiman" Thai
Diamond 5- 23"918/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
05"812/ "juniorain"
AX1- 22"305/ "OS Gear"
03"685/ Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla
AX2- 19"234/ "OS Gear"
04"487/ "icchi"
AX3- 17"717/ Tony "midiman" Thai
03"568/ Tony "midiman" Thai
AX4- 51"289/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
13"254/ Christian "Chrizzle" Ostermeier
AX5- 17"939/ Tony "midiman" Thai
04"871/ "OS Gear"
AX6- 24"586/ Andres "Mad Andy" Montalbetti
06"655/ Andres "Mad Andy" Montalbetti

Finally I added all the flying (or open ladder) fast lap WRs. At least these are the best times I know. I don't know the real name of "juniorain", "icchi" and "OS Gear", so I only added their nickname.

04-17-2006, 06:28 AM
Thank you so much Stefan. Wow, the amount of GX open flaps you have, if you worked on your 3-laps a bit more you could be world champion! You should think about it ;)

04-25-2006, 09:03 AM
Two new GX maxspeed WRs:
OSMS: 1'09\"597
BBO: 2'01\"240 (really proud of this time!)

btw Stiff has a better flap on BBO than the one listed on the first post, 37\"844

thanks BPA

04-26-2006, 09:35 AM
Thanks iowa. I think I already put your new OSMS time in.

EDIT: Added iowa's new FFCK time, and I also put in Chrizzle's new FFU WR. However Chrizzle didnt give exact timings so I rounded down to the lowest possible time (ie. 0.999).

I realised I made a major error in the translation of Senji's name. It is in fact Sanji >.< Im a stickler for getting names right and that really pissed me off, Ive had his name wrong for an entire year... :(

EDIT 2: Rolly set a new WR on GX, his first Max Speed WR! He beat muumu's near two-year old record on MCSO, becoming the first player to ever dip under 40 seconds. Congrats!

EDIT 3: Ben Bayntun set a new GPL Zero-Test WR, and I set a new flap WR at F-Zero MV. (BHB set his ZT on C4, I set my flap on P2).

05-15-2006, 07:41 AM
Proof pic of Ben Bayntun's C4 ZT WR at GPL:

MV activity:

-Kalle Videkull takes my KF 5-lap WR
-I take Kalle's Q3 5-lap WR and Tim Buttner's KF flap WR.

EDIT: Ben Bayntun takes both the 5-lap and flap WR at FFBT in GP Legend. Congrats.

EDIT 2: Yazzo has requested me to delete his real name, so I have.

EDIT 3: I got the B2 WR at MV, Ben Bayntun got the SBR WR at GPL and westu and Sherif set some new X Wrs

05-26-2006, 05:08 AM
By request of Westu, I make a new post :P

Westu set two new world records at F-Zero X- both at Big Blue 2. He set a 3-lap WR of 57\"947 (PAL) and flap WR of 17\"751 (PAL). Sherif also set new WRs at White Land 2 (43\"967 PAL and 13\"602 PAL), and Devils Forest 3 (1'10\"118 PAL).

Ben Bayntun also took the FFBT2 flap WR at GPL, with a 13\"32. Well done everybody =D

EDIT 2: I took the B1 WR at MV, whvn and iowa set some GX WRs and Ben Bayntun narrowly beat my old MFCO WR at GP Legend.

EDIT 3: iowa set an insane new OSMS time at GX, and I took the P4 flap WR at MV.

EDIT 4: New flap WR for Bayntun at Silence:Honeycomb at GPL, and I get the K3 flap WR and P3 5-lap WR at MV.

EDIT 5: New WRs at GX Max Speed for STIFF, and story mode GX WRs for STIFF and Dimitrij \"Dimi\" Jarowoj, who is also an excellent Lylat Wars player.

07-13-2006, 08:19 AM
Updated. New WRs at:

X- New WRs from Jani Vesterlund at Silence and Big Blue 2
MV- New WRs from Kevin Cabral (his first :D ) and Yazzo
GPL- New WRs from Ben Bayntun and Goblin
GX- New WRs from Joel Kumlin at Max Speed
Xpansion- New Wrs from PiccoloCube and Philippe Brodier (also his first :D )

EDIT: Lots of snaking and Story WRs from Japanese player \"BattleStream\"

08-07-2006, 04:15 PM
i got todey some new wrs for story mode 9

normal: 2'02''233
hard : 2'01''246
very hard: 2'01''307

08-08-2006, 02:59 AM
Dimi, those times are much faster than those set by BattleStream. Did you drive on max speed or snake style? Sorry but they're like, 5 seconds faster than BS on each difficulty.

08-08-2006, 06:23 AM
i drove on max speed ofcourse and with my best splits i can get 1'58''xxx there.

if u want i can made a vid on digi cam, should i?

08-08-2006, 07:56 AM
No it is OK, I was just very surprised, since BattleStream's times were pretty good. I noticed your times on Cyberscore too, I'll update the list :)

08-11-2006, 08:02 PM
i drove story 9 today and improve my time .

story 9

hard: 1'59''254
very hard:1'58''973

here a vid of my very hard time on story 9. ( sorry for bad qualiti)

first round was not bad, second not bad too, but last round was awful.
i know i can get 1'54''XXX there, but im to nerv?s on last lap :(

08-17-2006, 06:51 AM
Updated, new WRs on GX Max Speed from STIFF. Falcon and Chrizzle (STIFF in particular a real challenge to Iowa's crown) and Story mode times from Dimi.

A blow however from the Japanese side of competition, when longtime Japanese webmaster Sugi announced he wont update his site anymore unless an F-Zero for the Wii was released. Searching individual sites of Japanese players will be time-consuming but thankfully Japanese players such as Simanagasi and JakeSter, who co-operate with the MFO website, keep updates on their respective games, which is good (and yes, JakeSter is a 13-year girl, very impressive indeed).

08-20-2006, 12:38 PM
New CTT Best lap: 32\"230 :) (saved)

10-06-2006, 08:37 AM
Finally some new WRs!

X: Westu sets a new time of 1'33\"949 at Rainbow Road, just 0.012 faster than the old WR.

GX: Onizuka beats his own WR at OSMS flap by nearly 0.4 seconds.

10-15-2006, 02:44 AM
i beat my old lap wr on osms yesterday
that's 19'462 now
there is the video on MFO

10-18-2006, 12:16 PM
Onizuka, I updated that time already ;)

New WR at PT1, and ANOTHER Finnish player! Say congrats to Petri \"Supo\" Karjalainen, who attained a 1'01\"898!

12-17-2006, 02:55 AM
Long time no update here.... but theres a new WR at F-Zero SFC!

Yukito set a 1'51\"77 at Silence, breaking Dave Hajek's 1'51\"80. Theres also a lovely vid to watch if you are interested:

There are also some new GX WRs to update, but I will do this later (before the end of the year).

12-31-2006, 09:02 AM
GX WRs updated, but of greater significance... is that Westu broke an almighty barrier at F-Zero X. He managed to lower his Big Blue 1 time at X down to a 1'11\"797, which in NTSC terms is sub 1 minute... a 59\"831 to be exact!

When you consider two years ago, the WR was above 1'20 PAL (approx 1'10 NTSC), and people thought it couldnt go much lower than that.... Westu has revolutionised X. His crazy DTD skills and strats have made certain WRs go well below anything people thought possible- he claims Fire Field can sub 50 seconds PAL! Without a doubt Westu has been the X player of the year, and certainly his BB1 time can be described as the WR of the year. Considering this has not been a good year for F-Zero in terms of competition and ladders (the collapse of MFO; aborted attempt by BGNG for a new ladder; the German gaming-elite and Japanese Sugi sites banning non-native members from competing), this has been a surprisingly vintage year for WR activity. Here's who I reckon have been the best WR makers of 2006:

Yukito - Its tough to set WRs at F-Zero SFC- WRs there have stood since the mid 1990s, and even Yazzo, the inconquerable Swede, only has a single WR there. Yet, while it is easy to praise a player like Faust for taking 3 WRs, 4 including MC1 last year (which is one of the achievements of F-Zero history, no question), Yukito has been the quiet underdog, working at all his times and setting the odd WR as he goes. Unlike Faust, Yukito has a full timeset, and does not play purely for the hunt of the WR. It is a great achievement, then, that he took 3 WRs this year; that along the way he beat the aforementioned Faust to the PT2 WR, was the icing on the cake. Now in the top 5 for time totals in the world, 2007 can be the year where Yukito stakes his claim as world champion.

Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon - GX is a game that had hitherto had an established leader of the ladder- Joel Kumlin and Muumu had previously waged an almighty battle for supremacy, but in the post-muumu era a few players quit or retired and it seemed GX would lose the steam from its sails. Step forward iowa then, who upon beating Joel for the world championship, absolutely dominated the GX ladder, taking too many WRs to mention and being an all-round leader. He is undoutedly the target that GX needed, like Horry at SFC and JKT at X in years gone by. Special mention must go to fellow GX players Christian \"Chrizzle\" Ostermeier, Stefan \"STIFF\" Merkl, \"JakeSter\" and \"Rolly\" for consistent improvement through the year and setting some tremendous WRs- JakeSter's SOLS being a blinder, probably the pick of the GX crop.

Yazzo - A quiet year for Yazzo's standards, but even so he managed to set an impressive array of WRs. He took Zero Tests in GP Legend; a course WR at SFC (and became world Time Total champion in the process, the first non-Japanese ever); and set some amazing times at MV (including an almighty K2). Not as prolific as his 2005 or 2004, but nevertheless a good year for the World Combined F-Zero Champion.

Ben Bayntun - Upholding British honour in 2006, Bayntun was active in many games, but most impressively set WRs at GP Legend, a game that he took to in style. A plethora of Zero Test WRs, flaps and course times made him the undoubted GP Legend player of the year.

Tom Freeman - Easy to dismiss this as a bad year for Tom, or at least not as productive as previous years (see Yazzo). Yet there were some real gems from Tom this year- B4, in particular, a very strong WR. If Tom plays for flaps next year, who knows what he is capable of?

Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe - World champion all year at X, yet his star didnt burn as brightly as 2005. He seemed reluctant at times to be drawn into fights with Westu, with only Rainbow Road giving us the Sherif-Westu fight we all wanted (and Westu came out on top). Yet that is not to diminish what Sherif achieved- he improved nearly all his times this year, and had a near monopoly at times. JKT's failed comeback and the failure of either Lefebvre or Phaneuf to make new WRs made Sherif seem invincible, were it not for one man...

Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund - The player of the year? He's my pick, at least. Westu began as an inauspcious X player in 2005, asking curious questions about how to do DTDs at White Land 2 (if only we saw the signs!). A year later, and how he has blossomed: WRs at so many tracks, so many flaps, so many speeds. He is now only behind the legends that are Sherif, Phaneuf and JKT in time total, and yet in many ways his is a potential still to be reached. If Westu gets down to it and strives for even more in 2007, we could see a new champion emerge from the cold of Finland. Hail Westu!

So, my lists for WRs and players of 2006 are...


1) Big Blue 1 - 59\"831 (Westu) X
2) K2 - 2'00\"69 (Yazzo) MV
3) SOLS - 1'11\"463 (JakeSter) GX
4) White Land 2 - 36\"535 (Westu) X
5) Port Town 2 - 2'12\"67 (Yukito) SFC
6) White Land: White Land 2 - 1'43\"50 (Bayntun) GP Legend
7) Q1 - 1'22\"68 (Yazzo) MV
8) OSMS - 1'06\"824 (iowa) GX


1) Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund
2) Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe
3) Nicolas \"iowa\" Simon
4) Ben \"BHB\" Bayntun
5) \"Yazzo\"
6) \"Yukito\"
7) Dave Phaneuf
8) \"faust\"
9) Tom \"UHD\" Freeman
10) Colin \"The Skull\" Martinez
11) Dave Hajek
12) \"BLUE BLOOD\"
13) \"JakeSter\"
14) Kevin C. Cabral
15) \"Rolly\"

Thats all I have to say about 2006. Happy new year everybody (and heres to a 2007 with ladders!) :)

12-31-2006, 09:25 AM
Great post Allen. Long live F-Zero!

12-31-2006, 09:30 AM
Nice post! Even though Ben Allen seems to be missing from the top players list ;)

12-31-2006, 09:32 AM
Hehe, I didn't want to include myself in there for fear of claims of vanity or abuse of power. But thanks anyway :)

12-31-2006, 12:06 PM
We still live!

12-31-2006, 04:31 PM
Excellent update.

02-04-2007, 01:57 AM
F-Zero climax

Fire Field: Front Line 36\"94

F-Zero GX

Chapter 4 Hard 1'46\"641

both by me

02-20-2007, 03:48 PM
Apologies for no update in a while, Ive had no internet for some time.

Hmm, whats to see... well, Westu has been pretty triumphant in X, taking and/or improving WRs in SA, SIL, BB2 et al. Tom Freeman in MV has also been on a rampage, taking many flaps (good man!) including a very fast B2. Josh Johnson has been fighting on two fronts, taking WRs in both ClimaX and GX Story Mode.

But, the last laugh still remains with Westu... he took my coveted MCMC at GP Legend, by a scant 0.02 seconds, becoming only the second person to sub 1 minute at this prestigious track. Good job mate!

If I've missed out anything, feel free to bug me about it until I make changes :x :D

04-03-2007, 01:14 AM
F-Zero Climax

B3 3\"74
S8 19\"67

Front Line Lap 9\"96
also C3 is actually 3\"59 not 60

04-03-2007, 10:15 AM
F-Zero Climax

B3 3"74
S8 19"67

Front Line Lap 9"96
also C3 is actually 3"59 not 60

Amazingly enough Josh I'd update your times if you put them on MFO. Otherwise how am I to know?

Won't do it until you do. It's not hard :P

04-28-2007, 01:49 AM
where is the update then?
B8 Lap

06-04-2007, 03:33 PM
I updated CX a few days, some very nice new times from Josh!

Of greater importance, however, is that we have a new time total world champion at F-Zero X...... and I don't think anyone who has been following the charts for the last year will be surprised to learn that Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund has taken this crown! He has usurped Bertrand \"Sherif\" Regeffe, who had held this title for a very long time now - approximately two years, give or take challenges from Dave Phaneuf and Jimmy Thai. Westu has been playing furiously these last few weeks in order to take down Sherif, and with the growing emergence of new strategies on tracks such as DF2, BB1 and MC3, Westu lead the charge and took the initiative to beat Sherif at his own game. I am sure that Westu is not done yet, however, for is within shouting distance of the mystical NTSC sub-26minute barrier, just six seconds away! I hope he continues playing and shows the world exactly how good he is furthermore...

EDIT: Apologies for not updating much recently, Ive been very busy with A2 exam revision and whatnot, so Ive put this aside for some time. Me and Westu will update wherever possible.

06-18-2007, 01:14 PM
what? SMK pwns F-zero anyday :lol: :wink:

07-15-2007, 08:07 AM
Lol, oneshot you got put down as American on MFO - owned!

I'll update the list sometime soon, only change I'll make for now is that Westu has finally become the all-round world champion at X, beating Dave Phaneuf's flap total and having sufficiently good enough speeds as well to take this crown! Congratulations and salutations!

edit: congrats to Joel \"JkLoser\" Kumlin for his first X wr on Mute City 2 fast lap. updated some more times

07-17-2007, 03:18 PM
Hey everyone... just here to comment on some excellent new WRs set by your new overall world champ, Jani \"Westu\" Vesterlund. He managed to break the SO1 WR by a scant few hundreths of a second, but impressively managed to do this using a slider Blood Hawk, against the norm of using a jumper-setting Twin Noritta! This would have been more than enough for Westu had he then not done the same feat again - he broke the WL1 WR using a slider Blood Hawk by a tenth, again against the norm os using a jumper-setting Twin Noritta! In addition to these two feats, Westu also used a slider-setting Blood Hawk to take down the Sector Beta 3-lap and flap WR... and hes also now less than 2 seconds away (NTSC) from breaking down an almighty barrier in X competition, that is, the 26 minute 3-lap time total barrier - I'm sure he'll do it ;)

Of course, it hasn't all been Westu's way this week - Colin Martinez, an old rival and friend of mine, broke the PT2 WR this week, and is now very close to entering the top 5 in the 3-lap rankings! Very well done to him :)

There have been no other WRs set in any other F-Zeros this week. Thats all!

EDIT: This also means every WR in F-Zero X is set with a slider machine... bye bye Jumpers! 8)

09-30-2007, 01:20 PM
Hi everyone. Apologies for my slacking at not updating this list, Ive started university recently and everything has completely gone over me. I'm way to busy to ever do this frequently, so I give up the reigns of controlling this list.

However Westu and Iowa both have the password to my account, so anymore updates that occur from hereon (such as those youtube links Westu has been adding over time to X records) will be done by them. Otherwise, adios and keep playing.

09-30-2007, 02:45 PM
Thanks for your hard work!