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04-19-2021, 02:20 PM

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| Circuit Race - Laurel Canyon Loop - Class C [Time]
| Score Track
| https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=237787
| Rules
| Time must come from the event and vehicle combination matching the description. The event can be initiated by any in-game means such as driving to the event location, via Street Race meetup or via Goal Attack. Any Special Abilities may be used (Zone / Agro / Roar / EMP). It is the player's responsibility to confirm the current vehicle class in use during the same footage as the attempt. The current vehicle class can easily be confirmed by using the Map; by visiting the garage's Performance Shop section or on a Goal Attack selection/result. Result should be taken from the Race Results which are optionally shown post-race from the menu system immediately following the event conclusion. As an alternative, but only if the in-race timer is counting up (not down as some events do), the result can be taken using the HuD's timer which stops for a few frames on crossing the finish line. Note: invariably the time shown in the Race Results is a more favourable result than that shown by the HuD's freeze when crossing the finishing line.
| Submission Message
| Achieved on 20101202. Vehicle Class C can be confirmed around at several places: 52:20 in garage change from Class D to C, change cars at 1:17:32 (still class C) and 1:54:26 also in the garage, then on the map at 54:25, 1:06:15, 1:18:23, 1:19:22, 1:3:02 and 1:54:57. Attempt begins around 2:04:05.
-- AP