PGI 2018 Charity Showdown Stream and Players - Ninja, shroud, Dr DisRespect

Nicholas Barth,

July 27, 2018 5:43 AM

The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (PGI 2018) $1,000,000 Charity Showdown will be taking place on Friday, July 27th, and it will see the likes of Ninja, shroud, Dr DisRespect and many others compete.

Friday, July 27th will see the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 continue its competitive action for the battle royale title of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with the $1,000,000 PGI 2018 Charity Showdown. The highly anticipated PGI 2018 Showdown is set to begin at 7 AM PDT, and it will feature 40 high profile streamers, such as Tyler "Ninja" Belvins, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, Dr DisRespect, JoshOG, Sacriel and many others, compete with 40 professional players. 

Viewers can tune into all of the exciting action from the PGI 2018 Charity Showdown on the official Twitch channel for the battle royale game or on the official website for the Global Invitational 2018. You can find an embedded version of the Twitch stream and individual player streams below.


Dr DisRespect



The PGI Charity Showdown will consist of the 40 streamers and professional players being put into teams. Fans will then get to witness each of the teams battle it out for four matches on the map of Erangel. Victors of the event will then be awarded the chance to donate their share of the $1,000,000 to a charity of their choice. You can find an official list of every player that will be competing in the $1,000,000 PUBG Global Invitational Charity Showcase below. 

PUBG Global Invitational PGI 2018 Charity Showcase
(Source: PUBG Corp.)

Viewers will likely be excited to see Ninja make his return to the battlefields of PUBG, after rising to superstardom with his streaming of Fortnite, as the famous Twitch streamer was once a professional PUBG player for Luminosity. The duo of shroud and Dr DisRespect and their team will be one of the heavy favorites to take home the PGI 2018 Charity Showcase championship with the PUBG talent of former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player shroud being widely known in the community. 

Who will you be rooting in the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 $1,000,000 Charity Showcase? Let us know in the comments below!

(cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp.)


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