Open Discussion Live On Facebook About Billy Mitchell Score Today (Updated)

Jesse Collins,

March 22, 2018 10:25 AM

Jace Hall of Twin Galaxies will be holding an open discussion about the famed Billy Mitchell score dispute today around 3 PM PST.

Update: The stream has concluded at this time, and the recording can be found below.

The Stream ran over the time limit, so had to be broken up into two parts. Here's part two.

The Billy Mitchell discussion is coming to a head. Head Custodian of Twin Galaxies, Jace Hall, is holding an officially sanctioned, informal open discussion today to show transparency and get the community involved in this dispute. This will be hosted live on Facebook at 3 PM PST and is expected to go at least 3 hours.

Source: Twin Galaxies Forums
Source: Twin Galaxies Forums

In a post on the Twin Galaxies official forums, Hall went into a little more detail. "For those that are interested. I will be holding an informal open forum live stream to discuss and review the evidence that has been presented so far in the Billy Mitchell score dispute case. Please join and participate if interested. I will be playing the tapes and scrubbing through them live."

Hall told the Twin Galaxies Editorial Team that this video will be focusing on "the entire dispute." He continued, "All the evidence presented so far. I will be playing Billy’s tapes on a $6,000 frame accurate VCR so everyone can see in real time the frame by frame transitions. Twin Galaxies is the only one with the actual tapes. This is the only time and way for people to see the tapes at perfect frame-level display."

Controversy has erupted since Billy Mitchell was accused of cheating, especially since it was so soon after the Todd Rogers scandal, but Hall has made it clear in the past that despite controversy, thoroughness and elimination of all doubt is the only acceptable standard. In the conclusion of the Todd Rogers dispute, Hall stated that, "Our public documentation of our processes and conclusions are intended to satisfy scrutiny for the long term."

This sentiment of thoroughness has also been present in Hall's forum posts, where he has addressed, spoken to, and even supported and invited outside opinions on the matter. Ultimately, Hall maintains that Twin Galaxies Adjudication remains dedicated to ensuring that all evidence is fully tested and dissected to ensure that whatever answer that comes of the dispute is the most complete and unrefutable one. Despite the time taken in testing and information collection, Jace has also gone on record to say that the official decision on the Mitchell dispute is only a few days away.

The entire discussion about the video and score is expected to be a thorough examination of evidence and testing so far. It will be found via the official Twin Galaxies Facebook when it goes live. We will also update this article when it does with an embedded video.


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