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Retro always my friends. I am a former Arcade owner and pinb...

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Nintendo DS
Metroid Prime Pinball NTSC/PAL - High Score - Single Mission - Pirate Frigate (Normal difficulty) 4,591,870 TGSAP 1 view
Odyssey² / Videopac
Thunderball! NTSC - Slow Speed 540,220 TGSAP 1 view

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Posted At : 10-24-2017 at 10:49 AM.

Wall Entry at 10-24-2017 05:46 PM

The Houston Arcade/pinball expo 2017 was awesome!! I still haven't taken my weekend pass off yet.

Posted At : 08-15-2017 at 03:35 PM.

old school PlayStation.

I recently bought one the first games I ever played on the playstation one, battle arena toshindin. I must admit that it made me madder than I should have let it. So spoiled with the controls of soul calibar.

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Posted At : 08-12-2017 at 09:59 AM.

Arcade Expo 2016 Houston, TX

This is a look at my personal vlog and Documenting my first ever con of any kind. My nephew and I loving every minute of this pinball and arcade tralesentness!!

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Posted At : 08-04-2017 at 08:50 AM.

Wall Entry at 08-04-2017 03:44 PM

This is a great place!! Big shout out to my very good friend RogerPoco for showing me this site. I will be trying to post some scores soon. Poco, you are the man!! Proud to have you as my friend and proud to see you as a world record holder of several..."again" SEVERAL titles and systems.
I must

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