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02-22-2018 at 12:45 PM
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A more fluid voting system?

Let me ask you a question and hear your thoughts:

Should the TGSAP system criteria for closure be weighted on what position the score is in?

For example: Submitting a 1st place submission on a title with 100 other scores has a more strict/robust algorithm compared to that of a 70th place submission on the same title.

We don’t know the details of how TGSAP calculates so this could already be accounted for (although seems unlikely)

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  1. Dave Hawksett's Avatar
    Thanks for the idea but all scores must be treated equally, no matter where they sit on a track.
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  2. Barra's Avatar
    I can respect that.
  3. EVN's Avatar
    Are they treated equally though? Can someone explain to me how this went through in 5 days:
  4. kernzyp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EVN
    Are they treated equally though? Can someone explain to me how this went through in 5 days: //
    I doubt that matters. That's to do with who votes for who.
    One of Clay's C64 entries went through in 5 days, while I have some which are 11 weeks or older...
  5. redelf's Avatar
    I'm under the strong belief that the system takes into account how many users there are. If you look back over the times when the que gets really high it's usually after some big event that brings in a lot of traffic or new users. As we just had the Todd and Billy explosion things have really backed up. You also can look back at when some users go on vacation or leave the site or have said that they stopped adjudicating. The back log goes up and up for a while. I'm guessing that TG steps in and resets some key stats or adjust some numbers that reflect these changes and things then go back to a more normal condition. JJT recently coming back did help for a bit but things are just way out of the norm right now. Stop sleeping so much JJT and get on the ball.

    Adjustments are needed in the adjudicating system where it takes into account if users are currently active or not. When someone gets banned or goes inactive for a while the system needs to take that into account and not have to be done manually.

    Just some random rambling on the subject, might be somewhat accurate or may be way off.
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  6. Doron's Avatar
    In my opinion it should be first come,first served basis.
    Meaning that adjudicating should be done by the submission date-early subs treated first ! that way you'll have an idea where you stand in the queue
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  7. EVN's Avatar
    Why even hide adjudication statistics? With all the dispute stuff going on and questions about integrity of the scoreboard, TGSAP should be transparent about:

    -How many adjudicators watched the performance?
    -How many voted yes or no over how long of a period?

    We should be able to click on any completed adjudication and see all this stuff.

    How can the system possibly take 2 months to pass adjudication for one user and 5 days for another with roughly the same evidence package?
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  8. John73's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EVN
    How can the system possibly take 2 months to pass adjudication for one user and 5 days for another with roughly the same evidence package?
    I think it comes down to how many people actually watch and vote. I don't know how many people actually take the time to watch, I personally do which is why I don't vote on everything. I only like to vote on games I feel I have a decent amount of knowledge on.

    Some games are more well known and liked, and some players draw more attention with their submission because of who they are in the community - it stands to reason these scores will get through rather quickly.

    Marathon games on the other hand, and little know games will not interest most - or like me, maybe people don't feel they know the game well enough to pass judgement one way or another.

    It's a bit of pain how long stuff takes to go through, personally it doesn't really bother me. I know if I've done the right thing and played the right way, it will eventually get through.
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  9. Barthax's Avatar
    Random thoughts will no actual proof but another thing to compound one score over another is the number of other submissions there are on that day. Given this is an American site with principally Americas-time zoned users, the queue activity will principally follow that time area. So, (rough geographical time zone examples used) Aussies are in the night time followed by us early-riser Brits and then the Americas during peak activity. Aussies will get the late-day voters (few) and Brits will get the early bird voters (few). However, for the peak-day voters, Aussies will likely already be down several pages because of the Brits and the Brits will get pushed down rapidly by the peak-day submissions. Kernzy is Brit and Clay is Americas - Clay's submissions will get more peak-day views than Kernzy's submissions simply because Clay's more likely to be on page-one.
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