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02-27-2019 at 04:41 AM
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Continuing on a tradition -- "Celebrating 25 Years at the Top !!"

A while back RTM graciously went through every arcade game listed and noted down those that had records dating back 25 years or more (!!)

A few years have passed and hence this list has become out of date.

I would like a more current and thorough list....but don't feel like spending the hours perusing every arcade game and noting down the details. What do you say @Dave Hawksett @admin staff .... any chance we can have either: 1) a way to filter by record achievement date per platform, or 2) a compiled list of Arcade World Records that were achieved in the 1980s (that are still currently #1 in the database)


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  1. Dave Hawksett's Avatar

    Filtering of scores is something we have agreed to do but it is not at the top of the queue. We will discuss this with the community once we are ready to start on this.

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  2. swaggers's Avatar

    AKA see you in 2 years.

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  3. RTM's Avatar

    Hi Dave...while it's not at the top of the queue, I did as l Jace about it four (4) whole years ago...and slightly more, in fact, as I initially asked well before I crafted that article.

    I'd say that's enough time to warrant escalating the request a bit, but of course I am pretty biased on the subject.

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