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01-14-2020 at 11:21 AM
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Satan's Hollow killscreen

I was messing around in MAME last night and ended up finding a killscreen on the popular Bally Midway game Satan's Hollow

Once you reach 1349 flags the game will not spawn any more stages or enemies so the player is stuck in limbo without any way to collect bridge pieces and no way to die!

Reaching this stage would be an absolutely monumental feat however with the right strategies I dont think this is unachievable (for reference, Ben Falls' 51m WR game was 3.5 hours and reached 789 flags)

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  1. JasonV91's Avatar

    Wow, that's pretty cool! Btw, exactly how far were you going to keep going with the flag accumulation test? :)

    Satan's Hollow is a lot of fun, was playing it last night...where's your MGL score sir? Hope it has less flags than this one!

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  2. Barra's Avatar

    I wanted to see how far the 50k flags stacked up on the screen whether they would reach the start and wrap around again however to my surprise they stopped a lot sooner than I expected.

    It is a great game that not enough people have played. I've never had the privilege to play on a real cab though :(

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  3. redelf's Avatar

    So your saying that this game can't produce a billion points like we thought.

    Thanks for ruining it for us :)

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  4. Barra's Avatar

    If someone worked out how to maximize the bridge pieces and build one every other level, a billion might be possible?

  5. syscrusher's Avatar

    That was an awesome discovery! Thanks for showing me that the other night. Being 560 flags away from the kill screen, even if I got the full 1,349,000 kill screen bonus every 5 flags from where I got to until the end, that's still only another ~****, so a max score is gonna be less than 200M. I think it's doable, but damn. Very interesting stuff!

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