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03-12-2018 at 12:37 PM
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Feels like TG submission queue is alive & kicking

I know there's a bunch of people complaining the tail end of the queue has issues but I see so many new submissions coming in that it can only mean good things for the queue as a whole. There's too many coming in for any one person to get through. This will mean that the old-guard with big Credibility Ratings can't collectively push through everything. Why is this good news? Lots of other people will have to step up and build up their own CR to the point that there's a big distribution of big CR people. It also means that when a few big CR hitters drop off the radar, it shouldn't be felt.

Obviously, no-one outside of a select few TG staffers actually know what's actually going on (I'm definitely not one of them) but that's how I see TG building for the good based on the continuing influx.
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  1. HugDD's Avatar
    Well said Pete, this is some positive thinking, woot! As life's been busy for me with two jobs, I've sought to blast away at some submissions, as much as I'm able. Sometimes it's easy to get carried away, especially if there're some I really want to get to, but at least I can count on others help with adjudications, if I'm unable, woot! :) I guess you're right about the collective of votes and CR, we'll never know for sure -Duc
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  2. swaggers's Avatar
    I would say it is heading back in the right direction. I have 4 old subs that are over a month old now that are just sitting for no apparent reason. Part of the groups that were taking 20+ days. Then a series of subs for the same game went through at around 5 to 12 days each. I would say new subs appear to be moving but still at a slower pace than before. Things used to clear in 3 to 7 days, now the same types take 5 to 12.

    So long story short, on the right path but a there are still a series of subs that seem to have unknown issues that are not getting corrected.
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