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07-15-2019 at 01:53 AM
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I'm still playing Ingress

A new 11-day challenge has popped up for Ingress: Myriad Challenge. The challenges are always on the backdrop of the background story line to the game (which is intentionally a mess & difficult to follow - nature of a stealth mysterious-technology game - but thankfully there's zero need to understand the story line). This challenge is to hack 750 unique portals each (with lower tiers of 100 & 350 also) within July 11th-22nd and together globally 13m unique individual hacks.

Looks like the global target will be reached today - very quick! Personally, I've spent two days traveling the North E. Wales coast and into England. After an intense weekend, I'm up to 620+ and walked 30+ km in some quite poor-signal areas. "Happy Valley" in Llandudno was particularly demotivating: compact set of portals which individually require sitting on a bench for five minutes waiting to catch a tiny bit of signal! The net result is I'm well on target to meet the top individual tier but now I'm stuck in work until the next weekend, inching up the number occasional biking around my home town (which I've barely touched, thankfully).

So, my concentration isn't on TG currently but is very definitely on gaming. :)

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    Achieved the personal target yesterday. 👍 Took me just under an hour and a half cycling to gather the remaining 129 unique hacks I was missing. A nice small amount of time compared with the 12+ hour day on Saturday bussing to Llandudno, walking Llandudno, bussing to Rhos & then walk around Rhos and on throughout Colwyn Bay (267 unique hacks that day), then the 12+ hour day Sunday bussing to Chester & walking most of the city centre (252 unique hacks that day). The remainder came from normal work travel route (total 751 uniques).

    It's a different game in rural areas vs. urban ones - multiple early birds in cities achieved the aim on the first day.

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