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01-10-2020 at 01:46 AM
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Another little Ingress challenge "in the bag"

10km carrying 10lb. We started around 09:30 just after the group photo, setting off together but soon splintered into smaller groups at different paces with my wife & I bringing up the rear due to some early signal issues. Agent Tomarse was kind of enough to stick with us for this leg & had a good natter (talk) on the way around. My wife & I stopped for a break around 12:00 having achieved the 10km with 10lb (carrying myself is a problem with my spinal problems and at the weigh-in my bag was 17.9lb and my wife's 22lb, so more than met the challenge). Others pressed on during this time, continuing with their loads.

The 10lb in weight was food stuffs for a foodbank & that was gathered from the participants during the 12-2PM window. My wife & I then carried on (much lighter) until 6:25PM. A great day of exercise but utterly knackering. :P It didn't end there for me - two hours more driving to get home (should have been 1 but was too tired and took a detour away from home at the start!).

For the record, in the group photo at the start, I'm just left of the middle in the red coat, my wife is right-most-but-one in the blue coat.

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