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03-06-2020 at 03:12 PM
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New crazy paving idea

... or another sign that the next gen consoles are on the horizon.

The roof is finally fixed (not a sign) and we'd saved above the necessary to get it fixed as we weren't sure of the cost the alternative method (third replacement ridge to the roof in two years) - also not a sign. However, this extra saving meant we had a little comfort money going spare (not a sign). My wife went to Liverpool this week & spent some (not a sign, though she did pick up four games there). My youngest highlighted that the local Game (literally the name of a UK retail outlet) were selling off a bunch of games at the back of the store cheaply. Except, on the day of being informed, she'd told me this fact after the shop was shut!

Anyway, I've visited the shop on a few occasions this week & got to chatting with the manager on a couple of the days. They're having their yearly stock take and don't want to count a bunch of old stock: so they're just getting rid of it cheaply.

This is a pic of one receipt - the "main" receipt of the lot...

All but one game was, at most, 49 pence. I happened to shell out £1.99 on one game for the Wii - I thought I could splash out for one game (well, that & three duplicates). :P Should be able to manage some crazy paving...

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    Damnnn!! Love this mate! Original software FTW!!! Great idea to grab a bunch of games on the cheap.

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