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08-14-2020 at 04:24 AM
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  1. xelnia's Avatar

    In the "Track Legacy: The Intended MAME Version" paragraph, you state:

    "If the track has a Founder of Twin Galaxies and the rules do not indicate a version of MAME, then version 0.106 should be assumed."

    Do you recall the progression of "official" MAME versions to be used, prior to 0.106, and would that be worth stating? That was all way before my time, but I seem to recall versions such as WolfMAME 0.101 and 0.78 being used, as well as a TG-specific build of 0.35. If the dates of officially supported versions are known, then the date of a score could potentially be used to identify the intended version (barring known date issues such as the February 2005 scores that were erroneously given that date as part of a database update/upload).

  2. bryguy's Avatar

    Hello. I have recently had an interest in submitting a score for zookeeper set 1. I have an older MAME machine with XP on it an I have WolfMAME32 plus 0.106. Is this a legit version to submit in still? When I record a game, the screen makes you cycle through the settings to see them. I've tried wolfmame 0.183, but it wont play on the older machine hardware I have. Any input would be appreciated.


    Bryan Wagner

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