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08-25-2020 at 02:55 AM
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YouTube's system actively support fraudulent claims

Once upon a time, YouTube was great. It didn't last long until copyright got in the way. For quite some time, the lovely people at YouTube allow any content creator to perform a copyright claim against other YouTubers' videos. This typically happened when someone wants to monetise some content they don't actually have legal copyright over. Until recently the standard practice was to use the "dispute claim" option to highlight that, actually neither of us have the copyright to the claimed content and that third-party developer over yonder has the copyright. This usually causes the people attempting the monetisation to get a bad rep at monetising and they lose the monetisation rights... they didn't own the copyright to monetise in the first place, so it is their fault.

Now, the lovely people at YouTube want to protect any monetisers with their fraudulent claims.

Your only option is now file a counter-claim of copyright to prevent the other arsehole from taking down your videos. I don't have the copyright and I'm not going to file the fraudulent claim but it is my performance in that video. Thanks YouTube: I see I have even more reason to avoid using you for any gaming footage.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    I've heard this complaint, to be a fairly alot of people complaining they were falsely screwed over, were actually correctly punished and they're understanding of law and copyright was so bad they just didnt understand they were violating copyright. however yes i've heard cases like yours do happen to. maybe thats why youtube alllows it? just playing the numbers game? right now their bigger problem is true copyright violation and if a few innocent people like you get hit they see it as worth it to get rid of the real violators?

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  2. Maris Memes's Avatar

    Youtube is generally advertising mainly used by mainstream gamers that do podcasts, highlight reels, or playing live.

    It's not good for hosting video game records or general gameplay.

    Even streaming is risky too, A nice example. I played Fallout 3 for 2 weeks. I own the game and its my gameplay and webcam on screen. Yet I get copyright claims from some network that protects the rights to some songs in the game. Which I supported the people who made the songs by buying the game. Which the song creators sold use rights too. Ever since Susan the CEO of YouTube took over half a decade ago, the platform turned to a mobile drama crapshow. In the creator, The Videos tab was changed to "Content".

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  3. RedDawn's Avatar

    Youtube has become a garbage heap. It's sad really, from 2010-2015 it had become a bastion of culture, capable of influencing many hobbies and industries and society itself, but over the last few years it has mutated into a corporate shell of its former self, in many ways becoming another cable news channel except its on the internet instead of TV. Its really terrible. I barely use it anymore and I used to be on there all the time.

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