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09-01-2020 at 06:34 AM
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Mobizen Mirroring

I've been using the Mobizen Mirroring for some time now as it gives me the option to enable "desktop" processing on the Android phones. While not the first recording I've made, I have made my first submission of such footage. The camera angle isn't the greatest in the footage of the actual devices but the mirroring gives full-screen view of the device screen to make up for it.


First submission:

Pros: mouse control over multiple devices via a web browser. The browser window size is adjustable and the remote view scales with the browser's size effectively. I run it on a PC I can remotely connect to and so can control them even if not physically local to the device.

Cons: requires Internet access to get set up. Requires plugging the Android into a USB port to get the Mobizen Mirroring into "Booster mode" for non-rooted devices. There's an obvious delay which causes less than optimal feedback and reduced FPS. There may be a memory leak in the on-phone app which slowly (days) causes the phones to reduce in responsiveness - necessitating a reboot of the phone (and subsequent USB connect to enable booster mode). Mobizen servers act as the locator for devices and like most other such services, it is a paid-for subscription service.

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