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03-01-2021 at 01:03 AM
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Death Rally (Classic)'s difficulty with difficulty setting

@Almighty Dreadlock posted a perfectly reasonable question on about the difficulty in the rules of this question. While the answer to his immediate question is a confirmatory "Yes", the act of verifying that proves impossible. I only found the Q this morning & the adjudication has already closed...

The rules open with:

Do you want to use weapons?" = Yes. Death Rally (Classic) has three selectable difficulty levels: "Speed makes me dizzy", "I live to ride" (the default difficulty level), and "Petrol in my veins". Please select "I live to ride". The player may freely repair his or her car and buy items such as tires, engines, etc. within the confines of the game. Loading a previously saved game is also allowed.

To which AD posed:

Am trying to make sense of these rules. I don't see any facetiously titled difficulty settings. All I see is the perfectly reasonable choice between easy, medium and hard.

Is "Speed makes me dizzy" supposed to be the easy difficulty level, and "I live to ride", the medium?

I feel I need to answer this back-to-front. The answer to the second paragraph is "Yes" - "Speed makes me dizzy" is the Easy difficulty level and "I live to ride" is the Medium difficulty level. Alas, this will never be seen except in a brand new game. The choice is not offered with the loading of a saved game as the choice was already made and loading a saved game is permitted - even necessary - to access unlocked cars.

During the game, before each race, the player is in their "garage" ("The Shop") and upgrade and maintain their vehicle. Exiting the garage via "Continue" forwards the player to the underground market & after that the next race selection screen. Each race selection with a choice of three (randomly chosen) tracks and these tracks are given the ambiguous "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard" categories. These categories determine the race distance and the vehicles likely to be used by the opponents. The smallest distance of race vs the slowest vehicles in Easy category and the opposite in Hard with Medium in between.

Anyway, not exactly a quick Yes/No answer in the end...

  1. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    Might be a good idea to start documenting that stuff, and put it in the discussion area of the various tracks

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  2. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Almighty Dreadlock

    Might be a good idea to start documenting that stuff, and put it in the discussion area of the various tracks

    Agreed - the wiki would be a nice central location for that info. The rules could do with a re-write, however, especially because of the "load game" making it impossible to confirm the intended difficulty check. ... and a re-write not least to remove me from them. LOL. :P Just a "Achievements using the DOSBox emulator are permitted." would suffice, I believe.

  3. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    I am definitely not a fan of such casually written rules

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    Ok.. now I gotta get back to that game. Loved it, around 1998-99 played a lot of it.

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