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06-16-2021 at 10:11 AM
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A pointless exercise in numbers

I got curious about the overlap of both the ESI and Top Players tables after realising how few #1 places John McAllister has. So I extracted the two tables, combined the placings for anyone in both listings based on position only and came up with some useless numbers... Curiosity satisfied. :P

Combined Position
Matthew Felix95,215.784,512.00
Daniel Ocampo106,676.411,584.00
Tom Duncan124,885.644,497.00
Roger Edwin Blair 111175,366.921,039.00
Andrew Peter Mee213,367.987,445.00
Shaun Michaud223,513.651,976.00
Fred Bugmann233,889.981,054.00
john m brissie233,774.331,306.00
Ryan Genno243,497.151,654.00
Mr. Kelly R. Flewin323,520.79656.00
Marc Cohen462,386.59838.00
Max Haraske473,285.14354.00
Steve Germershausen492,749.99481.00
paul kearns501,998.651,528.00
Michael Sroka512,311.76670.00
Greg Degeneffe522,864.14337.00
Garrett C. Holland542,911.29294.00
Troy Whelan542,297.26652.00
Matt Sales553,021.26289.00
John P McAllister627,484.44143.00
Terence O'Neill681,832.87600.00
Clay W Karczewski742,581.34201.00
Jared E Oswald741,447.493,023.00
Kyle Nelson741,601.30876.00
Robert T Mruczek777,072.68102.00
Andrew Barrow814,622.45106.00
Dick Moreland811,992.87227.00
Rick Maultra832,823.91152.00
Martin Bedard855,037.66100.00
Simon Leitch931,344.98646.00
Tom Votava1042,738.82102.00
brandon lee kelly1041,139.00842.00
glen sampson1041,721.70165.00
Ryan Sullivan1071,626.17174.00
Pete Hahn1131,940.55115.00
Brandon Finton1141,119.40568.00
Hector T. Rodriguez1161,288.36228.00
william rosa1161,847.38112.00
Peter Nadalin1201,311.57214.00
Albert Daubee1262,470.9875.00
Paulo Valmir1271,313.04170.00
Stephen Knox1321,417.44145.00
Frankie Cardulla1331,074.77286.00
Nik Meeks1382,105.0073.00
W. Michael Dietrich1381,617.7996.00
Patrick Scott Patterson1421,623.2887.00
John Eden1461,067.28200.00
Andrew Furrer1601,168.19102.00


The exercise is pointless as most ESI on the board is gained from non-1sts so the relationship between the two numbers doesn't make sense to compare...

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    whats the combination number based on?

  2. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    whats the combination number based on?

    Just the place numbers of the two tables: Matthew Felix is #7 in ESI and #2 in Top Players = 9. :)

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  3. freeko's Avatar

    Do not forget the first useless number in this whole table is the ESI itself.

    What is a "top player"?

  4. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by freeko

    Do not forget the first useless number in this whole table is the ESI itself.

    What is a "top player"?

    TG has two "Skill Indexes":

    Expert Skill Index:

    Top Player Skill Index:

  5. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Sometimes you just need to scratch that itch!

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