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08-05-2021 at 10:41 AM
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Wall page shortcuts are no longer navigating pages

At the top of active wall posts (20+ comments) arrives a series of shortcut links to the pages of the wall post (Scoreboard Errors page is more than 100 pages, for example). These navigation buttons have stopped working.

I thought about posting it to the Scoreboard Errors page but it might not get seen as nobody would be able to get to it. :P As it happens, if you have a link to a specific comment, that seems to work still. :)

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    This is a high priority bug. I cannot get to the last page of any wall posts.

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    You can navigate around this issue.

    Try clicking on the green arrows next to the amount of comments.

    Then click on the page number you would like to go to.

    You might also have click on the arrows to do this, not sure, I just know I have been getting around the issue.

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