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Barthax: Nothing to see here... move along.
09-27-2021 at 04:47 AM
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Dedication to cleaning & restoring...

This was quite an eye-opener to just how bad some electronics can be recovered from:

  1. kernzyp's Avatar

    His voice proves he's cleaned one too many motherboards!

    I'm exploring a superb historic theory at the moment. Not a total theory, as we visit these sites as tourists, not knowing what they actually are/were.
    If you can see that sections of motherboards are set out exactly the same as some cities, you can start to realise that previous dynasties generated their own free energy, through city sized "Mother Earth boards".
    Tesla piggy backed this technology. It's absolutely mind blowing.
    Cathedrals, bell towers and light houses, were mostly all free energy generators. Red and white horizontal stripes is the design of power stations. Red bricks actually have some energy properties to help it along.
    It proves that we, today, have been supremely dumbed down, and now pay for everything through violent fascism, where before the Earth was a free utopia, and that our history is complete lies, as electricity was available hundreds of years earlier than we were told, and we had electric cars long before we drilled for oil.
    Realise, that the worlds most impressive, MASSIVE historic buildings, more intricate than we can build today, were built without electricity and power tools? Sure they were...
    It's awesome.

    See this picture of the World Trade centre? The twin towers, buildings 5 and 7 clearly visible and in the correct places?
    NO! It's a motherboard.

    Massive core processors of energy surrounded by resistors/capacitors? Egypt. Granite is a super conductor.

    Look properly. It's a motherboard, isn't it???


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