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01-11-2019 at 06:12 AM
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Research Update 10 December—11 Jan

Here’s a breakdown of what TG Research has been doing over the last month.

The following platforms have been tidied up – by that, we mean that spelling mistakes, formatting problems, weird/inconsistent punctuation and typos have been fixed, the rules themselves have not been changed in any way.

3DO (Goldstar & Panasonic Models)

Apple IIGS

Arcadia 2001 Emerson


Atari SC-450

Atari ST

Colecovision Flashback

Commodore CDTV/CD32

Commodore VIC-20


Fairchild Channel F

Game Wave Family Entertainment System

Mattel Aquarius

Nintendo 3DS 3D Classics

Nintendo 3DS eShop

Nintendo DSIWare

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Nintendo Game&Watch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Nokia N-Gage (2nd gen)

Other LCD games

Philips CD-i

Sega 32X



Tiger Electronics

TRS-80 CoCo/CoCo2

The Atari 2600 rule edits are still ongoing and probably will be for some time as they can be relatively complicated and often need further research to clarify. For every game, the original manual is consulted and video footage is watched. Whenever there is uncertainty for a particular game, the rules are left untouched and the game is logged in a spreadsheet with a clear explanation of the issue. It’s also important to stress that the track rules all contain the original text for 100% transparency and reference.

The past month has also seen a lot of scoreboard errors fixes. Where the Research team have been unable to fix something details have been passed on to IT, who have been implementing these solutions. You’ll be delighted to see that the Gran Turismo/Underwurlde issue has finally been fixed!

A highlight has been the Red Dead Redemption 2 tracks, which the team has researched, created and tested. Are there any RDR2 fans on TG? It would be good to have your feedback on these. These will be live shortly but will remain locked for a small amount of time to allow for comments from the community.

TG Research

@Dave Hawksett @Stephen Daultrey @TWIN GALAXIES @Jace Hall @Ninglendo

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  1. swaggers's Avatar

    I only see 1 RDR2 track for PS4. Am i missing where these tracks are to check out?

  2. Ben Way's Avatar

    @swaggers  The others are now up. There's one or two for @Desidious  in there too that I hope will catch his eye

    Updated 01-11-2019 at 10:17 AM by Ben Way
  3. Desidious's Avatar

    If I find out you have biggest fish and I haven't got the game yet..

    I dunno what I'll do honestly.. I won't play it until I play the first one.

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