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04-03-2018 at 12:43 PM
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GoodMerge vs. No-Intro: Any Thoughts?

Hey everyone!

Waiting for my Everdrive to show up, I'm carving out all the USA/World ROMs for the NES, removing prototypes, betas, unlicensed games and such (just to start cleaning up the clutter for now).

It just hit me: I'm working on the No-Intro set, and the GoodMerge set has some more extensive annotations to the file names (like having a [!] for a verified good dump) whereas the No-Intro file names do not have this, but they do have the regions and revisions noted.

What are people's thoughts on this? Any experience out there working between the two sets?

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  1. RaGe's Avatar
    I like to see the verified [!]. For the NES, I started out with the goodset, but I found a lot of problem ROMS. I went to and got replacements. Their ROMS are verified and they don't jerk you around. You find the ROM you want, a few clicks, that's it.
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  2. swaggers's Avatar
    Good is about every single possible dump, No-Intro is about 1 good dump per game so I stick to No-Intro.
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  3. CWK's Avatar
    No Intro but hey...get them all =)
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