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07-19-2018 at 11:37 AM
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Live Music!

Hey everyone!

I just recently purchased a video camera with a high-quality stereo condenser mic. Here's a quick mashup I did from a recent festival set The Greens did a couple weeks ago. Let me know how it sounds!

It's a very small camera with a wide angle so I'll probably be using it for some submission videos too.
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  1. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar
    Looks and sounds great!
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  2. Conjured Entertainment's Avatar
    Half way through I went to get a beer... sounds good to me.

    I love your band's music, so I hope to hear you live one of these days, but the recordings are awesome until then... THANKS!
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  3. datagod's Avatar
    The sound is great!!
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  4. lexmark's Avatar
    Nice work, Ben.



  5. kernzyp's Avatar
    cool as ****, man :)
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