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08-11-2018 at 08:41 PM
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Live Music Wall Thread!

Hey everyone!

If you know me, you know live music is a big part of my life. Here, in this blog post, is where I'll post new event footage. Just a song or two from each event, sometimes from other artists that are friends of ours that share bills with us. Subscribe here and I'll comment every time I have a new event to share. Follow the event/playlist and you'll get every drop from every session.

Kicking it off, here's a song we don't usually play like this. Done last Saturday near our old stomping grounds of Parkersburg, WV. This set has a LOT of good footage and I'll be putting it up song by song, so watch out for the playlist on YT:

Recorded with two Zoom Q2N recorders with audio merged and EQ'd by Audacity (open source).

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    Awesome Ben !! Reminds me of zztop with those sunglasses . And racing on the big screen I think lol

    I enjoyed it !

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    Here’s a quick half dozen songs from a club show we played on July 13. Stupid stupid gets stupid cutoff during sixth song.

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    Here are our longtime friends in Appalachian rock n roll - ZEN. They played before us just this past Thursday at a festival and really opened up the crowd. We love them. I’ll be creating a playlist for all the Shadefest footage to come. Here is ZEN’s opening jam:

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    I posted in the previous blog post a mashup of my band at FarmJammaLamma 11. Here’s Charlie Wheeler’s band (good man) playing Fire on the Mountain wsg Glenn Strother:

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    Super-Awesome !!!

    Love it !!!

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