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02-04-2021 at 04:41 AM
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Hey everyone.

There's a new TG WR submission for Lifeforce on NES. In perusing the previously accepted submissions and reviewing the threads for adjudication notes, I noted that the evidence for the currently-standing TG WR is not available at the links provided.

@Ninglendo does this footage still exist? If so we can open up a dispute and add the evidence as part of the dispute and it should be ok. Just wanted to give you a heads up. This track will be getting looked at. I would request that if anyone sees missing evidence on a submission made by a currently active (or at least still around) member of TG that they notify them prior to a dispute being filed. Thanks.

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  1. Whilethekidsareaway's Avatar

    I noticed that also, but i went ahead and topped the score anyhow. I am very proud of this as it took many many hours to do and its been about 6 years since there has been any movement in that games scores.

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    Oh absolutely. In no way did I mean to temper the impact your submission is having. It's tremendous. I just wanted to raise the flag before people had the chance to sneak in a dispute on the current WR without proper respect for the score or the community.

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  3. Whilethekidsareaway's Avatar

    On no, I in no way was thinking it would tamper with what I did. That score is super respectable and stood for a long time and i hope the videos are still somewhere!! that score and run is what encouraged me to make mine :-)

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  5. Ninglendo's Avatar

    My run was done before Jace bought TG and submitted the day TG started accepting submissions again. Somewhere down the road Twitch changed the URLs to all saved videos. I do believe YouTube did the same thing as well. Congrats to @Whilethekidsareaway for the new WR! Glad to see someone finally topple it.

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  6. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Thanks Glen. I will dispute your score for the purposes of attaching this new link to the score permanently. If you have this file saved locally you ought to be able to attach it to the dispute thread also.

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