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06-04-2021 at 12:15 PM
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Double Dragon II on NES - New Track for Japanese Version

Hey everyone - spitballing format/rules for a new track that I'd like to create and @freeko also is interested in founding.

NES/FC/Disk - Double Dragon II: The Return (Japanese Version) - NTSC - Points

1 Player Game ONLY! - Difficulty setting = DIFFICULT - Special Rules: No Codes ALLOWED! You don't have to beat the game. Please note, there IS a way to leech in this game, and it will be tolerated to an absolute minimum. It goes like this; You beat down the enemy until they're hunched over awaiting the final blow, back off, let them straighten out again, punch/kick them, repeat. The downside? This only garners you 10 points per successful blow until you kill the enemy and due to no timer, can be done as long as you are capable. Excessive use of this tactic will result in your score being disqualified, so be warned. This track is for the Japanese version of this game which has Easy/Medium/Difficult settings as opposed to the North American release settings of Practice/Warrior/Supreme Master.

The sections in bold are my additions/edits to the existing track rules for the existing NTSC Points track. Let me know what you guys think. I'm not super keen on all the leeching verbiage but I want the Japanese version track to be identical to the existing track. So might as well keep it in.

The reason this came up is because there's a current First Place score submission to the existing NTSC Points track, but the submitter openly states that they used the Japanese version because it was harder and gave more points. So they're different games for sure.

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    Here is additional info regarding the differences between US/JP, as per Wikipedia:

    "The Family Computer version has a few differences compared to its NES counterpart besides the language change. Both versions feature a choice of three difficulty settings at the start of the game. However, the Famicom version allows the entire game to be played on any difficulty setting, whereas the NES version restricts the game's length based on the level chosen. The easy and medium settings end the game after three and eight stages, respectively, while the ninth and final stage can only be reached at the hardest setting. The difficulty levels are also balanced differently in the Famicom version, with the platforming sessions in Mission 6 being easier on the Easy and Normal setting than they were on the equivalent settings in the NES version, while enemies have more health on the hardest setting. The NES version requires the player to input a cheat code at the game over screen to continue the game at the previous stage, while the Famicom version gives this option as a standard feature."

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    Seems like there is enough difference to warrant this new track. I would also be interested in helping out with this track.

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    Well, I have a Double Dragon 2 of japanese version now.

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    I was somewhat unsurprised to learn the Famicom version of Double Dragon II was easier in several ways.

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